Word Cloud for "The Caravan Route between Egypt and Syria" by Archduke of Austria Ludwig Salvator.

Word Cloud for "The Caravan Route between Egypt and Syria"

This book was authored by Archduke of Austria Ludwig Salvator. (1847 - 1915)

Area, genre or subject: Palestine -- Description and travel.

The Bag of Words In "The Caravan Route between Egypt and Syria" (Main Words):

syria present work among works together life appeared friendly country heard late communication harbour mind frequent since different bearing themselves suez formerly meet fixed point contain tent chiefly account character would beneath taken just observed laden going surrounding sight forms arab horse moukri half continued until smaller camels enjoyed extremely dark around complete camp past clock moving proceeding rising mountains surface itself path above common engaged taking wretched enough outer specimens slightly pitched breeze slender afterwards sketch continuing keep obtained though direction scattered remarkable blue growing welcome tamarisk garif groups form kind fragments inscription leaf stalks formed surrounded principal south feature effect bright morning gently high rises tract advanced head descended shaped give live mentioned next entirely bounded slight open wind follow young family distant nothing worn usually grave wooden used heavy does similar ruinous pointed tomb filled enclosed arabian neighbourhood east governor consequently cows inhabitants fruit hair gate centre roofs roughly doors tombs planted must aloes meadow tree meadows syrian gardens

route become known every particularly occupied various wadi round part even therefore mules often kept might rich town already without those whose khanyunis magara entrance wood sides length last journey eyes course seven named again uniform undulating scene gradually leading hollow quite foot take portion another against deep white rest close away stands house posts stone simple fine bedouin brought bare overgrown whole extensive make sometimes flat beyond leaving such somewhat entire children spot years ridges lies frequently interior places broad picturesque castle consists come cultivated opposite land

caravan between egypt from with three whom also were numerous this well only short time there some have much that their into these first once more like ancient great other within which been through valley beautiful many both over upon view water found horses down each them after could most good along than being soon under harish sheik gaza jebel took where side tents little telegraph then plain desert abou across sandy sand came distance small reached made before long four left they still covered passing behind called piece ground group palms same large several black further people went hill towards while right seen about passed bedouins poor here palm situated road very near built containing marble number trees koubba contains either provided having almost green when melleha place hills clay houses village

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