Word Cloud for "Peeps At Many Lands: Australia" by Sir Frank Fox.

Word Cloud for "Peeps At Many Lands: Australia"

This book was authored by Sir Frank Fox. (1874 - 1960)

Area, genre or subject: Australia -- History.

The Bag of Words In "Peeps At Many Lands: Australia" (Main Words):

peeps nomad twelve illustrations colour beginning hunting garden adelaide town captain forest interior sleeping beauty thought soil centuries finally told america plants least nearly marsupials indies ground towards took present plain became chinese social reached across pacific later waiting knew explored real spanish knowledge existence search gave name shelter countries healthy wise method either best taught want cook exploration actually shores port cities live savage whose nature here provide nowadays bodies dark settlers slow useful produce allowed spirit progress west suddenly absolutely wonderful explorers thirty went thirst european show regard catch bright taking months touch round stations railway others else camp ride less certainly harm remember ancient means sound general takes five weeks imagine fast travel season complete leaving climb plains murray river fishing caught collect play swim running introduced england fierce during past together sense raised cases kind snakes rabbits teams mallee finding roots american quickly free public result mostly wish eyes hear mile huge dangerous handsome parks meet each again things games districts modern alone constant hand green tried killing within arms climate sort koala poor earth contact tasmania several strange rough stick shows hold carrying devour future books stories allow smoke seems call papua himself home trunks credited tells amusing bulldog animal picture held account grey large said venomous indeed flowers cockatoos kookaburra morning parents note sweet locust sunny nice four deep while love clean teacher scholars

page melbourne riding story might rich left look bite days east between whilst somewhat inland carried ocean attempt reach heard gets cannot think race rarely settlement side vast seemed last effort practically enough danger face looking used merino wool boat serious lost help cattle bring broken night pretty living sorts rivers fish size quiet city places given horses covered carry comes against except australians usually should commonwealth states northern necessary cold once national year turn gully going gives tropical deal cunning number often type hard soft possum boys bark snake tell three bushrangers cave

many lands australia australian kangaroo with black chapter natives animals birds bush child mountains near capital blue sydney time sheep children school coming early have been having among great beautiful natural away from life english though even were came curious very quite some their almost much than little that something like those through them they long there land would more other probably which young about after such country where parts when this years whole island continent high down thus made part first built seem ever south what known come still human southern before brought well called only work give until whom coast these kept british know trees then grow family under will most into just because done could wild food always civilization back soon follow good flesh able keep different being white world learned around grass another miles found feet find upon north chief sometimes blacks without water make party native place perhaps also conditions fine take along right your kill themselves gold fact never people since rather government state population possible train must idea tree does need over makes lives taken common aboriginal horse small every generally growing learn same ninety seen rabbit evil really papuan fire house tasmanian picnic bird crow

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