Word Cloud for "Hail to the Chief" by Randall Garrett.

Word Cloud for "Hail to the Chief"

This book was authored by Randall Garrett. (1927 - 1987)

Area, genre or subject: Political fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "Hail to the Chief" (Main Words):

need candidate really simply things nearly harrington television except screen turned eyes gave himself change rather certain image head work elected done horvin started russian able during campaign lose take state attorney last whether coming feel trying knew apparently told police never same became suppose prove under means either best again elect office mind anyone coast east presidential high within handed hours where base surface craft nations rocket shall unless asked space equally these country pretty major lunar each disabled plastic thank walked themselves smiled nothing independent south situation victorian western troops considered across small american stood citizens promises brother slight blair navy

chief convention party vote three almost voice cigarette managed side being until door hands knows public election better without ability running kind give news general keep spite sure vice given look something took come between further think political second wanted hundred right next sent heard north free taken house secret service

great that around would first time their with over like those only against were them every more cannon president james there when representative matson senator four away from than other looking anything since been face little even looked down good years another have though still know going they governor came went make before said just because your this will made united thing could matthew fisher tell already cats spanding after then matt what want bossard enough behind should through into toward states left people dropped back much which both less some about soviet government ship most show white uganda frank

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