Word Cloud for "The Flying Stingaree" by Harold L. (Harold Leland) Goodwin.

Word Cloud for "The Flying Stingaree"

This book was authored by Harold L. (Harold Leland) Goodwin. (1914 - 1990)

Area, genre or subject: Houseboats -- Juvenile fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "The Flying Stingaree" (Main Words):

shaped friend having kidnaped makes holt comes empty waters meant poplar color upper name tiny upward legs awoke snapping clams famous operated located enjoyed casual especially dressed shorts cool sweat leaving days ladder passing sticking ahead range rear federal adventure electronic mind became bought airport green delaware hartson business instruments launched hours drive join agreed below slapped moments gasoline dock swing piling talked does washington baltimore mean someone later years walk tide whether conversation hunch plan rivers beyond easily nearest hope fifteen station glanced slid giving scrub estimated visibility force hold free driven lashed stared rain upstream motion backward catwalk books binoculars weather door realized estimating knelt eight secure huge sunlight darkness skin sleeping dropping afraid voice bushel bait approached quick attached holding simply drifted breakfast missing baskets somewhere spent asking question many story body finished suspect fire glad trouble round throttled living tray couple poured talk local usually watch involved reminded settled evening clock tomorrow dish power sport engine gear main surprised takes spread waiter rest meet remember described chin plastic third forgotten order excellent listened noticed including research cross notebook various original aside information patch wanted details corner newspaper hundred wooden stacked removed normal often knows seeing brush investigation mysterious letting putting number helped inch returned column extra observer different seem adjusted climbed cast downstream muddy gunwale occasional willow pilings perhaps tree antenna needed waving higher solid pulling wiped projecting thick seconds sight floor aimed common tapped shoulder check adventures size neoprene sounds thousand altitude company system crime depth weight secured wound silent scuba mouthpiece catching slow touch warn probing breathing danger grinned figured prop real following kitchen beat operating track intercept masks continued shooting impact attention careful thin divers launching bullet rifle cylinder hole vitalli assembly oxygen

cruising sting believe scientific young whose summer familiar saucer sighting favor martins tail wide fitted slowly nothing life known rounded north point served unless such making slight changed caused motors reach sense surface length shape area land well stern blue clam boats during great completely slipped home haired swimming suppose should chart says several searching barby safety girls extended space designed soon thirty doing things passed marked opening running direction nose turn short carrying fast fresh quite really read sometimes anything folks being ever seemed fell clear closer bring looks large shallow middle squall moving showed open fingers crossed cover trees storm sharp onto inside suddenly drop pressure cockpit hook smooth figure ready move drove fifty narrow bank shot hurried taken chance coming threw closed early diving asked morning quickly already apparently piece dozen pull placed steady tried except wondered aboard rising smaller shook interested working hear inches waited examined carry deep idea fishing past house lawn room friends mystery store radio either feel gets help late route seat tall straight proper although sandy glasses given ames times brown rose standing best pictures followed shoot feeling start identified stop attendant anyone trying call keeping covered paper whole world chairs work columns taking joined touched checking glow show compass slightly circle pier certain pressed heading view edge barn opposite sign stake bodyguard pushed signal jumped foot stay sitting backed janig chair phone fuel balloons part fired camillion underwater mask handed pole deeper course bubbles gripped fins grabbed chuck mcdevitt cobb rockets

have watched stingarees from deck houseboat spindrift flying stingaree like over chesapeake this which rick brant they anchor cove along maryland shore spot only eastern objects their steve near very bottom ground little choptank orvil crabber place face data duck blind through night watchers boat creek lefty river scotty camera telescope find what lifted chapter swam channel that between island town also directly looking just dark looked black with carried would toward small water pair outboard until crab within single himself into full cabin time never seen more than south fish before used them lines called because crabs were been brought while since came down stood look tell where last thing under behind light when checked table some those probably could mouth about then want these agent away first after close using catch pick same sure back white made other left headed make miles moved twenty boys wallops rocket there across long less feet four forward next entrance right keep heard front wind decided heavy around will leave against stepped held swung line thought know saucers though report think much sightings here might link harris went found said even almost better yards maybe head hard gone walked marsh reason enough swamp three come once every most take good speed must distance studied your took high minutes half grass kept position five told plenty case without picked began dropped turned pointed eyes side moment motor caught again each reached pulled going another getting felt started something sound object above still opened watching coffee hands stopped kind give both tied runabout gave need people nearly finally picture pretty knew swim drew least guards merlin hand mansion equipment balloon electronics spear sapling rope tank

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