Word Cloud for "Hymns of the Greek Church" by John Brownlie.

Word Cloud for "Hymns of the Greek Church"

This book was authored by John Brownlie.
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The Bag of Words In "Hymns of the Greek Church" (Main Words):

writers best grateful volume should translations translator after five form hope long bound early longer renderings make stichera meron tois damascus time taken worthy earnest still many lines other himself cases mine only find latin language whose little such whom each place humble down humbly virgin nature prayers your beauty soul offering creation darkness tell wondrous groans cruel wert fall high good blessed world heard lamp keep voice faithful bless endless bright servant above pure leave morn position

into years been hymnody deute great morning bishop follow very books study against save cento held heart king songs peace shines praises power hail hath where ever chos dark behold born night shalt gregory

hymns greek church with john some this work that they will english those from which their first christian give have praise more upon than then evening were while would through what most found made people there every might when hymn before them forth spirit glory worship heavenly thou mercy blest love adore thyself come lord shall thee christ meet heaven earth glorious gave word hast light holy hades souls cross resurrection death life didst eternal judas thine hand risen bridegroom

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