Word Cloud for "Across Mongolian Plains" by Roy Chapman Andrews.

Word Cloud for "Across Mongolian Plains"

This book was authored by Roy Chapman Andrews. (A Naturalist's Account of China's 'Great Northwest' - 1884)

Area, genre or subject: 1960.

The Bag of Words In "Across Mongolian Plains" (Main Words):

material chapman andrews leader camps company united states book profound sympathy history explorations province series collections fauna preparation various written scientific details prove reports appear further inhabit habits lack destruction remote awakening broad board knowledge attention pacific whose friends assistance ministry throughout extended appreciation formerly members connected guptil acted assumed agent olufsen whenever oscar preparing diplomatic passenger york memorial autonomy marvels exhibition difficulties description accidents agony czech cossack seek accident notes stars pictures garden killing buddha quarter modern russia west stage eaten noin beginning trade breaking lure development help clever popular eating nomads rainy failure importance wool growing wireless difference introduction donkeys lecture commander major names grounds furnish happy inns coal park tsai empress area method ages twentieth century horsemen prison headdress framework grasslands lone crossing spectators cave caldwell record route lines story recent political force fell accustomed luxury religion rule manchu furnished train affairs news recognized note admitted situation sore considered require effective fighting slow ministers republic emperor remaining common changes empty join army occupied thus question opinion order allow friend store fleeing violently contrast breath utterly adjust vivid refused admit laden wonder winding accepted roaring reception clad cartridges strapped capital genghis avoid object trading stones colossal protected sharply crowded nose waste cliffs deserted villages wave frost cutting fantastic relief waving fields thick lucander lazily silhouettes rested peace autumn midst fifth curious prevent remains ruts seat saddle drifted yielded chosen gasoline rifles kind stories rides roads walled farmers dreamed chinaman seventy value cultivation till wonderfully cook leaves goats tabool foreigner flocks cattle fraction numbers photograph approach unlike shaped upper placed covering free unfortunate combination entered earlier ducks plover sudden everything happened round simple knife lose rest particular crawled magic measured padded rounded bodies marco polo disconsolately troubles asked liked plenty march used delicate careful noon getting plentiful await surrounded flaming hole hoped enter arid keen distinguish strung headed diagonally parallel escape streaming speedometer circle increased gain shut savage pulled traveling sportsmen smile appears bush stands actually beating begin doubt drop necessary thoroughly registered drew curve hare rabbit cloud driver pushed violent holes soil loose looks velvet narrow peacock wears boots weather stay signs yelling expression worn attitude average smallest wolves weighing sharp peaks burst battle temples outskirts priests warm throw dotted enveloped bank irkutsk baikal czechs attack settled number operation happen spotted shops assortment spare named connecting ought nights ridden twisted driving tremendous continual send ceased automobiles warner sought waited working delicious odor smell sufficient shortly strength pretty hungry child blowing piece soaked stallion mounted halted dirty cooking spoke neither word smiled police outside attempt reins avenue personal cents maccallie delco plant owen emerged turning indicated sides constant places male dance slender pitched blazed ears children blazing snuggled spacious branch september shanghai encountered loaded sport skimmed surely enjoy whirl discover impression nearer thrown dared remarked coats mine similar trying injured required evident powerful selected leaping film fresh possibility galloped beast directed deal regard gentle concentrated mouth becoming faces desire bread alighted accept awoke smoking waves oxen fair trotting brute gigantic intercept whatever supposed firm strenuous burning rising formed seconds busy tracks vanished starlit lies holy somber square character customs tired splendor dress produce bits flashing exception breathing drama sense merely lightly residence wooded slopes eleven banks veritable sold count crowd gently announced lamaism custom lead proper person comes forth paper allowed fortunate shadows gazed chant fall knees subtle step quiet consider inside respect fellows market dozens scheme clean sweep temperature sell milk eggs takes wealth erect feed manner deserved properly equus flash beat smoke motioned slept wound dressed court shoulders bound afraid slipping leading marsh whence shore strangely extreme ones june carefully steel trap iron nine excited loss connection beautifully begins shipped dash greeting dignity bowls scent thrill frantically shell bucks thrilled finest sportsman score points polecat interested loosened helpless break brain quick knocked regiment concealed bored resting joined females fawns gazella goitered greatly hall contained fires collection darkness attempted cheng possibilities consisted tangle forested wherever depends gorge call limited source fallen grove salt disgusted growth aimed trout weighed silhouetted sunshine beauty mannlicher cost birch regardless thickly bare clay legged shots projecting cliff uplands granite highest massive precipitous banged climbing spur rams smoked cautiously ledge accompany decidedly cows finding scrub belong royal imperial emperors tomb sika

mammals worked logical presence having glad course branches lives general asia fascinating parts earth continued transportation important president needs drawn minister price larsen equipment giving experience mamen accompanied valuable ocean rapid power independence former mystery arrival start wells mutton trouble gate geese electric frontier scene prayer dogs sain clothes camera home wood evening catching musk commercial success passing gold dust perfect difficult famous flesh wounded tombs visit southern wheel woman traffic tibetan dwellings bighorn showing completely centuries erected europe arms nature gradually carries eventually particularly state somewhat paid received november fact money spread anything begun realize dangerous oriental bear follow people plunged russians form result reported position loobitsan knows rapidly past picturesque wandered corners fairly ancient mind walls railroad dinner talk purchased automobile daylight courtyard packed mission rough horseback food stretched masses heads kneeling quietly shoulder something seems swing seem climb entrance steadily horizon painted stretch tiffin trotted ahead visible gorgeous swinging wildly clear save spend alone imagine think escaped comfortably rear myself silent feeling tied corner traveled sixty wheels chaos strong possibly grazing rich surface easily jumped houses pack closely perfectly lifted rather show developed amid frightened demoiselle cranes wondered smooth protection touched bags dried space sand roar rush learn party sitting size stand sleep supply inch compound robes curiosity assured prepared opened complete true shall forget gained bullets dirt grown simply ball excitement understand groups reach faster surprise threw fully chance excellent sandy pull leather spirit things need easy rise broke blue steady twice else level bitter months needed turn street weeks lake expected certainly moved watch direction serious unless nearest drove month hold difficulty service year danger care divided taught greater shook siberian business together priest immediately rain hind squarely walking ended burned name agreed center shouted charge baby unknown born hope chen proved previous gazing coming precious touch spring journey skin finished northward taxidermists none hear evidence flock apparently flying church gazelles tents gazelle separated larger unusual move undoubtedly twelve anxious considerable meat wandering snow fellow wide barbaric makes according smaller dollars gathered religious raised exceedingly lower successful door nevertheless absolutely exhausted coat disturbed boys walked meadow hunted grow changed largest soft motionless valleys sheer tree stop picked beneath circled rushed week safe bushes pine descended brigands pheasants barker brush beaters

this from made mongolian across plains great american museum natural second asiatic hunting with yvette expedition america through been during years have first carried along little known that already given always china other work gave opportunity edge central especially obtain part which will wife spent most delightful mongolia north present entirely would full them those wish ground because game found there point many some animals almost native forests ever interesting forms wild life very near world before carry between chinese never their when field best every taken much upon foreign travel obtained peking while were coltman only ready time motor cars carts well long urga often trip later brought return russian government region kiang early outer chapter land camel mongol bird telegraph line speed gobi desert lama herd range northern love rolling more ride trail winter leave race light antelope brilliant moving under lost turin sacred city living like palace western strange khan keep night horse cart ponies skins marmot after another enormous wonderful three kublai about species small camp motion picture duke mongols terelche tserin hunt splendid meet forest wapiti seen beautiful kill water marmots shansi mountains soldiers harry south sheep instead fine walk deer rock huge bull roebuck goral animal cold human where young hard smith down boar eastern tung road country front view blood birds women middle killed camels caravan five hands temple lamas beside carrying river base village valley head broken here even though greatest they leaving behind rose against what could themselves into being passed once then until hutukhtu driven arrived became take stood hand quite hardly should thousand become these conditions sent four called himself such except place below appeared others following since over hundred entire last days foreigners held deep also does than good white both followed making reached future filled prince high again caravans suddenly enough plateau took away left late cross knew thought going toward kalgan slowly pass gray ridge same rifle sleeping mountain each charles real perhaps realized still come learned really among rocky seven miles plain morning disappeared station went remain hour built wall beyond nothing rode turned ourselves standing brown seemed around came hundreds watching right feet farther hills whole half nigh began foot kept eyes flat halfway swung might vast wind mass moments summit felt spot visited ravines tiny pony nearly trees black mile heard moment scattered make within know open back glorious heart thing better gone running shooting told fifty twenty thirty seldom sight stopped although whom grassy just forward dozen above give herds hours riding house horses grass means distance caught silver soon dashed family covered summer sometimes side quickly sign short golden fire remained without hill slope patch looking done next said camped less useless usually cannot clock afternoon tent single yards minutes group yellow different pointed hillside legs instant leaped your magnificent least believe poor itself forty shot dropped struck third meant straight exactly large shoot impossible tell crossed bring feel probably must able showed buck started opposite decided chase extraordinary pair heavy fifteen neck wished face worth ragged slipped several wanted rolled rocks tola matter certain sure waiting either wooden body looked besides swept dead badly largely drive look discovered natives missed returned finally tried eight catch slightest times fast hair find thousands wolf death fired crest glasses instantly feeding evidently directly bullet close bottom dark cover lying horns hunters main possible live interest climbed inches green traps watched hunter specimens stream dorchy antlers ravine pigs

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