Word Cloud for "A line-o'-verse or two" by Bert Leston Taylor.

Word Cloud for "A line-o'-verse or two"

This book was authored by Bert Leston Taylor. (1866 - 1921)

Area, genre or subject: Poetry.

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The Bag of Words In "A line-o'-verse or two" (Main Words):

verse note whose reason house ancient rime hard anchorite went morn head taste fell keep none follow hair pray find breast fear power known beautiful somehow tall glorious worse filled cannot hear leaves eyes better spratt flat favorite battle across word magic half woodland fancy takes pictures music peace play clark street beneath fishy watch round reading days tell makes dear present literature mighty whom ever soon leave brine wood sing save need back brought west fair seems hall maiden doubts path poets sent begin rest brown king mind everything awful believe passionate cosmic season week delight write coat lines flaccus used done carry doing sweet best straight tree lofty publisher news trade wind weary picture fluting pilgrim seen mabie

rimes most merely pleasant ambrose whack year often found came turn thought does once even without grew twas well light pulp mill books white think free wait prince thing bill writing thorns hour before gone reform nothing rather puddynge woods daily lord life chacun vaches bien come paid lady gentle quote

here them this more than through with have been very himself many soul love when like would then from there book that might while which should only your every will till what never these things good night long said such know shall into they made spruce forest fate over still make another comes little about their each years upon gives world same give ballade where town must heard time always death great were down just much some land could castle care heart faith young other paper summer bought take pipe something hills doctor pagan towel

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