Word Cloud for "Christmas Light" by Ethel Calvert Phillips.

Word Cloud for "Christmas Light"

This book was authored by Ethel Calvert Phillips.
Area, genre or subject: Christmas stories.

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The Bag of Words In "Christmas Light" (Main Words):

company hills shelter earth shalt life poppies gently green afternoon running gentle most gardens priest tall narrow several rich myrtle pleasant hours spent whether family cool front single seeing kiss common rachel live ever things just egypt pious fresh stories people years taught care meant song thinking save swung doorway each left stepped quickly pigeons hard tenderly mind canst voice spot standing cold anything fain putting laid answer comfortable lesson find looking foot sacred able closed sick cake piece glad streets children given longer grown hill leading fine wide gazing suddenly spoke cart remembered reached stone watched interest rose herself large being host smile bullock drawing next heavily early peace nathan nodded mount wall crowded wash spread straw wild camels gold close ready bowl warm talk stretched deep broad seen liked spend hold comes filled waiting windows lanes within curtain lying israel visit moved clung thine sudden journey herod friend figures weary carefully sharp stars began ears turn beyond nazareth stones dogs babe swaddling manger

rest hope chapter scarlet side smiling flowers wore robe those high placed heavy other below brother roof often used nothing door kept took water small friends touch fingers touched near stout solomon walked city town land know without after caught called himself watch happy already gray because ground mean walk something held nose pressed brought dost another home wise short quiet gave between sheep work stand lamb black whose surely look better poor women along whispered forward david beside thoughts moment room thought trip taken burned fell simon ride wife sunrise speak martha promised purple fields golden slipped watching meal corner bring roman past familiar unto steep help threw steps these hath some opened wrapped christ stable

light with mother world dark about night come when shall thou must little lord love arms round heart still garden village many that stood back upon their soft girl came over before hands down seemed this jewish brown were while feet made looked tiny king even temple under been from there against baby father which place house like turned only white where naomi then great sabbath head long keep could well ezra knew them days across would never though might aunt miriam every such good khan bethlehem road into jerusalem time heard tell full went what sight said they thee jonas until face told behind blue will have take once lame wilt think hand more than wait should samuel felt first bright answered three very shepherd shepherds since make give eyes perhaps again words young morning cloak away holy gate court through toward last jacob here sister open caravan blind child angel pool messiah

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