Word Cloud for "Nathan Hale" by Jean Christie Root.

Word Cloud for "Nathan Hale"

This book was authored by Jean Christie Root.
Area, genre or subject: Hale, Nathan, 1755-1776.

The Bag of Words In "Nathan Hale" (Main Words):

world states teach arms zeal perilous patriot ancestors descendants aged ardent need french living witchcraft certain terrible mistake noble hanged calmly freely thirty distinguished success political religious earlier tender permanent elder active prominent named alone destined generations necessary whenever david minister sixth june older formed grandmother allowed graduates illustration attached comfort looked forward poem anniversary patriotic head providence fell sarah december sufficient intended reading marriage health rank believed preparing easy different courteous usually doing loyalty pleasant learn skill broad hand delight stand around boys natural zest successful past hour study certainly special taught carefully obliged stood interested finest friendship addition friendships intense founded honorable reports clear throughout meeting frequently taking correspondence classmates linonia parting farewell speech eight opinion ability longer reason rich valuable experienced greater affairs things pleasures real honored july moral extended higher wonder hardly small shown tried characters concerning divine lost money cost loving attend laid hard august idea provided kindly manly none really field somewhat finally becoming working equal commencement right winter behind step apparently feet brown hair saying muse hold appearance sound attention position nature ladies uncle spent gentleman runs erected seem visit paid november kindness visited station greatly eyes object note further evidence feelings truth forced ordinary massachusetts earliest chief keep weeks wishes immediately especially subsequent highest thou trace followed countrymen demand perfect again situation ship accounts paper therefore remain meet absent going myself confusion fort vessels orderly kept tragic filled book latimer expect spirit mammy respect march wish perform lose proving unknown unhappy neither armed requires bring inspired hopes awaiting returned heavy victory brigade government obtained latter deep beloved rose undoubtedly answer forget assumed daily wind sloop facing cruel occurred retreat changed point movements commander report command fifty assuming executed heaven forth solemn evening boat cousin north century doom marshal flag execution asked completed beyond slow hamilton grandson recollection unfortunate pass base writer artillery buried graves henry beat tread calm mental lawrence arnold removed grave

true doubt james america benjamin asher parents worthy result immediate robert harvard pastor remaining number wife person turned question brave feeling generous sacrifice find future miles east business help farm probably down gone anything brought town hands england noted nineteenth save worth noblest dying like large felt children week become brothers body families enter remember line judge glad happy live added several quite revolutionary held used months decided began studies marked woman class hearts fatal students remained spot land imagine various done half summer forty although admiration president warm leave least society friendly address assured thing twenty less thoughts greatest regret says order conduct kind accept return cause remarkable face making records haven spoke practical entering sincere hear orders send opportunity secret night side sister short blue fear supposed private human tell hours does each clock subject fully bore tears public case thrown colonel wholly events historical form themselves follow story news military everything anxious information lieutenant third commanded diary gives graduate church west island seeing october appointed former respects heart patriotism remains placed honor late sergeant fire battle possession capture across services reached betrayed provost prove appear daughter monument fate

great americans nathan hale what gave will whatever united chapter early years college days call soldier service young friends alice adams tallmadge william hull hempstead edward everett between andre fact that life even been this well born time under were sure best both john came graduated from first settled there until about some when went might during course regard became personal being known once knew made power back after very splendid cannot which family would death brief while other must have proved love words could appears hundred home samuel another also deacon richard full among house already later many lived still come with almost though those them long since these most lives nothing they their married elizabeth good more part found joseph coventry five general over doubtless strong called captain second whom last letters give passing word wrote record left name mother coming upon carry such only duties then expected where died yale little leaving memory care because desire brother enoch four fine know hope before through written read than much influence take place said sons high character seemed probable state here major believe should entered always told loved whole whether easily taken appeared into carried work notable morning able every english considered three important interest year sense ever show members company friend same rather given knowledge your shall make dear never thousand teacher duty letter father shows having others lines mind perhaps without till write heard next close toward moment took himself soon whose september just account thought light school pleasure think writing following present received people manner thus city camp london against plans american british learned within connecticut boston near possible often waiting officers washington army country sent troops officer women york serve enemy ready huntington above passed seen stone common cunningham statue

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