Word Cloud for "The Golden Fountain" by Lilian Staveley.

Word Cloud for "The Golden Fountain"

This book was authored by Lilian Staveley. (or, The Soul's Love for God. Being some Thoughts and - Confessions of One of His Lovers)

Area, genre or subject: 1878.

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The Bag of Words In "The Golden Fountain" (Main Words):

lovers longing perceive name greatly going consider everything humble seeking says show sought outward faith happiness union daily simplicity aware necessity kind endless possible appear natural open delights capacity kingdom sufficient achieve centre constant please dwell walked already powers equally voice pleasing object changes animal right giving bring perpetually light three experience judge twenty thinking while purity utterly agony faithful feeling small anguish face bitter knowing passed loves began turning women separate pray miserable painful poor tremendous total visible degrees weeks extraordinary previously mysterious intense degree minds house sadness fall extreme difficult hour indescribable lost entirely gave strength cause blessed short overcome real anyone finds free others maker incomprehensible plan willing education trained recollection immeasurable listen endure goes unspeakable totally ways word adoring failure carry rest indeed moment leave down recall past soaring rapturous whatever master begin loss grace connection therefore learnt infinite fear frequently left conquer people passionate share pick satisfy parts formerly joyful accomplished count bond loved mystery mercy adoration petitioning instrument sacrifice strange commence science church surely essence summit truly meaning conditions needs mode especially following separation

cross inwardly perception help something deep easily best looking social interests attention perhaps well about receive force beyond keep look itself harmony comes necessary suddenly consciousness here enter taught brought understand teach lovely just compare full almost heaven curiosity whether manner mere wholly persons true words better third conversion intention sweetness fearful bear awful sweet follow altogether held horrible memory endured went suffering sight against death knows same exquisite ineffable matter knew remained done years bodily loving intensity coming experiences innocence taken forget anything above intelligence music certain back pass reach turned ecstasy glorious feels nature speak prayer praise becomes completely highest outside passes save rapture hard each instantly sing earth song either rather passing dare under perpetual desires lord place hear hast progress themselves complete lifted prayers beauty shown dogs

love being some thoughts many feel secret find this that cannot neither through over able will within need more than know might ourselves desire which should then much time found upon even shall other long with great both would seem have those himself perfect jesus heart mind until spiritual life made often every personal known marvellous human like their state joys these christ they them ever give make thing into means without must thought once very change between near also mighty when most wonderful earthly till nothing first still having again knowledge quickly thou such things does take only because unable myself though think terrible were high pure never seek part whole away from spirit come live become what learn could condition inward there little seemed been came pain after always alone felt heights soul creature greater longer world filled where last before living contact given body times whilst divine turn beautiful heat power return remain another herself thee towards lover physical holy contemplation

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