Word Cloud for "The Fight for the Argonne" by William Benjamin West.

Word Cloud for "The Fight for the Argonne"

This book was authored by William Benjamin West.
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The Bag of Words In "The Fight for the Argonne" (Main Words):

camionette officer troops moral flashes aerial though tried matter supply sunday whatever duties touch branches find does although human command bayonet friend instinctively know cold dangerous think pilot fifty hold area fifteen twenty relieved middle september farthest points village kept keen workers furnished sometimes often delivering large group building quietly earth evening drove called high enough religious fine including early view waiting hill followed torn walk cover become nights head secretary ridge passing darkness suddenly town shrapnel aircraft besides killed looking piece special order minutes bring dugout place fear several huns ever caused score posts able carrying brave foot ground boxes edge action fall interest report failed past full burst prisoner charge decided overhead allied rapid working plane bodies space grenades civilians already ambulance exploding thus began land splendid bullet water holding themselves trucks various together secretaries stock dispatched worked ordered continued threatened ahead food renault repair railroad much leading going need impregnable everywhere silent fresh literally face deep shock interested hard awful thousands light victim yank bearers giving voice help unable felt like spirit fact message testimony lives trip battlefields preparation less handle inside nine used france millions spiritual christ

fight personal west ford driven alsatian announced troop facing bomb sector shells road base asked service heard bombing keep carried started times steel camouflaged huts roads ohio yards whose piano around others walked world mile come showed built germans second infantry concealed hole returning return wonderful either dropped danger terrific trees inch clock reached broken right open fritz seemed carefully trench secret door here officers still himself hour thousand hand load filled because hands rest covered salvage placed ammunition take years might served holes eyes want body death tank crucifix seven inches piles

argonne with boys division whom guard army their field artillery major headquarters german french bombs from where hospital that first this knew even just which left what back those were great said when came over they could well would never morning shell them sent again baccarat most every been point canteen such toward front took into brought close many stood watched while boche machine passed very behind between home near good will last always hear your within feet night until each time through whole being military went five have miles about other hundred four made some make upon long found battle there american small held having camp heart also enemy after supplies soldiers another little during part trenches private across wire told must ready under fire planes trains loaded line gave lines away guns down half wounded three horses pieces next only hours days more these post give move side quickly eight coming forest almost without heavy shot then same life than cross company seen courage chapter soldier taken given before cars train truck word center temporary chocolate wooden story

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