Word Cloud for "The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio" by A. P. (Andrew Price) Morgan.

Word Cloud for "The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio"

This book was authored by A. P. (Andrew Price) Morgan. (1836 - 1906)

Area, genre or subject: Myxomycetes -- Ohio -- Miami River Valley.

The Bag of Words In "The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio" (Main Words):

natural miami tubulina arcyria trichia comatricha craterium fuligo badhamia send included places different whole essentially marked characteristic according rise exhibits size spread over pass entire such flat ultimate every side component thalium sinuous packed continuous next cribraria early wholly shade occasional schweinitz referred fries distinguish inside account separate paler conspicuous traversed central bands regarded uniform warts rings disposed massee never loosely especially compacted thickenings portions disappearing extend fine transverse thus reduced altogether convex lateral edges triangular downward typical four said occasionally regularly disappears intervals rotten ribbed occupying recognized parallel shape does greatly oval having almost again umbilicate figured larger proceeding evident terete ophiotheca impressed reticulately distinctly silvery find polished spinulose dull ochre pallid issuing ovoid reason external fasciculate margin venulose wind around habitually externally shaped metallic thicker centimeters ending time abnormal both running merely magnifying power rough sharp magnified clusters golden figure forking attaining discoid tints height circular violet primary longer outwardly cylindric vanishing shorter rare elegant scanty south description conical stuffed sectional showing crustaceous calcareous sparingly separating depressed abundance considered fusiform superficially coat leaves pulverulent cinereous pieces alutaceous resembles fragile herbarium empty destitute everywhere specimen axis lobes

myxomycetes lamproderma stemonitis didymium along first been also many membranaceous called ellipsoidal name then plasmodium greater commonly like varying composed appears under three narrow branches them always either become single standing connate being anastomose intricate firm various stipes above forms among abundant fibrous complicated attached spiral united persistent umber order seems here hypothallus mutual seated dehiscent little even herbaceous bark grown well developed gray vesicles view peculiar angular patches reticulate appear structure polygonal densely wide branchlets found broad easily sporangial near angles thickly toward wood extending basal ribs throughout granulose curved between coated purple below half ochraceous delicate darker described torn warted circumscissile annular flattened smaller whitish oblong repeatedly ridges without expanding extremely those containing except open furnished entirely shining tawny confluence mostly angularly reaching center connected black immediately flexuous sides section stellate present crystals laterally lobed splitting widely hyaline slight rugulose naked obtusely aethalium

from physarum with this work these upon growing more than have specimens same only which that several some minute sporangium globose colorless smooth elongated through they together form large distinguished gradually branched surface usually readily into sometimes within their sporangia each other variable irregular less often erect upward nearly regular somewhat stipitate close branch walls becoming anastomosing forming closely covered layer common wall colored scarcely thickened inner outer thick confluent stipe prolonged base when filled numerous most tubules threads spores capillitium there extremities interior species slender simple pointed rupturing rarely genus distinct scales breaking irregularly falling away scattered about plasmodiocarp much brown blackish pellucid dense mass pale dark thin membrane bright minutely sessile color granules maturity upper apex quite branching soon crowded radiating roundish long seen free obtuse very lower leaving combined network consisting after part tapering expansions loose yellowish portion nodules calyculus small meshes rather bent short brownish points yellow expanded bearing arising superficial elaters obovoid adherent subglobose orange columella entering times rising slightly white lime longitudinally violaceous

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