Word Cloud for "The Treason and Death of Benedict Arnold" by John Jay Chapman.

Word Cloud for "The Treason and Death of Benedict Arnold"

This book was authored by John Jay Chapman. (A Play for a Greek Theatre - 1862)

Area, genre or subject: 1933.

The Bag of Words In "The Treason and Death of Benedict Arnold" (Main Words):

benedict short hudson chorus above dark open mountain post leave take sons most born rank found bringing because thing left think mine glory those twas saved rest beyond lives lord took himself gave among broken soul cannot hold brought point stand king place joshua times story causes something both pass power ever remember letter never bosom here george coat

west river father were while strange about find without each children bring years good save praise name hand little comes though hero surely takes other till than great after land things

treason death arnold play upon which will such that when have been then through like their with some would this must come your enter they into from down where heart young these thee there thou shall what very life long back against give british them should made know make could every more

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