Word Cloud for "Lives of the Presidents Told in Words of One Syllable" by Jean S. Remy.

Word Cloud for "Lives of the Presidents Told in Words of One Syllable"

This book was authored by Jean S. Remy.
Area, genre or subject: Presidents -- United States -- Biography.

The Bag of Words In "Lives of the Presidents Told in Words of One Syllable" (Main Words):

spot sweet your burned burg dear asked show tell shows caught dead proud write king course true bear straight ried owned ease woods camp night gone word used lone trust drive moved west spent send step note start deep horse rode stop after girl bought dren blue wore gold drawn ence lose drove world arms nough snow whose spring sell hung wept spoke fill gainst oath cause dents might dred play roads earn means paid speak passed fired case tain killed strange trip wish seen served june sure liked tise clear forced stand boat weak hands dier schools worn task trade hold ride bring placed class since ters march mean sorts into fame tribe nole acts polk teach clothes worked siege chance flag crowds cheers guns blow grief split shouts front plain waved hayes crats thur fleet

stood built fair wife kind stay fine wrote nine best book showed bout fond fear done friends sprang broke fell sports death teen short girls raised large tion slaves look tween french heard leave real wise five farm mong find rough liam found fire close filled laid think lands lish both force sides wished learn charge ships forts friend band dark chief fort lost thing homes whom glad loved fast looked rule loss news twelve town food months france mind brought want term gain deal ways side warm heart drew rights fore same helped right midst quick slave save build laws cans chair lege post stayed black miles pril rest fights spain named seat sick store race till field coln syllable retold

white home york down near small called there name george this once house which john ther came first when young that known made these boys were their gave much through should three years just from where here went taught will those they what read took care back would four with next lead have days brave strong though some kept been held while tried last such time knew said then told whole more life full head died lived great like sent folks work long talk make place land wild hard well could things give soon know left live than shot each must states learned love most fight fierce keep help troops take part them poor fought good rose eight year books bright high free gress quite still peace come dent rich south born grew school strife thought felt fice state james north words grant

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