Word Cloud for "Stephen Arnold Douglas" by William Garrott Brown.

Word Cloud for "Stephen Arnold Douglas"

This book was authored by William Garrott Brown. (1868 - 1913)

Area, genre or subject: Douglas, Stephen A. (Stephen Arnold), 1813-1861.

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Andrew Jackson  

The Bag of Words In "Stephen Arnold Douglas" (Main Words):

school boston number brown chapter four march republican finally notable cass maintained leaders death minds heard fame historical importance married mother governor said town risen countrymen legal record become ascendency forth does seem carried acquaintance lawyer persuaded leave broken almost coming river assembled learned need chance politics opened notwithstanding lines struggling study deal small county seat counties region character field account legislation internal older final principal actually according swept hardin service candidates system conventions drawn together joint greater continued john nearly feet struggle unusual chief appointed chairman introduced resolution vast railroad building times holding cannot hear eminent named uncommonly head choice supported nomination spoke thrown elected announced council probably secretary doubt claim seems main sure thus particular settlement grew agreement nominated aged turn quickly washington defending report skill used accomplished moved term affairs louisiana appropriations grant trying give forced mississippi material interests dispute annexation attitude bitter pointed british declaration appeared favorable argument announcement rapid higher felt freedom independence repeal utah apart admission anywhere provided views different language join friends circuit adopted opinions european dealt control often sovereignty denouncing prohibited trade section interstate moderate formed prohibiting opponents institutions effect property fresh california prohibit none yancey extraordinary answered instead pierce eighth appeal accept sense speak stump charge meant dred decision drew lecompton cotton border

stephen arnold rivals youth west history second itself interest nothing controversy group read beginning famous defense davis seward sumner chase aggressive buchanan presidential voice centre gone completely hard near committed successful home england early making high hand strong enough sort concerning fellows accord campaign cause down clearly leading admitted turned mind success days constantly opportunity quite being months whom work offered within gave half chicago central domestic matter presented longer development administration bills particularly opinion divided began move mass meeting opposed became admit important clear whigs personal justice representatives leader representative member ought favored added session lands knew measure judge mexican five believe rival principles believed face springfield accepted votes moral cases position inhabitants various sent stood laws show ambition lower either away thought ready defend force positive oregon organize purchase white motion forever boundary proposed texas subject side asked mexico theory single kept territories reported view authority constitutional practical pacific faith parties issue fugitive wrong extend wilmot exclude extreme hope senators southerners scott republicans

each about with series douglas rights from state years american have only that which question whether great more than debate even political whig democratic through country came last could make long between north first were another speech senate over those measures took compromise leadership these many other southern slavery time their clay election most them much during whole fell upon still when rose again what place three must been they once popular part such among there made also same good held passed little very until forward himself should would never left because following year then went both like general already life might merely soon well save certain office less western back without ever best some where name always found next public young toward illinois later reason northern followed though open take throughout states president will jackson national questions while called party before policy people into resolutions democrats bring after better district true this supreme court hold convention house plan united vote declared lincoln course brought committee taken legislature support every several against power jefferson themselves majority congress right favor opposition under broke come seemed whatever bill territory constitution south pass foreign demanded territorial government voted treaty line senator free form stand contrary principle slave slaves union missouri platform candidate doctrine neither nebraska kansas

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