Word Cloud for "The Eighteenth Century in English Caricature" by Selwyn Brinton.

Word Cloud for "The Eighteenth Century in English Caricature"

This book was authored by Selwyn Brinton. (1859 - 1940)

Area, genre or subject: Caricatures and cartoons -- Great Britain.

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The Bag of Words In "The Eighteenth Century in English Caricature" (Main Words):

victoria albert author pupils colour plates neatly friends beyond facing britannia brave battle filial nollekens connects save burlesque blood surely plastic picture point quite complex clumsy sometimes takes conditions taking special whether successful enough freedom pretty public detailed present industrious home within limits space claim valuable show ourselves living unequalled doubt portraits leicester caricaturists miss delicious amid sleeping eyes least better habits horrors purely bring makes crowd either poor wife pure something gives born settled since academy certain court painter without brought domestic girl justice taste success visits acquired hope mentioned subjects second fully holds front landscape seated master masterly happy included four able powers leave really studied result painted returned hands hangs painting illustrate scenes rather indeed view faithful back treating touching engaged again dancing during broken died friend take nature american gained younger grand france duke joshua bear military camp marked ministry appear rider tour away student similar village combined outside lost sketches mouth class fall touches dance fair kept smith frequent midst large line westminster lesser company royal scarcely king burke george amusing november humphrey fores worthy ladies female words right ackermann syntax rudolph record

bartolozzi italian marriage family between death armed nelson joseph does thus call expression brilliant there because world traced down pictorial turn strong still over could good graver paris complete close days pitt each comes rich place beside artistic known sense drawn says moral humour directed about looking should touch whole humorous beneath studies drawing gave treated portrait career certainly engraver high fine following become foreign fashionable illustration delightful having treatment greatest once busy lies made left politics latter commence against evidently date visit beautiful girls love followed became duchess head bull

series lady eighteenth century english these will both with caricature this comedy life henry william james buonaparte after thomas itself french earlier first that those which from through same satire another form find when other been political social have part even almost probably upon figures often england very some under subject little interest period must interesting time while into already great here later print hogarth early found come just contemporary what before only london where pencil every prints seem more magnificent would work study give much history their though such might most seems genius like also john than caricaturist shall house said whose last years seen himself beauty whom them near shows less modern were artist scene above perhaps next being came entirely young clever famous lord well note noted plate published then country among full side figure behind especially three never many called bunbury belongs best charles lovely caricatures long year appears engraved rowlandson belong they charming british gillray

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