Word Cloud for "Eric" by S. B. C. (Susan Blagge Caldwell) Samuels.

Word Cloud for "Eric"

This book was authored by S. B. C. (Susan Blagge Caldwell) Samuels. (or, Under the Sea - 1848)

Area, genre or subject: 1931.

The Bag of Words In "Eric" (Main Words):

york interesting descent submarine divers although trying attention town account grand couple spend except dark windows fresh summer months school watching pointing cannot charge whole completely pretty view hamburg creature papa meet across herself thing remember knowing read delight favorite dead fast knelt taken light nobody wants breakfast miss bring train particularly amuse running certainly carriage drew colored perhaps ready heads joyous immediately containing blue vessel motion rapidly began live anything wished remain sought quiet five spoil getting lower speaking requested became parting names meant canal also house fine history spoke principal strong island palace royal museum round nearly valuable fond sprang appeared word forward sight presently hearty climb afraid chain easily opened beside neither finished fell makes village kindness lark crying cottage sail cristelle passed hands side able asked true means myself leaving length detained felt dressed mind glasses places picture natural objects ordered hung allowed guide collection best tiny armor entrance declared excellent friend noticed stepped saved remembered want anxious waiting pass straight curious coming fifty careful evening promise turned seated whom soft beginning write saying examining zuyder noble beneath wear opening fastened pumps feeling line easy silver covered powerful rocks discovered bank tried thinks country interested turning world honest hotel cousin bought less frenchman ought invented convinced unjust jack volume instructions

entered friends bottom finding gold often castle herbert lost mother travel holland even sound voice given dear close exclaimed travelling charlie making pleasant each thinking become frightened used hard speak half stay start nichols directions flowers seemed rather tired help gave early though aboard steamer well head feel followed rode holding next door sent surprised walk hear since four quickly behind stood learned city still streets vyverberg surrounded built similar because better building small show gentleman understand meanwhile child hand brought filled kindly mamma return black face away cold please slowly something rose street walked cried does both explained ward idea alone course rooms same party entirely king themselves travellers trees nothing rubber suddenly against life money thoroughly night instantly returned paris horses officer ring orsay horse

story eric young many will found some which have such diver from this find when name with upon little quite been place french german between were long last came into adele great father their while almost kind then time among open feet through nettie they home johnny just care ever heard children call hyde called towards take here knew that answered think decided uncle must never suppose gone without could froll would them might look much looking back thought soon every took interest till until leave said about very your more than only people walking what left sure having make there should come over work around down those things heavy book like poor morning high held shall these glad another enough boys after keep under obliged white going before went looked know famous whose allan room where always being other above drawn made himself wonderful reached safely strange english most beautiful good large once seen american first tell window monkey told seeing give again water three eyes doctor several visit near pleased right hundred wish landlord lacelle send hours rasseulger clock strasbourg count

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