Word Cloud for "Dialogues in French and English" by William Caxton.

Word Cloud for "Dialogues in French and English"

This book was authored by William Caxton. (1422 - 1492)

Area, genre or subject: Dialogues, English (Middle).

The Bag of Words In "Dialogues in French and English" (Main Words):

about henry editor work these ripon present taken written will occur passages paris words translation aual later sent account between their laine mestier craft sour ende bled corne mesure sache pris pound grotes prendre droit vnto table full ordene ordre chars diuerse draps daultres tous gens monkes selon grandes festes wordes trop longe rekene tres quel wylle alles quilz soyes poes lady seroit wold pere estre veult conuient pots pottes aller trouueres demy appelle treuue cutte clothes temps tyme rede voules porc char mieulx achatte named bestes sera poissons mylke cloth drap somme bere valent foure vent selle liures soye demeure maistres write regarde fera wolde iusques vntil quils colard maker maistre gyueth vend ceulx noble pennes ogier ysaac

dialogues first edition most michelant added must where half also vpon faict maketh gros ought take list dist vault comment chescun pluiseurs saincte pourra aprendre veul riche behoueth whan leur dame comme grand estes point nostre thinges auoir cannes scay toutes apres sette plente touttes suche soit wherof four nest worth trois neuer syth quelle ainsi feste seint procession oyle duke counte erle selleth iour

from book french printed text with english original been have this were which that there name caxton footnote many flemish after more well than here names they made tout alle hath dont quil shall haue fait tant moche plus peult knowe liure right pour faire make bien cest fynde doibt grete noms flessh othir holy lerne aultres shold vostre your bonne good wyll whiche mais quon moult what quand vous dieu saye sont choses quoy thise aues deux nous white ther them bonnes euyll faitton come scet encore elle quatre gyue puis saint kyng leuesque bisshop leurs

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