Word Cloud for "How Department Stores Are Carried On" by W. B. (Wesley Briggs) Phillips.

Word Cloud for "How Department Stores Are Carried On"

This book was authored by W. B. (Wesley Briggs) Phillips.
Area, genre or subject: Department stores.

The Bag of Words In "How Department Stores Are Carried On" (Main Words):

managers delivering auditing opening bear results force public effort build interests fact character successful several employed principles larger strictly ordinary deal goes providing doing quick ideas talk look factors manner development backed referred bring close advantage associated efforts attractive variety enables result respect divided little connection share obtained recognized authority makes manager sell ordered methods permanent refer honest news carelessness open considerable between stands depends determined selection familiar file touch view previous wagon come though issue write submitted least clear easily able express original either visit save near thing send buyer lines simply because capable position morning last sufficient sample examine applied using notified reported allowed readily saving correspondence case called errors arrangement left therefore articles loss salary treated employee insisted return stamped division allow shown claims complaints enter change delay desk short specially paper delivered hour sheets drivers needed weight horses stables brought except totals compare greatly insure fully already personal wherever representative requiring towns freight offered supply appear securing bearing preparation additional next pages mailing drawings catalogues books proofs numbered wrappers indicate enclosed immediate tables omission package balance drawers keeper

carried buying receiving floor filing rules success modern small power intelligent both policy detail times according percentage price almost handling merchandise together means thousands filled place greatest service sold exactly better perfect whole knowing take lack confidence purchases does provide getting possible responsible section true salesperson here paid just actual among relation salespeople told information form soon find telling understanding necessary daily require constant might ready record display giving copy cost stocks another anything leave issued room cases hours promptly value stock something showing without neat suitable clerks exchange asked show bill effect once book written held letter passed compared found exercised attached sorting checked leaving wagons duplicate cashier required requests increased would entire sending full your cause charge then size reference postage cover date blank passing state printed particulars filed registered distributed envelopes shipping

department stores general care making goods cash check order sent special returned keeping other business with such made them these that have from their upon certain this been they whether best people which largely into most having system different trade examined carefully careful will give great some being those marked first direct thus purchasing every store everything well large arranged easy done customers after complete purchase delivery while management only under must make head usually taken very whatever when reason bought money more there much than space given each part expense sales proper always know what individual total attention time thoroughly advertising cannot many should matter interest important address keep before satisfactory going about never properly exact departments regular same used back amount expected separate where prices cards heads cuts name also good buyers orders particular whose house instructions help number samples provided during office placed through signed work pass selling entered until received card customer over kept parcel town report checks handed parcels half extra wages method letters were names mail catalogue post employees

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