Word Cloud for "Niels Klim's journey under the ground" by baron Ludvig Holberg.

Word Cloud for "Niels Klim's journey under the ground"

This book was authored by baron Ludvig Holberg. (being a narrative of his wonderful descent to the subterranean lands; together with an account of the sensible animals and trees inhabiting the planet Nazar and the firmament. - 1684)

Area, genre or subject: 1754.

The Bag of Words In "Niels Klim's journey under the ground" (Main Words):

narrative danish published year pronounced educated principal five interesting manners cities excite history hand poetical felt sake heartily commended also honor abandoned friends attention vice names political engaged preparing deserved occasionally close list ready spirits musical philosophy everything despised advance martinians quickness ordinary distinguish newly allowed created ears voyage whatever testimony respectable folly respected science deemed obtained prepare herald cold moon billows incredible passage arrival ship bound brilliant empty arrived occupied examined neighboring mild forth examine occasion morning departed necessary fatal coming courage hook hard rocks twenty thirty thick faint loss behind manner attack continually directly surrounded bold clothed eternal threw move moved easily night bring darkness peculiar ascribed just wondered creature noticed whether figure attempted globe already comes firmament difference absence approach deep huge animal astonished numbers arose words able forgot contempt streets respect lady below situation various golden officers ceremony trial defend hour blood ignorance person virtuous throughout face exposed innocence drink sweet orders physical possible importance call earnest suitable times wild sentence concerning publicly forbidden matters appropriate ridiculous humbly humble influence assured travelled flying strength frequent wrote related receive away race describe fruits ground imagined philosopher allow highest religion punished petition condemned continued thereby beginning liberty ruler submit centuries classes class honored memory enemies hastily punishment rich promise powers part studies teachers proof required military executed appear principally extend honorable hitherto pleasure dignified majesty wise experience continual relate bodily seem fortunate conversation powerful chosen square express trembling suffer dear neighbors pity customs cause offices becomes males master mournful effects signs male shut female cunning mingled water intention meanwhile unfortunate reached happy rules unknown sailed feel asserted demand lose rushed book making foolish council formerly condition learnt excellent declare merely regular civil particularly residence selected splendor finished terrific seized consequently immense answer indifference project addressed requested nobility wear style month poets wares board seamen wind mezendoric brave whence shot quickly formed spread credit believed ambassador cavalry enemy glorious soldiers battle conquered roman offered kispusiananians shoemaker

journey wonderful descent animals office court klim potu judgment author degree shortly return european affairs royal laws twelve study looked notion perfect sometimes pleased native world mountain creatures quick look potuans virtues present does living held above rest sound noble books celebrated find hope scarcely worthy commenced course mighty full recovered description established alone chapter fate mean town especially accompanied heart fixed rope keep clear somewhat armed blessed citizens heaven opinion earth within hair rose head small remained internal presence uncommon appearance terrible approached mind really struck understand meaning filled purpose covered instead miserable commanded middle seated either judge black appointed replied means better nation proved duties effect possessed taught care landlord custom lives speech begged tears important leader food dress order title worship table eight letters directed rank hands useful father best pain holy blind said suffered remain justice ignorant proposed matter strive poor reward live discover weight death love asked polite divine females lived usual meet multitude notwithstanding proclaimed simple change born doubt lost promised gracious advised acknowledged state partly consideration peace seldom birds mayor named martinia martinianic once sight sail imperial army collected ambassadors tanaquites

niels under being subterranean together with account sensible trees planet nazar from entered according three into most among show soon after that about years which were this then went given both time generally some well received made many whole object returned great during period nature rather natural than work first began public passed through several though long more himself almost never strange although read because they seemed when written even upon raised next each short former still hold like will give their general always determined them last been finally following there persons believe have supposed where those people whom make these considered latter what virtue thus only greater would whose king kind since come here against know immediately known while such shall before take back sent myself much young left seen same least placed distinguished should found enough other called nations themselves speak entirely less name came power fear prepared told between government over took city common good days knowledge remarkable inhabitants certain learned used every might longer thought thing little another land place four near down half around stood right enabled gave observed appeared regard concluded must carried neither light body changed knew turned became true could very become followed human afterwards side regarded taken towards easy fell suddenly curious tree heard eyes number often wife branches kept high splendid form large brought superior things house excited greatest reason having consisted language capital kingdom moral favor without subject until singular ordered your nothing except country therefore demanded till different life cannot province hundred europeans thousand none think others prince obliged beyond president emperor quamites

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