Word Cloud for "Two Years with the Natives in the Western Pacific" by Felix Speiser.

Word Cloud for "Two Years with the Natives in the Western Pacific"

This book was authored by Felix Speiser. (1880 - 1949)

Area, genre or subject: Vanuatu -- Description and travel.

The Bag of Words In "Two Years with the Natives in the Western Pacific" (Main Words):

photographs book daily original detail added pretend scientific impressions stern slight proud words beauty glittering colonists friendly judge bird albert anglican yacht steamers philp assisted various helped graciosa field nitendi cannibal table sandwich canoe ureparapara ancestor pygmies trader rubbing tattooing gaua introduction search degree largest succeeded jordan curve perhaps aware king quarrels diseases forced torres solid voyage sighted george determined collections gathered value remains period cruel welcome advantage respect save islanders exception settled spread settle police within useful failed feared condominium represented intercourse sale belong covering composed scattered eastern stretch originally tops nasty channels reefs offer mighty rapidly climate average year agreeable summer squall flora share difficulty covers harmless kinds melanesians mixture favourable task haired element blood process ruined decreased split stopped services dependent fifty useless colonization begun stations chiefly wars cruelty dried wealth attracted early escaped otherwise murders traders acts civilization bought settlers created nobody needs influences proved missions heathen suffer strictly attempt question chance growing visits reduced irregular cruise mail serious ships travel merely comfortable connection eight source decayed harbour loyalty sleep parallel class gather roll visited charms decay modern colouring distant violet impenetrable ended tiresome passengers cases finally squalls mist details breaking noticed curved unexpectedly luxuriant dense crowns stretched colour dropped brings stranger charming opposite frame dive depths delight servants shall acquaintance elegant independent crew lively perfect force afterwards spots pigeons afford length birds pigeon shoot approaching gaily dance slept below lady result stiff height pretended deal fever using simplest quantities duty smoked rule finished entire smiling change character paradise absolutely imagined genuine sacred incapable belonging equal tangle marvellous blame savages curly waving ideas grounds flowers blows cover whispered pours lifted sensation oppressive space loneliness terrible attached miles mass jumping roars stretches crooked observe delicacy article poisonous innumerable tide crossed mile pull stream cuts limbs overhanging vines roots rotten trembling wearing dainty shapes suffering miserable planting abandoned planted thousands cleared shrubs knowing strenuous efforts occupied ears shoulders shed produce exceptionally clothes wall clearing knives matches tobacco handled plates expression smacking shrieking teeth utter intelligent tinned yams wears voice shines spirits profit wages term want continue exist careful treated medical thinks branch pride sort drive midnight deadly rough jumps week rush irregularly lights announce stays figures loads baskets turns thicket twenty possibly crowded keeps prefer likes fashion saved current threatened getting lend meet admired presented lazy explosions recruiters rained method fruit juice poisons float likely wishing experience thundered luck break penetrated sold drove whenever enlist master strict dying stories escape tribe create collect pick promised sure consider follow attack male tribes bent person improved sense rice answer lacking oars scanty nightfall anchored floated stars monotonous greater peace killing revenge apparently visiting aside seeing permission hollow clay bound braided bracelets rings knees supple remarkable strength neighbours forgot woods pipe lips drawn grunting cartridges laughed touching lightly mind trousers fellow gradually babies retired performance singing roasted heavily roared thunder afloat tiny uncomfortable amid older liked slippery terrified extreme expect anxiously jump rifle already welcomed superior news preparing shut invisible fastened squatted stared learned friend uncanny sang moon disappearing shower picturesque paint bottom pure accompanied tesbel shaking jagged drifted ahead valley creek runs marched excursion satisfaction watching presence thirty digging pointed threatening actual single relatives offering brother fled horrible surely event considerably hoped extent passage schooner celebrated sweet souls outrigger forty start paths forming shells doubly holds laughter stare joins poles joining importance fancy nuts opened croton scented improvised rock calling amused glare distorted holding jaws beams masks smouldering belongs piled wives circle welfare custom beast tusks cult organization closely connected wish questions observations rules conceptions religious leads thousand favour origin societies varies separation loses eating floor marked step rubbed decorated raise rank replaced ceremonial guest ought brutal assembled sadly pity played bodied sulky station misty hearty girl mother ornaments upward lobes festival purpose provided designs spear skill sleeping deserted built grows happily pleased meaning skulls cape hissing march sing strike glimpse sunshine breath swampy steeply relations property wound sharply washed danced beat beloved chewing muscles talamacco suffered beautifully broad realize surroundings meat packed unusual greenish camp meanwhile sick quantity paying reading liquid squeezed bowl behaviour favourite edge paid refused silence drawings sickness shook talked considering bottles guests neighbourhood region lofty camped climbing eager toward elsewhere pygmy feature chest husband roaring regard assured thanks disappears smiles female throwing lasted calm peak streams openings indeed earthquake boiled shocks bottle collecting hearing barometer reaching scarcely skipper striking greatly telling moonlight objects culture ambrymese statue feather smell dust traversed craters brownish blocks pentecoste operation patterns fortunately christian braiding strip patterson christmas feathers

pacific kindly appear traveller giving gloomy object mention venua steam nowhere taro working tanna nambas olry group drums mountain district cooking statues aoba shooting solomon lovely colony landed australian anchorage stayed months pushed convinced nature thinking capable separated excellent buried traces touched northern leaving channel thrown everywhere material state possible brilliant cook archipelago formerly results since served places worst sacrificed impossible conditions obtained mission free neither upon beginning laws liquor arms treatment central running rounded cause safe distinct smooth considerable damp rises atmosphere comes centre cyclone vegetation constant latter animal inhabitants easy according times evident language districts lack clever important speak influence considered worked satisfied wood weapons contact palms fair grew alcohol labour fight civilized preserved amount stands itself outside tell authorities occasional represent frightened watched touch stop call practically company provisions service weeks taking increased principal size laid customs lead corner dismal play drink picture valleys surprised waited rushing darkness rolling endless surface points cliffs trunks trying shores coloured quarters immediately bushes smaller beyond yellowish tropical honour luggage offered unable sheltered opportunity sail afternoon peculiar pleasure waiting softly splendid talk matters allowed remarks sudden falling enjoyed child missionary gives completely aspect landscape attacked disappeared ourselves preferred join neighbouring taste moment naked silently world breaks animals becomes lianas silent bark swallowed violently brown fall hidden busy need social breakers level fresh yellow lying highly ugly straight pass trunk golden trail caught floating farther vain torn catch shaped dream remained grass threw collected roof hour standing mysterious upper desire natural consequence host backs prevent earth sound noise matter fields third tired sitting clean suspicious loaded handed piece nearest dozen bare vague dared rifles armed murder sell trouble whatever expected climbed spot legs bringing experienced past savage knows hanging walked knew existence anyone eaten belt takes worn powerful serve father kill slopes signs talking bamboo bodies appearance excitement skin enjoy situation shake accustomed wonderful carrying spoke unless held feast everybody thing rising sounded delicate begin noon friends altogether pulled boulders peaceful smoke guide joined whereupon informed excited belni regret playing unpleasant ropes sails sacrifices hang presently heat road rare clan huts necessary lives obtain spirit secret cooked stick attend needed load mere clubs effect wooden banana mixed particularly bones arrows passing delightful cold walking prepared type dirty slope moli plain suque sulphur

years with natives western from this lonely during some them have been were received order first form slightly only much will help native does give people that meant simply both idea charm when down many white great show their would followed most name port captain also especially southern there more often least took home find than these things should come under kind think they stay segond life plantation santa cruz islands shore women reef before dancing near young wife ambrym front house lava woman ground houses gamal large small view along coral island interior wild santo point trees malekula shell nose late made several part west coast south following about found which another keeping called gave tried died interesting again reached larger here mouth river east enough might easily certainly quite among return passed came till between into shade left second coming position country greatest even present known surprising french government sent banks time became well enter race carried trade naturally still themselves system hebrides seems every fact such very little done killed slowly spite presbyterian north lies missionaries soon returned over where owing watch could until last taken away except those violent power being willing leave side high land spent short either each same live while others take besides recruiting highest english thus higher resident reach number divided forms sides inland what narrow seem volcanic rise fairly plenty less open swell three crater steep volcano other former broken once rocks water frequently bright heavy wind rarely somewhat regular similar make later planter nearly plantations said like thick forest covered simple probably occasionally grow fish population melanesian whom know four tall arrived polynesian just going british must numerous different understand villages caused general developed walk through whose makes become never good work biche hardly village dangerous valuable rich whites coprah used close european constantly sorts frequent ones kept brought making longer started hands best days then against having cannot after began usually better whereas extremely poor chief felt planters care visit look means hours mostly boys sometimes generally line carry anything without board always steamer leaves entrance though chapter vila grown hills dark girls shows climb beautiful strong shining almost next course rolled morning light grey mountains showed giant above flat wide entered shone fell cloud ever seemed tree formed green soft blue approached cool across behind distance surrounded because consists nothing arrival feels went around perfectly happy sight human therefore place dull gone none myself back instead ready entirely deep round special hard waves jumped black rose given evening case strange asked dinner whole ashore quiet looked deck night children anchor pleasant whether alone clear sailed weather changed rainy turned suddenly rather storm feel face primitive struck feeling lower himself stone carved long dogs bush stand midst living really immense stones certain cross silver warm goes looks shot hundred boat walls rest fine hung stood sand rain everything tres head sign half hair although spend told finding shape turn surf hear full hold heard everyone enormous boats path crowd carefully fire fear driven seen together pigs dead occasion cutter mats money looking anxious wanted decided thought fallen beach sharp poured real meal filled pretty ship interest eyes evidently breeze food wrapped lived towards clouds foot reason chiefs right five bourbaki sticks stuck dress thin body branches fires afraid faces glad broke lost macao hand keep death tusked supposed bring soul caste canoes wear family huge feet square painted heads tied something castes beside else able guides palo inside agelan launch

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