Word Cloud for "The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras" by Jules Verne.

Word Cloud for "The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras"

This book was authored by Jules Verne. (1828 - 1905)

Area, genre or subject: Sea stories.

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The Bag of Words In "The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras" (Main Words):

late enveloped ordinary fogs square incalculable spectators thronged foreign minarets huts enthusiastic necks swam device employ crash rail incomparable glistening observe ascend twisted colonists aware shadows throwing gloom enemies hatchet breast sized forms hummocks resounded ravine hill wide glancing transparent grotto staff fasten hans destination matter importance city docks covering scarcely contain colored load screw keen probable laid steel port quartermaster proves shipped prove woollen strangely cared breath showing pleased surprise circumstances gaze supernatural reputation unusual ingenious connected plans withstand indian hull mysterious angle loss fated nevertheless preparing machinery express gets engines dried coffee deposited precious observer barrels particular timid magazine saws mention tide copy enclosed offer specially including family prefer february calculated astonish required sixteen arrangements keel qualities choose bearing details stanch person wants throw belonged considerable alarmed boldly pierce pursued rate allowed definite fond hardy members experience valuable busied closely paid approaching boats compel pilot noticing pressed warmth frenchman stranger valves shown courage advised whither provided published kind assure tone bound depend stepped ashore companion addition society moderate steadily expression engraved diminished various intelligent physical contented preferred howling dread corner repeat fully containing sending quiet delay season advantage succeed playing hopes irish happy communication upper keeping southwest lips glance midday move incredible profound sounded genuine steamer legs extremity adapted forgot reports directly attempt arrival altered final sledges saturday gladly opportunity recognize promise kill delicious removed skilfully bird attached toil miss satisfied expect gulf turns putting suit amusing trousers delayed monday shower observations exhausted sooner farewell driving barren visible tolerably fail luminous color expanse detached overcome serves contrary admit pacific elevation wounded rope exclaimed fairly river thence forced permission governor blew suitable indifferent changes seldom parts distinguish curtain interesting drawing naturally preserve successful sighted destined eternal seeking numberless completed disappearance states history leaning progress loose strictest incessant spring depths scanned utter rendered accumulated supposed quite bays value mercy capes superhuman becomes accompany unbroken wonders perils happen float thaw fellow aided submarine controlled race block frost unite latitudes deafening braving whirling beings whales chasing swimming sunday southeast descended gray fight minute shut threatening extent millions endured saving trifle warren averse settled paws cook lives beast imagined written lord hurry finish shrugging separate accounts neighborhood hitherto duty shifting ends penetrated noise lifted continue happens seconds table says slip drawn reflected worthy interposed strict station ascribed spirit chase peering bringing unaccustomed party supplied crawl inhabitants clothes somewhat company visit enduring fish renew faces starved lengths crimson forgetting regretted ventured haul reconnoitre ruins shattered oblique stay banks forever attempts relieve employed finger remarked earned fury locked false astonished painful despair movement impenetrable beheld cries terror busily alarming tongue hung hair seize recalled agitated impression examining whistle cloud prow desperate efforts raged fled hearing devote flag ninety fast countrymen englishmen regard globe exploring post excitement grinnell yankee otherwise matters unfortunately established strongly resistance main coldest confess trust ruined action lumps charged lighting outline peaks snowy chart worse regular rapidity fluid cornwallis alarm threw telling drove remains crews kellet lady wintering winters region fitted thank king fate government document leaped preserving kennedy october breathing marks formally wish anxiety retreat desire inspired advance losing summits ravines apparently roof mainsail safe granite estimated eastward lest besides blown anxiously slowly remembered composed apart tear compass needle determine stones lonely wise signal stretching promontories sounds paper deprived farthest dragging suffering loaded horrible send prolong sacrificed hate precautions mercury sympathy step suspecting fortnight rejoiced size avalanches extremities winds dashed spectacle worst dying luck atmosphere detected insisted appearing letting cord torrents victim accident protected pick home tablet pile remote tears rouse plains paces sorts scrap noisy lucky content highest thirteen collision fathoms method working pulled masts rested rolling hurling suffer portion spots freeze discuss drop charges protection formidable larger weighing hiding resist materials awaited resisted encouraged raise produces disappear secure guard heated condensed shoes delicate kitchen cooking depends hunting special restore calculate milder hunter shoot receiving thousands flesh replace stars december twilight hares stopping book november footprints rare sniffing constellations atmospheric lowest astonishment splendid scurvy swollen monotony unfortunate attract intend gathered doing suggested dipped flame christmas mentioned raising bent latter barrelled ease camping angry crystals tracks supper alcohol shared monotonous useless wrong runners depended columns silent speaking inventory hills helped pity besought wearied thirst clinched announced decided weighed possibility corpse column struggling instruments ashes comfortably meal hasty expressed withstood starving prepare enjoyed hummock falls rivalry feeding feast pull hungry bullet slept lens humor settle explore feeble plateau proportion dinner rival claim lighthouse wires likely walrus shots temperatures admired personal holding poker guns detect gallery proposed oxen madness training forming lava volcano crater flattening

tossed voyages french contained news throughout doubled eastern copper died whalers shone magnificent constant energy perilous engine fortunate knife castaways recent summit sharply interest heaped curious touching resting seal struggled shot sides cracking roar london shelter climbed gently equally drifting crowded flew listen standing aboard whaler liverpool notice leagues crowd collected neighboring abandoned gloomy watching departure vessel seventy presented familiar anchor sails solid goes replied quantity friend knows coming burst saying charge proper direction extraordinary twice spread looking inclined careful imagination utmost bore proof experienced remarkable further iron strength pound arranged pointed takes pleasure trip previous macclintock famous absolutely push south speed opinion considered doubtless powder thereby series draw mate increased eighteen join endure higher degree receive named hanging dark setting plan feared skilful stand thereupon health capital seek fair expeditions cost sixty world southern death accompanied attracted changed trouble support hide chances confused instructions remain conversation building intense energetic reading ended shores agreeable pleasant escaped thoughts pressure talked indeed waiting present suppose learned information fortune advice thoroughly quarters cabin extreme possession proud occasionally heaven complete closed observation prepared fine voice share past impassable morrow propose drink touched comes easier sleep none people silence obeyed fixed awaiting breeze blood toward sprang cleared barked held folded brief roaring canvas blowing readily tired feel equipped wintered gives route service fancy meanwhile ordered rounded passing drive rolled view judge lies officer future promised pale break counted crossed effect attention royal rain explanation iceberg fourth fields teeth flocks master lighted reflection peculiar brilliant shifted narrow divided western current imagine cause separated european facts gentle unless produce stream evident existence ocean obstacles straits quickly frequently merely worn generally exact consequence total height noon charts parry difficulties cross important discover disco united geographical lands lofty melt partly weeks upernavik willing live liked temperate severity visited makes success begun expected quietly broken caused explain crush dared true firm opposite enter storm heads mount dull pushing attack precaution crushed refused obey spirits retorted forgotten remember nose glad knowing whence lead satisfy advancing whatever bright faithful green wore protect brilliancy favorable points irresistible changing yards crashing indicated fearful fallen picked excellent repeated difficult places count agree dead material plain admiralty touch perpetual darkness suffered broad worth skin blue capable living bodies smoke recognized passes salt fired melted injured attacked cover islands examine streams hidden fires closing task confidence firmly sudden discussion result forth begin absence exposed interrupted fierce mouth inside permit dare anchored violence grown wonderful climbing report minds slight beat shook motion driven moved entering restrain arms front glory thin discoveries barrow similar lived power consequently equal explorers captains penny northward pointing grow steps burn explosion hurled situation horse explored broke midst steep equator amount burned harbor memory objects saved sought fuel waited frequent examined surrounding unwilling aside hurricane avoid breaking wales burning avoided though scene ascended september effort urged glowing safety simply rich aroused rubbing wholly motionless sank smooth layers dragged eager moments sick baring stores destroyed finally simple busy fastened spent weight unexpected cutting scattered agreed week hoped crossing satisfactory managed crust ball inches lack layer vapor forget wrapped lasted resume hardened game slightest worked preserved occurred struggle drifted pemmican foxes ahead harnessed carpenter afraid drag volcanic melting struck beasts hold show however meat soil electric boiling

brig about like captain from with hundred fifty johnson knew sailors immediately everything that this space feet great towards evening would fortunately opening these doctor could strange animal along within length caught large number white their poor whale away hastened moving hatteras made which came against part given moon least almost every night kept without little band enough mountain while shouted they only think last half pieces here find hours plunged into looked themselves reached bears name most some advanced full behind them over best keep distance animals even such enormous black body appeared macclure running bell were gazing flying gave terrible blow then left clock altamont masses took amid answered light done commanded three later launch down sight very floe covered sail huge formed among soon found ready pole english after forward taken danish turn richard will clear april sailing take ships early morning place seemed have pass outside whole care nothing except carrying twenty easily other difference those noticed certain escape lying near trying make what must more than probably because lower sure going either arctic where icebergs stop wind said third sharp should under continued close ship polar head does neither wanted leave might again know often heard provisions five coal doubt since told tell crew seems clifton been shandon never intended whether need thrown sailor thus well young good brave able time come first letter offered mean showed thought before signs sort there making already through many believe months received unknown give something hardly anything follow always unable built numerous work means orders evidently east wood thick used having gradually shape clearly right singular appearance although placed same thing immense years search john returned want northwest discovered honor american continent behring strait davis voyage farther james easy field lose arrived force carried deal seen when both steam understood possible consisted mountains perfectly perfect small supply known once necessary regions north word calm filled single strong gazed long turned felt eight august upon position board pounds each year your obliged beginning second clawbonny times usual shall bring next appear himself accustomed being whose needed rest house thousand point asked sent four forty severe hard hence nature expedition plenty answer fact began mind wall thirty northern whom back reason start chance carry franklin england seven perhaps discovery look high lieutenant across succeeded middle account tried thinking added ever finding bold heart leaving rather until commander moment object command officers rising heat determined call together influence winter followed thanks carefully january between prevent face seized spoke eyes much still short stopped uttered nearly quarter hour minutes lost hand taking turning words idea became less else journey friends joined anxious land opened alone comfortable stove stood just scientific become floating completely beneath impossible dangers fell walk side vain names understand human loud talking case getting resumed glass walked around ought weather companions another wait till piece beyond preparations others read spite cast pushed barking suddenly mass deck went cape melville order arose above boat victoria sailed general disappeared island during waves fresh also continually month hope better reach open shore greenland surprised channel especially rose threatened latitude according nine following surface called exactly greatest wished feeling things coast america longitude miles grew thermometer heavy days falling watch cried fifteen dear passed degrees nearer rapidly approach line clouds phenomenon vast water fragments bottom greater gone eaten centre real brought warm certainly cannot room dangerous below itself snow ross prince observed foot temperature return lancaster meet beechey magnetic entered started frozen sheltered giving country change providence speak difficulty different sometimes blocks seas june july passage sound path birds approached several seals wild dense mist course danger produced twelve distant seem instead cold food hear rays help common rise happened circle free remained marked returning hands esquimaux seeing boatswain question bear consider horizon longer compelled hole sledge dogs rocks talk fatigue uncertain state straight simpson build abandon growing fall fear drew resolved fire walls risk surrounded finished englishman devoted life deep spot killed west sufferings entirely wellington presence edward belcher summer save entrance raised supplies traces buried bellot form duke really earth cairn tent mile reaching torn tempest rock hunters serious march condition trace walking violent ourselves sign stretched natural countries served travellers ground fort

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