Word Cloud for "The Beginnings of Cheap Steel" by Philip W. Bishop.

Word Cloud for "The Beginnings of Cheap Steel"

This book was authored by Philip W. Bishop.
Area, genre or subject: Steel.

The Bag of Words In "The Beginnings of Cheap Steel" (Main Words):

contributions history cheap discussion light possible shown ironmasters toward general methods situation britain itself take period held cold temperature remove combined control began secured among wrote papers anticipated joseph south days action become established henry group indeed largely prepared outside rights little high required leading price effective payment license james chemical enough trade description attack evidence french special experience record issued then failed metallurgical subsequent attitude fourteen date important longer improvements applied different hearth support presented engineers transactions soon produced idea though because similar appeared product blowing quality puddling capital entirely decided month sold between london father noted correspondence letters comment developed operations reason successfully granted practice opportunity them story case fluid apparently both sulphur phosphorous left inventor long letter possibility publication evidently said appears actually research scale reference wholly negotiations according matter infringement something invited proceedings returned earlier amount agent renewal presence witnesses abandoned statement right probably seem rail included swedish compound respect john company your strong recorded english refined fall experimental

claimed part press industry having connection certain remained position provided came molten called blast meeting given plant provisional obtained series means like success based attempt purchase good sheffield failure produce whether such continued successful suggests describes patented able over five does while every practical gave malleable described society much knowledge received interference decision april converter further pounds will took most writing year show oxide where well triple became subject should same seems scientific firm england uchatius visit june grounds durfee

from paper steel before bessemer robert mushet ebbw vale process william other invention making technical these iron their with united states development during they were this great when that found controversy more than production priority been through percent cast under carbon metal latter after since operation manganese which application experiments first patent january present about discovery british association august manufacture without those several method time address patents into american report commissioner claim could made also works public upon only make fact many work another being still large secret until used there taken mechanical interest although would have design must what years even some showed later claims least furnace within very three dated october kelly november thus against david himself known opinion martien almost mining early september never account

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