Word Cloud for "The Christmas Fairy" by Frances E. Crompton.

Word Cloud for "The Christmas Fairy"

This book was authored by Frances E. Crompton.
Area, genre or subject: ?.

The Bag of Words In "The Christmas Fairy" (Main Words):

john strange frances lady corner getting holidays where real over hope something kind write says perhaps himself aggie friend girls both believe help most able feel dreadful room taken tried across might happy worse while soon looking remember eyes want turned head left knew house gave found heard moment afraid brought sight awfully scarcely keep sister half part quiet family herself better right four nearly calls maggie seem dreadfully allowed fear running afternoon halling friends expected white freres ones playing mamma grew feeling still nothing again those bridge cold easy least burst straight nursery chestnuts love sent kept

fairy shivers boys shall young give aunt many back should called next such because letter sorry well anything father thing under stay being make seen first bertie more face last nice telling great seemed here long things till once caught leigh almost always really sure kingley looked felt without

christmas other came quite very miss were about going home they would from which said mother will ever like when with think your poor tell what just down before that some come have little there fellowes dear been could this away their take much must than into made time after another look good three went only never them thought began then told each though helena frere willie rather know even children nurse hugh freda rupert

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