Word Cloud for "History of Australia and New Zealand" by George Sutherland.

Word Cloud for "History of Australia and New Zealand"

This book was authored by George Sutherland. (From 1606 to 1890 - 1855)

Area, genre or subject: 1905.

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The Bag of Words In "History of Australia and New Zealand" (Main Words):

alexander street cove wentworth hotel proclamation stronghold defence europe surface confined regions including darkness closely countries toil daring adventurous seem voyages tracts passing pacific courage skill rude maps dangerous cared enthusiastic existed desired spain provide nobleman clad sending edge meet offering wish drew iron naked slept quarrels considerable perfect stand weather compelled hunger probably beaten poverty shark surveyed hear tasman setting moving survey belonging looking surveys enabled charts seldom acquainted information manage driving cutting valuable american estate fitted delighted habits manners description beauty entertained returning book contained read expense dull earth instruments sailor character coal rank completed admirably finished landing opposed encounter endeavoured musket attempts scientific names firing observed honour northward concluded rolled articles examining rock pierced hole unsettled desert united gaols select suited fleet intended establish administration timber shallow waves winding cliffs lovely wooded charming dusky mind approach necessity spending circular commission dawn shouts preparing confinement fact servant highly soldier destroy throw haste starvation stopped weak continue cleared raising fortunate companions wrecked quantity drove exultation hours relief managed gloom sick dying perished else band walk broke sweet grants wheat recent import stock wandering meadows hawkesbury huts buildings rugged proving civilised desirable remain suffer generous lofty enthusiasm truly entering adventures rocks procured expectation moment knowing cautiously retreated pushed sheltered pulled holding hour straight rowed minutes arriving furneaux begin clothes useful rescue bold doing corner perhaps justly start ardent alone memory containing discoverer baudin suffering eaten becoming saved fancied papers cast release heart honourable active complained properly arisen corps gathering hardly ruin grave spirits quantities spirit enterprising highest opposite committed shepherds worst chained political removed marched pursued fled remainder resigned settler source spoke adapted lucrative crime export wool yielded eighteen rule true treatment ruined hearted arbitrary conceived opposition reform hatred bitter cause macarthur partly summoned atkin personal court stating trial asking johnstone action persuade everywhere seeking direct ought dismissed inlet claim recently chartered bowen tents build village grass increase accession accordingly despatched wives sandy conclusion stuck roofs travelling independent establishing amiable distinguished shown respect besides taught savage advancing troubled assume best widely whalers management regret reply presented troublesome arthur penal concealed plundered dozen brady leader silent ventured defend supreme simply steady pieces inquiry indeed wishes content wrote family improve restless condition discover churches interest advice activity spreading range intrepid attempted desolate construct pasture subject regretted policy thomas ralph happy expensive annual produce assigned costly likely services upright proper larger merchants agricultural cultivate liverpool confusion benefit whenever acts exercised considered severely defended hopeful successfully alter opportunity richard equal benefited discontent understood applied crept favoured regulations violent sprang apply promised proportion squatter occupation interests bathurst natural something follow tall swamp trace extensive flowed pastoral watered branches quick stations plan accompany carts swam load summit tops ridge sheet occurred impeded accompanied stretch glare plain occasion embarked thick growth light rushing noble gently exposed dark below break labours deeper limbs heat stores renewed hostility mitchell garden agreeable surprise dwelling reward vote captains bound narrow afraid drop seems prevented destined wright permanent words private tasmanian excitement nineteen distributed tree fires sleeping hollow stretching legally populous indented heads swan hold thriving fawkner informed story axes roots sink acted protect prime powers room market pressed railway advanced london enjoy none daily cannot sure fortunes poorer wealthier learned replied closed commissioners frame stated torrens fisher representative hindmarsh fourth pioneers emigrants remove resident possibly accomplished fastened stretches whatever gawler accepted payment readily attended proclaimed prices drive eventually control theory deeply obey exactly orders visit crisis warm total urged disastrous real reckoned reality cost agents bounty revenue hearing blamed arrive sleep ceased worthy separation elect signed grand question using practical call privilege election since authority dignity committee practically averse cheap criminals thing bearing sudden dragged mineral eighty temporary offer accept burra provided runs swept sums scores helped think ways constitution discuss claimed extreme toiled plunged announced washing deserted threatened flow burst cases reduced goldfield digger clunes victorian race expectations bend past september tons bendigo vigorous rise conveyed thin presents late intention prevailed hotham creeks camp bentley arrested roused horse burning skirmishes fortified ends troops stockade yards poured refuge engineers ministers voting rivers steep rush fatal supplies centre plymouth mass guidance railways european winter overland surrounding perth travellers proud deadly outside ministry digging mine double plantations sugar cane owner islanders sixteen promising couple cooked dash sign eating abundance stanley poole douall rode leichardt traversing steadily kennedy thinking hastily slaughtered gray brahe kill seed nardoo fish howitt losing eardley patriotic inquire magistrates respectable families disputes todd wire assembly trains gunpowder needed haines protection culloch tariff surveyors ditches cannon boys chased potatoes fierce charlotte pork flax kauri woman mission harm withdrew liked warriors treaty wanganui stout wairau rangihaeata bayonets kawiti balls waharoa kooti

history william botany edward collins robert portion described reports greater world utterly strange believed penetrate fertile dangers fill rounded enter case ocean exploring continent quiros instructions torres prosperous discovering coral really rocky wandered tropical green show spaniards killing pleasant subsequently driven safely unable waited rising strait poor death divided eastern published know various sailing chart roughly fourteen friend finding stormy coming week enormous steps exceedingly ashore anchor farther explored service exploration sought nature interior dampier join constantly fighting captured attacking leading easy quiet spot growing forth caught nine fairly frequently satisfaction barren face reported engaged subsequent beautiful series royal society distance fully thirteen contrived excellent care erected complete possible examined standing giving stay moreton serious eleven hands struck bank thrown effort worked slowly piece broken added assisted point changed current regard happened deal formerly crowded guard hunter military commenced magnificent prospect distant lines boats threw felt prospects allow building dense flagstaff sound third experienced trying unless farm amount community cattle seventy norfolk support grown appeared storm intense hundreds fifteen escape running harbour selected difficult retired spend loss occupy beginning successful fear foundation main slopes stone intending nearest living wide crew pleased serve powder bass explorers loaded utmost single task direction help dreary abandoned previously mile remaining lady approached treated carefully salt weary destroyed wife difficulties chiefly maintain industrious beyond expected farmers assistance special class favourite obtaining rather officials sank lives effect feeling labourers prisoners employed industry grant perceived attempt keeping capital marked previous conduct undertook declined kindly duty ordered quarrel ground supported declaring decided promise assist according authorities lachlan attracted chosen advantage severe surrounded hobart look moved abandon favour foot busy attack begun latter manner welcome central walls massacre constant live farming prosperity scheme city hence fast induced surprised gentlemen laws roads looked governors matter wonderful traversed plains road opinion solid founded measure business adopted homes resources numerous demanded eagerly neither sort lasted waste servants established hostile hearty acre regarded occupied bourke secure desire walked oxley inland allan hovell permission drawn hume obliged rapid view ascended journey lead dried frequent prove lower murray watch eyes stayed sides portland front station favourable appearance liberated rate gloomy geelong wooden onward struggle streets pretty beside forests prepare dwelt things getting reaching parties arms buried latrobe title rushed letter immense imperial beach forest employment produced paying wages purchase efforts gained gipps hopes member pound superior impossible inclined petition earl arranged majority lest copper companies similar henry altogether responsible date career hurried property plenty hastened move ballarat thousands share waiting travelled church gather force hand fire burnt wounded suffered peace least territory square quarter cotton fought twice baxter browne level stuart camels begged appropriation palisades pahs ngapuhi marsden hongi kororarika auckland wellington nelson honi cameron

australia zealand from east george brisbane south town governor blue mountain captain charles first house built john settlement colonial western parliament victoria government queen last king port maori maoris convict discoveries people lived four only very small their lying immediately around north west round these there part great stretched little unknown lands everything that they could enough would find where were gathered without though wild told supposed more made wealth long became into carried sailors over discovered cape good through called hundred many thus visited year during times region still known those days islands should have most thought nothing voyage several years scarcely search this already sailed with famous expedition spent ships might seek southern time paid attention himself money such order necessary soon prepared filled suitable vessel named appointed second sail across seeing length reached shore which both place land merely than thousand miles away high down fine fell amid within inhabitants came waters making signs twenty soldiers went along friends till entered vessels chief present upon line cross natives some then fired number rest stood turned among whom killed when taken board sufficient supply fresh water spread returned anchored like after again back refused further having turn head months other being seen proceeded reach fortune opening between name afterwards another life make obtained once full passed died australian island while term dutch also much colony sent gulf them glad landed never account chance anything next coast later said given rough general completely large northern together even idea three able examine heard trees seven feet used therefore report allowed what about lost taking shores been discovery generally themselves become took trouble obtain kind young gone crossed here lonely persuaded meeting often always escaped joined company proposed sometimes going leave forty twelve held bought england anxious explore ever command well places blacks miserable houses country except found whole parts whose nearly different rich labour seemed until important brought english send purpose placed under charge carry rose success cook ship coasts raised close quite ready armed shot white friendly banks splendid received possession shortly continued course short towards grow quickly before heavy tried working hard evening rapidly keep beneath mouth must spite remained itself clear left whether home same difficulty declared longer convicts just every reason determined party consisted carrying five fifty phillip eight near night opened vast sand broad scene future hope sydney deep stream open work began knew officers instead each behind food provisions news arrived month numbers sheep flocks arrival lieutenant take midst less suddenly arose want matters caused bodies seized others either weeks give forced better position handsome british major affairs sixty free gave acres covered grew farms proved population settled valley side hills mountains come formed almost native boat succeeded river trip will neighbouring attacked muskets strong served flinders required prevent thirty started tribe state meanwhile greatest careful return goods mines learnt laid following greatly resolved french tasmania showed colonists done passage bringing because leaving officer office members increased wales sell trade whilst settlers especially sold council system consisting dead middle bligh throughout bring against morning meantime colonel offered macquarie settle certain chose means whaling right grassy hill lord secretary form site early mount unfortunate sight possessed fair person ordinary above former tribes districts directed kept scattered extent progress crowd gentleman fight easily result legislative gold value pounds period colonies squatters quietly immigrants willing change public price association million darling power receive shillings sale followed upper district somewhat asked lake troubles pass sturt crowds black crossing although children batman women creek soil agreed horses half persons wakefield adelaide wished worth melbourne elected body forward grey word bill miners goldfields diggers police volley guns telegraph transportation queensland fitzroy eyre burke wills canoes chiefs missionaries waikato whero taranaki rauparaha hobson heke

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