Word Cloud for "Youth" by Isaac Asimov.

Word Cloud for "Youth"

This book was authored by Isaac Asimov. (1920 - 1992)

Area, genre or subject: Human-alien encounters -- Fiction.

The Bag of Words In "Youth" (Main Words):

youngster while call open real quick young first make once grass voice being getting right down where among under eyes ever thing chance guess give most door large pointed canvas moved youngsters part bring change well least planetary less planet rather whatever space want without much behind took harm trade except those taken gravitational rose enough take meat mother mind reason dense stellar solar anything looking done talking around keeping

found strange heard never should look quite felt father tell away told came circus suppose something good cage lifted still trying keep creatures though time perhaps race speak atomic lost high himself planets other very point native worlds over find lunch

slim little animals after they that could their there than before only were with even more your then come thought been here like world just into this said sort almost when have from what which think would astronomer back some toward looked might them industrialist such will going because these know made about turned explorer merchant ship

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