Word Cloud for "How to Tie Flies" by Ellery Clark Gregg.

Word Cloud for "How to Tie Flies"

This book was authored by Ellery Clark Gregg.
Area, genre or subject: Flies, Artificial.

The Bag of Words In "How to Tie Flies" (Main Words):

either helgramite throughout must style simply hundreds years were least sure part study drawn except follow bucktails explained seems straight section entirely closely bodies start ribbing common wish necessary styles rather hard enough another desired sizes into neck salmon fancy pheasant duck wool numerous find cork flat ribbed mostly larger especially lifelike important still strip bottom breast ghost streamer according drop through order full best held loop hitch within smooth cement paint coats combinations done shiny well tips concave sides together whole spread previously band fast notice fished remember inches minutes shape securely personal represents bunch give seen rainbow gold successful bodied never press favorite ribs

book hooks materials vise herl construction finished standard different pattern where particular great although putting loose then until using usually always tapered even tight because tightly piece work several various pair also cock floss time better waxed makes excellent peacock taken upon both such natural floating water clip length blue after turn white proper quite five form pull forward nice under around colored again finish represent couple side right front nymphs been regular being color bind like brown rubber light believe yellow grizzly bugs would choice belly

drawings this that without hackle quill tying silk bucktail streamers their bass flies feather will used those making with each only very most body wings size patterns grey when many there fish first your fishing long feathers over more before they have make which large these diagram page some tail same wing between thumb finger hair other place hook much back head wound hackles them sized photograph good just hold small about lacquer from shank next tied should showing jungle black hairs tinsel three four saddle made fibers wind little butt ends silver take dark than turns down material left close towards half trout nymph

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