Word Cloud for "Song-waves" by Theodore H. (Theodore Harding) Rand.

Word Cloud for "Song-waves"

This book was authored by Theodore H. (Theodore Harding) Rand. (1835 - 1900)

Area, genre or subject: Canadian poetry.

The Bag of Words In "Song-waves" (Main Words):

thousand before truth filled song souls summer spirits flower keen things hearts thus unseen rose tidal upward dusky mighty flow rich hint high lightning mountain more move glow eternal knows holy vast them deeps ideal upon burns true stream gives wealth wind odors dark place wake dawn green coming arms pure comes gold veiled bloom about bosom fills fields crystal fell wild eyes calm skies silent angels angel hills glows trees seas hear kiss morning immortal hands lives child note dream round might crown over circling deathless phantom were

though would ever moon silver waters than into living bright come winds hand breath every swelling voice beyond

with that when white down bird light heart within till vision which beauty they full from thee these waves each great sweet this life thou spirit golden human whose soul open shall their like darkness power doth here time above there while music heavenly have beneath where earth breast brook night deep face world stars fair through shadows love heaven long

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