Word Cloud for "This Giddy Globe" by Oliver Herford.

Word Cloud for "This Giddy Globe"

This book was authored by Oliver Herford. (1863 - 1935)

Area, genre or subject: American wit and humor.

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The Bag of Words In "This Giddy Globe" (Main Words):

peter terrestrial author makes creation temperature climate water tenants race poles scotland holland france switzerland monaco turkey russia africa arabia china busy longer critic work found king solar where read down reader known well thousands continents away times through quite less hope miles instantaneous animal high before tobacco then because revolving thing russian human take keep term greek book modern easy bulging jupiter manufacture simple besides live those always british centre pole language nearly still pilgrim kept small products absentee welsh prince while camel

another long weather land canada ireland wales belgium norway days make think just upon made year between find planet today going must five once does photograph could them ever american know popular nothing principal years love country discovered hundred leave also large government english speaking home famous apparel proclaims door

this giddy globe united states america with which only been part perfect chapter crust world countries earth boston great south should what would there have much geography that being many such will more than like might when never first very into about every from after under look were people thousand round called these even they though their some other time imaginary over without upper little named most inhabitants moral north patriotic army second none bravery

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