Word Cloud for "Vampires of Space" by Sewell Peaslee Wright.

Word Cloud for "Vampires of Space"

This book was authored by Sewell Peaslee Wright. (1897 - 1970)

Area, genre or subject: Science fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "Vampires of Space" (Main Words):

call though less young commented part always long thought clippen work pages believe hold never rather should began three pitted slowly most ever chief second quickly come except charts reported lost both further take necessary bent knew full course find hour light bodies right staring trying reason already then least disintegrator rays order nearly shaped kept heavily outer place mask valve several themselves came spray

must much leave give under after other know perhaps great against those little time glanced many swiftly almost will where very speed portion coming each glowing strange seemed what even electrical make hull port breathing

space with they their have these until more there ships here something been back before that could them down like close from around over just than were which when turned side metal this only would through ship upon correy made some last about still navigating said kincaide your toward television things hendricks into water

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