Word Cloud for "The Little Girl Lost" by Eleanor Raper.

Word Cloud for "The Little Girl Lost"

This book was authored by Eleanor Raper.
Area, genre or subject: ?.

The Bag of Words In "The Little Girl Lost" (Main Words):

lost case friends live years houses play since loved arms eyes thing amah macdonald leave foreigners dressed running clothes wadded lived bertha liza strange arrived spoke alone deal word become fast together lessons quickly american brother mission none among nearly dark care learnt stopped scold meant nice gate meet offered street course crowd presently sorts tried those return liked sent themselves sleep instead square funny crying across having longer city comes usual blue cotton stuck silver coat allow gentleman pointing christians servant does finished feeling husband intended allowed anxious last explain taking journey surprise hands work perhaps really seem especially between others inside under pulled noticed mules hear remembered reached curtain climb trees along centre keeper right start spite knocked voice appear slowly late pull shouting opened search cross himself wrote places news bates decided suggested native close stayed carried fond sometimes short telling arrange begin greatly sing singing days full stay bench hold rest length morrow fetch fell writing ready trying notice hoped returned rode party

girls british three kind several also speak both though most ride things shut feel enough whom baby always open walk stand slept obliged hand arthur means call people feet women hard these upon home remember kept taken bessie every school near gone done everything wait afraid middle quietly give passed gave better morning nothing mind house door night kang each parents find face best family something given piece half reward became talking send certainly anything front barber hair carts appeared sitting hole turned wall threw ever behind towards follow want ladder throw stood plan

little girl children first father chapter nelly grey english never been went with mother legation compound peking when only other like have round there were some small chinese could very well seen because such quite although would once heard wife child then felt that must from time next almost called used this into until poor even great over another than often made will their about they look came told just them come think found which down took said talk before herself brought left same soon take large road without what knew outside much rather looking after again thought going foreign looked sure long began woman through asked being room paper help know here back keep good able make tell might away glad young hung yung ching cart still where replied head seemed while side your write should more court shall letter chang mule

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