Word Cloud for "Portuguese Architecture" by Walter Crum Watson.

Word Cloud for "Portuguese Architecture"

This book was authored by Walter Crum Watson.
Area, genre or subject: Architecture -- Portugal.

The Bag of Words In "Portuguese Architecture" (Main Words):

surrounds written constable furniture makes imposing class april writer fond commemorate seemed exist fully albrecht drawn rough minute allowed senhor joaquim valuable inscriptions universal escaped traces burgundy victory peninsular suppression connection antonio development technique della robbia rude method related olivaes sancho castles beja clara juan marriage philippa huguet oliveira captured likeness menezes sempre aguas discovery unite characteristic madre voyage pope ormuz templars suppressed meaning defend success artist superior inferior reredoses foreigners brites penha longa usurpation torralva reigns noted consequent loss bento spaniards vianna engracia final defeat monasteries list treasury coloured cysnes funchal struck occupies countries eighty lesser castilian differs divisions occupation gradual inhabitants probable words mean recalls names means monuments places road carefully noticing citania inhabited uninfluenced knew ruins pentagon occupy lasted highest retaining eleven fourteen quarter religious swept converted catholic expelled mark popular moslem invasion morocco mountains taking extended meanwhile border conquered spread unable valley grew dividing borders toledo africa fighting theresa refused sister power increased favour lands rose siege pupil forced cousin taught direct separate necessary conquests devoted child efforts landed calicut cabral ready reach distinctive exists comparatively peace fallen possessed flight family terrible loads restored regent summoned cortes caused elected fleet charles receive surviving length splendidly connect noticeable distant wild covers alemtejo colour everywhere golden field arts palaces hang closely alabaster bronze eldest member established wine drew pupils study memory peculiar attributed evolved turning thirteen german sits monks spoken emblems jesus ecce picture particularly thiago fill ferdinand fixed spoiled undoubtedly enrich wherever nearer saints shell crown holds fastened solemn meet wonderfully introduced worn sixteen cost rate hide staff fecit basin lady tent foliated exquisitely dates proportioned strongly canons young women castello branco scrolls extreme survive mosque importance dado describe geometric cutting designs continued lines represented classical bunch spires bulbous formerly lately spandrels relief growing alternately judging bench sphere hunting variety andrea owes younger pavilion seats ones overlooking loggia strapwork deus empty glazed modelling represent read otherwise excellent occur matriz seeing dominican nunnery steps latest charm province mountain divides nowhere care lying carriage carts oxen striking advanced mondego limestone constructively aisleless actually ended slope projection dignity severe plainness group guarda ball battlemented decorated elliptical remain destruction wooded existed monk greatly bird tree asked returning abbot know told edge finer exact bernardo want origin patriarch however call intertwining inserted adorn moniz salvador westernmost constructive boarded cathedrals seated thing chevron starting wished college rococo wholly governed defended enormous irregular walk floors point distinct perpendicular hands northwards rebuild chamfered volutes suggests strength attack domestic cistercian directly fall helped persuaded injured model pedestals according governor becoming shorter presents successor reaching recesses remaining delicately walling projects refined outermost tells archway recessed detached storied reaches believed sailed pulled direction galleries brick regard conical passing rare headquarters chosen site position fortified bastion eastwards stilted elegant castro immensely military clairvaux resemble measures unknown carries attached varying confined belongs opens simply originality differ seventy balio peculiarities england instance leaved bell pairs attempts clustered polygonal section notwithstanding decayed trefoils plaster subdivided beatriz city coast becomes massive exception follow domingos commonly ultimately fontfroide husband bring handed national parapets carrying pendant balcony project idea calls admit accept january night prepared sunk tiny exceed surpassed absolutely execution soft grows cuspings love sons driven elder heir difficulty immense grandson domingues prior existing pinnacle interpenetrating crockets filling canopied finial lighting exuberance completely refectory successfully contrast ridge henrique tiers cusp suggest wanting uncle character spoils cable provided resemblance solid arcaded hollows carmo object fragments secular imperfect learned thus knocked outline undercut knotted memorial fringed reversed influenced wavy setting thrust turns discoveries heavily considering rusticated fourth caps going question respects stretches screens upright retains terra cotta slight survived courses typical kitchen complicated speaking live goes swans pegas council spandrils darker braganza wonder alhambra workmen turret haupt conclusion washed thickness visited charming uniting stay projections joined collar boarding neck begins curling grown inch ship italy exuberant composition bent services learn pero setubal ordered proportions splay roses zamorim intercourse started ships cruzados view architects admitted administration finding jeronymite document shadow designer ropes thistle fitting judge finishing pull shall falling fault scale fortunate hideous screen carvings drum presented contain kneeling jesuits writes candelabrum ugly street tongue rouen discharge entablatures tier piling attribute barbosa silva sixth vilhena coffered compare inquisition fast centred corvos cells your filippo balustrading obelisks nova vieira ordem

letter architecture cannot themselves book deeply history worth difficult visit does treated conde copied mafra repeated oporto books plate paintings natural division celtic temple christians defeated painting fountain crosses word egas kingdom capture ruined santiago gualdim templar centuries battle aljubarrota conquest diniz isabel inez fernando leonor builder capellas imperfeitas grand villar duarte parish braga originally caminha garcia university india lead christ whence torre turrets balconies gama interior foreign artists architect gregorio velha ayres decay knights letters addition expedition reign union santo expulsion serra crossed restoration compared marques quinta hospital miguel sansovino stair filippes peninsula independent strip forty merely largest douro finish true leon thirty easy occupied galicia modern owing attempt title gold times erected belong purely nine number fifteen twenty blocks architrave adorned rectangular thought intended likely trace houses inscribed monument museum appearance measuring leave surface series body intricate opposite terrace twelve everything column distinctly preserved thousand home passed land southern twelfth northern went gradually spreading thoroughly including alone kings making alfonso crossing hand granted towns mouth away widow people henriques army mother finally hold tell throne greatest alvares brazil sixty naturally trade altered result free always notice pleasing bound days brilliant trees march exquisite flowers water hidden endless brown supposed period terribly holy return certain vizeu says born signed life virgin state buried apostles suffered john afterwards archbishop received somewhat whether tradition surely shown hanging triple boys shields charged supporting peter raised finely modelled grey doubtless therefore lived manner black paid help money apart richest chalice ornamented animals belonged medallions enclose gave embossed flowing coral misericordia tabernacle architectural rounded traceried wrought sloping acanthus laid regular patterns octagons radiating leaf marked previous throughout singularly inches greater enclosed frame squares lined possibly tiled take roofed earliest bought garden tank impossible background river framed eighteen wreaths actual showing school dated seville whatever rooms whitewashed anywhere mostly continuous heavy burned builders skill working advance construction elaboration doorways narthex mere perfectly bold simpler type need tympanum fact curiously arched spire highly pier thrown clear distance contemporary gone rows looks abacus faces innumerable delicate spring abaci abbey france difference speak arrangement twisting foundation contains flanking ordinary groined flying fell transverse extremely lowest meant supported apses fifty full sort following twice intervals keep battlements sharp double oblong horseshoe covering determined turn belfry lantern single carry returned effect jorge cover blank circular dedicated evidently trefoiled diagonally steep considerably curly sculpture arcades alike foot apsidal decoration elsewhere pair clerestory frenchmen planned closer diagonal replaced kind richness domed paved belonging neither jamb brother curved wonderful corbelled delicacy interrupted segmental ring buttress naturalistic iron thick father longer unfinished reticulated panelling extraordinary wider narrower strips crested spiral horizontal recess panel mass fantastic clumsy curve july pulpit slender coro shield niche capped swan convex immediately ceilings finials boutaca rope reis fluted dormitory pediments winged tablet pilaster terzi

used where that with line above from also portuguese buildings said even come those other large churches without splendid which spain most they some seem whose present portugal three during these became country great while interest others another about instead much smaller very every part various there interesting such palace renaissance been what came before time were taken cintra plan found senhora their have more complete added short church still well tile work hardly separated roman later early arab christian first count henry dona affonso king prince spanish between many examples influence flemish pictures santa lost seen tomb tiles different moorish pattern santarem blue white common chapter north oldest castle south under general cathedral similar pointed central thomar founded wealth designed french same little thirteenth fourteenth down century poor francisco maria choir royal pedro tombs batalha wife details copy tracery inside capella earlier fifteenth nossa rebuilt silver reredos nave vicente gothic villa porch chancel moors older than built house entrance sala pateo over hall convent manoelino vasco features successful manoel strange forms order made castilho stalls detail east west additions matheus piers octagon derived belem monastery begun succeeded then master lower coming marcos diogo chapel bishop classic anything become like claustro cardinal death long doric sacristy till original never pilasters eighteenth face cross wall door front ceiling look being curious divided larger leaving only narrow western hundred miles wide rise course runs through second indeed formed last deep really both after unlike this would rather less none exactly took name reached whole nothing into castile remained seems court probably town near stone almost known called native mentioned hill feet nearly covered round opening often surrounded roofs wood walls might against placed high though remains show surrounding perhaps springs ever remarkable among huge thin certainly having each side five semicircular hollow room arranged rest besides usually began years four chief stand once coimbra place important middle crowned spaces columns turned stands shows itself half granite beautiful corinthian frieze resting except capitals bases evora else left tower although capital already across soon tagus practically when right scarcely small further united upper died followed daughter married beginning given make himself queen give enough famous next year philip able here story beyond strong late third style good brought back building done carried several since fine higher parts quite something eight change especially ground yellow piece rich least them beauty tall heads grow earthquake destroyed again considerable duke sent painted deal should either seventeenth looking date possible form scenes worthy centre angels holding behind below close works statues outer stood open arches inner gilt cruz arcade must marble unfortunately beautifully italian lord finest arch canopy richly figures square running bottom just entirely worked finished better because pieces plain base enriched leaves doubt altar seven ending rises ends pierced simple shaped eastern elaborate interlacing shape surmounted cusps panels sixteenth held will size floor together employed forming slightly mouldings green dark towards flat sometimes usual light best aisle leading band height framing cresting design corbel table branches picturesque armillary doors corner windows indian along case circle lisbon niches head flanked could feature find level broad carved monastic romanesque aisles developed main consists gable entered headed corbels roof enclosing orders window doorway mould shallow ornament wooden cloister sides vaulted inscription moulded elaborately transepts chapels cornice filled apse string shafts shaft circles example standing carving figure transept projecting towers moulding arms vault angle vaults upheld barrel bearing outside octagonal english rests equal space within cloisters partly unusual panelled lights coupled vast openings clearly gallery broken vaulting comes buttresses twisted dome bays leads cusped containing springing trefoil passage pinnacles ribs stories sided altogether support foliage parapet rising real jambs angles fernandes lies whom build crocketed canopies straight ogee corners bands pediment entablature plastered gives curves nicolas ionic

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