Word Cloud for "Moon Lore" by Timothy Harley.

Word Cloud for "Moon Lore"

This book was authored by Timothy Harley.
Area, genre or subject: Moon -- Folklore.

The Bag of Words In "Moon Lore" (Main Words):

silvery past beheld precious blue mythological wide study stone ball enlarged second regards third fourth partly welcome writers toad fancies list drinks hans constructed produced improved occasioned interest ascended possession excitement spread plains followers taught perfectly philosophers shadows credit anticipated centuries ascertained regions free wherever mirror created domestic girls fond invisible greatest play began acquainted proper false lights illustrious sought venerable mouth eating ancestors nocturnal committed sure brilliant constellations upper anything furnish calls whenever noble traces grows sold splendid views drink ballad across gets collection magnificent poetry palace clothed virtue heart dwell prefer tide rising glory material serve denied gender duties lustre embodiment seemed beginning warning drawn remember resemblance planets species resemble outward stories growth meanwhile fable arose quoted appearing founded jews plainly related gathering remain indebted reminds perpetual burning nights mass christmas bearing taking causes obtain pole refer allusion require jill explanation rain discern bible maintains enough alexander luna considers struck song presented record carry painted standing lore twice mentions scene gives adore playing lingering isaac mount offering touching pray talk pleasing exactly accounted bushman process gradually else recognise wished missionary want falling striking peoples comparative tylor hardly grown increasing page civilization european instance root europe recognition attention grand producing contained reflect asserted principles testimony enjoy mythical sentence lives reflecting authority settlement sound entitled discoveries celebrated attributes daily report current calling imagined brings phenomenon mistaken surely however nevertheless returned coast sphere esteemed date pursue francis wild careful globe eleven allowed darker eight everywhere classes accept space fifteen compared formerly israel peopled town souls abode departed plutarch seat pale savage seasons perfect observation marked creature rational accurate warm worshipper family powers declare moment solution eternal ideas mary occurred mountain doubtless illustration likewise maker rule sister loved finally destroyed mortal happy oriental marks asia kill search directly willing grant foot agreed acknowledge buddha relates pounding earlier dynasty service cassia inform rose receive simple reign deities mexicans antiquity nation intellectual importance undoubtedly hares lake elephants terrible thinking proven immense gone frog inhabit expression equivalent chang statement islands easy thinks represents throw purposes primeval vision isles fail thence beauty civilized sole adored luniolatry heathenism signs retain proceed deny periods fortunate enlightened fruit abundant produces ascribe recognised greatly figures really reverence desire honours virgin farrar inanimate affirm chapter angry mist composition contains intelligence action devout older kames houses empire chaldaean semitic properly notions idols remote hebrews complete egypt foundation answer table rendered festivals regulated temples presides occur erected kept extended persians interpretation shines indicating lead emperor multitude sacrifices fast mixed civil military performed unless prevalent filled twelve women historian facts agency prince decrease obliged short favour indeed summer except opened silence germans battle commonly branch happiness priests provinces proves districts remarks opinions seeking mexico greater astrologers thick obtains waste moisture intended beneficent respecting malignant instead bacon affirms innocent furnished southey circumstance doctrine writing devonshire observing total obscuration students dragon herbs eclipsed joseph imagine devour beat official noticed imperial devoured luminary incense nine gongs venture medical continue fright wait prevailed henry purely apparent turning health injury sends luck patrick functions phlegmatic diseases disease declining southern corns enable probability persuaded earl goodness blessing emblems happen winslow organized dreamt temperature vegetable justified marvels researches lectures antiquities

ages pleasure works london hast delight shadow mark cross forget reach legendary anthropomorphism sexuality idolatry higher becomes live final plurality introduction representation telescope honour astronomical describes discovery caused mountains deep vast master twenty usually purpose afterwards taken society fire shine heavens proof able reminded essence speaking strong grow mean passage goes note girl understand arrived burnt sent frequently knew matters comparison somewhat character friends something imagination readers political mention pass relating personal consequently borne simply learn seventeenth assert spot whence possibly friend hear birth lost keep waxing nigh remains house particular sanskrit ller longer student value jamieson masculine husband relation inferior latter occupied phases strange darkness grew familiar kindred wife exposed excellent thing variety appeared distinct points named besides meaning sleep return follow soul colour sticks support right sunday cast rest stand caught bundle gould finds thorns church description constantly holds flow valuable preserved jack discover argument refers readily derived signifies fresh exists attributed places special laid cutting version reference middle published lines edward ground care lady wrote circle person robert scottish disk french sacrifice altogether together theory monthly morning piece herself followed unable death lighted writes holding cried philosophical unity legends number recorded mankind principle endless traditions faith thrown feel mental mere sufficient astronomer larger throughout seven occasion england wonderful regarding elephant received century royal national voyage island exact covered mighty thirty ordinary working ancients information fixed america pointed pleasant conception giving infinite ignorant creatures worlds highest universal races gold fairy pretty passing explained beating looking captain rabbit india hence brahmin grimm intelligent established usual supernatural condition fully likely west prayer spring wind draw kind presence opposite sides solemn observed sort dreams plants spiritual practice speak minds translation necessary ignorance exist notes originally catholic romans egyptians lies sexual absurd astarte relations associated source portion bodily philosophy admitted probable cases begin engaged james late consecrated offered identified understood concerning veneration adoration considerable speaks shows prove translated festival officers fifteenth instruments month ceremony natives pyramid consequence charles sudden loud repeat brief temple position customs deemed notice capable effects rules glass scotland mandarins widely sick vegetation heat planetary forbes money important conditions travels dictionary

original have these them moon from when clear with full like forms which thou that fair things forth soon evening takes divine through clouds while light upon planet earth perhaps children thee their world poor this work literature first part around other parts some years writer myth being show been principal paid above what than supposed body lunar many modern present state author others often more hope least scientific shall woman hare myths male deity water influences near curious came human having made early carried where david tells himself making might without such they took several till turned observations says make less noise another much interesting beyond most since found feet surface satellite into over miles wonder spots were merely ancient said bodies between opinion thus regarded great written learned back there neither fact superstition give fancy will whom must view also then known next before spirits love white call little take cannot ought come doth bright young bear once because moonlight rather beautiful even only reason ever about called produce story told time words always leave lord notion though would went away never blessed those stars earliest ourselves singular last name stands close long round none whose shining dark language meet should down asked whether very well certain single done could indian celestial does know better course high life amid thousand going therefore just account here john under find need seen point place certainly wish mind moone although means fear pure best truth until head book following coming astronomers absence makes look face sometimes nothing itself become represented turn silver especially against night king after looked save hath left home still heaven believe towards whole creation every side according aspect matter hand entire subject viewed question brought superstitions again professor word father seem respect female origin former object worship beings appearance superstitious spirit form superior became behind during represent case thomas described tell natural sign phenomena nature animals either figure living legend greek names among born mother sense fell held probably common paul unto tradition appears saying british hebrew tale sacred german given solar cold north people similar perceived placed power knowledge brother observe waning popular belief manner each seems sight order fall connection heathen general idea christian english remarkable year four same lest bishop william comes northern rise china chinese hold hands native future changes mythology almost within eclipse discovered south inhabitants indians inhabited tribes suppose chief child quite gave both tree three different good religion moral science history real times half country influence irish heard persons doubt nearly further american lived hundred wise city horns land thought historical your five days eighth astronomy equally believed egyptian mentioned evil terrestrial amongst evidence regard eyes wisdom heavenly visible holy goddess everything wane used change themselves western nations large religious immediately apparently think true whatever bring period later trees physical recent animal effect cakes objects gods small dream rays existence conclusion primitive progress greeks worshipped image roman system already considered unlucky consider worthy custom east george cause various result generally connected queen crescent read symbol appear supreme open seeing star weather fine blood tides eclipses increase atmosphere fortune

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