Word Cloud for "Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne.

Word Cloud for "Celebrated Travels and Travellers"

This book was authored by Jules Verne. (Part 2. The Great Navigators of the Eighteenth Century - 1828)

Area, genre or subject: 1905.

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The Bag of Words In "Celebrated Travels and Travellers" (Main Words):

signals translated travels period extends pole page pierre maupertuis prey fight galleon sign malay typical venus lighted costumes conception shipwreck rees monarch sciences itinerary fleurieu equinoctial alexander galapagos canton separation whitsunday henry keppel portland atlantic colonization ayres santo anchorite batavia malo maritime pomotou circumnavigation torres caledonia hawaian contest fleurien monterey ball cessation false bass flinders australian adanson journeys djoliba lacerda olivier asiatic russia fuca samuel electric cascade puebla recital labours astronomers modified cassini exactitude inquiries huyghens globe determination polar estimate parallels comprises undertaking seventeenth finished preparation calculations environs detail cover desborough your cost memoirs conceived glance noted saying note construct enthusiasm project taught materials earned tribute merit placing testimony excelled encouraging historical sense marvellous instinct remember dimensions ideas philip geographer represent variations guide theory ought measured nearest problem proving prefer adventurers comparison seems pierce increasing step legs severity region easier operations uninhabited parties thereby incredible reckoned considerably support meantime peru botanical disembarked bouguer studied southwards week city foreign realized fatal slow phenomena altogether cloud paces bright outer consequence lest leading discover rogers stocked reputation accept begin contented wooded wanting awaiting personal horror lined goats satisfy ammunition chased edge rolled goat utmost deserted sown rescued wrecked captured walking escaping plunged narrowly devoured californian forest beasts necklaces bracelets holes ornaments delay downs gathered silver horrible conceive oldest needless regaining restore sheltered produces eager enemies loose projected million wait transported treasures philippine mother pearl omit surface seize tinian nowhere verdure tropical brilliant lords romantic contribute thousands domestic crowds imagination charming impressed minds precautions save despair ruled nominated proceeds sale mats amounted conveyed money claim marquis london elder favourably promise steps ascertaining german narrator predecessors unless names pepys noticing exaggerated claimed dealing learning growing indicating multitude purpose stretching victims visitors differences drove adverse coral palliser canoes navigating nearing schouten westerly luxuriant blood deceived persisted attacking cried thefts doing quiros northward indies simultaneously catch hats charmed lively traitor imagining humane employ grateful deserves signed british appreciation profound earliest enthusiastic destruction settlements fortune distinguish effected doubtless recollection plymouth sheathing proportion victuals warmly conversation disembark facility shortened enjoined future advancement pleased october squalls drive avoiding clouds asserted rainy fancied cleared gale piercing sheet torn sunk guess delights station advancing person pressing neared hideous wool commodious starting delicious hundreds rarely stock famine resumed closely earl tired eating resembling task proves egmont adjacent malouines operation wretched nourishment putrid handed played rubbed mark esteem prudent safely scorbutic delayed february invariably jump threatened cleverly fellow swallowed treatment attractive shrubs requisite supposing stole pulled overwhelmed duke enthusiastically impenetrable scarce thomas dangerously amply procuring dozen seat mixed contributed hurried table alarmed fears contact dilapidated replace sending call imperial capture tell regret receiving keel studded commodities precaution happened counted cord weapon immensely amused guinea signalled erected partially rapid seas inch falls killing covering tipped emitted picture civilization resembles damp searched sprinkled moderate coarse facilities walks working barrier hunters osnaburgh abundant consulted preparing fitting noise flight blows severely violently waited signal hesitation commence business dispersed destroy tahitians morrow healthy assumed majestic peculiar persons fail roof palm supported servants meat shell sitting standing market price liquor astonishment planks united allowing gardens enrich vegetable grief embraced hole representing maintained charles temperature poop brave humanity fortified pierced surmounted feed plenty unfavourable opportunities precisely immediate variable retarded suffering attacks navigated limit fifth shoulders effort stopping diminished shower pick moreover interspersed convenient flavour social attending ceremony monsoon noses adopted sticks abounds repulse medium spoken defended gaining await forces forbidden lastly excepting strangely sorely flow abound amount ascension prosecuting army commission neglected sake camp brest answered appreciated introduced career active garrison conveying expense escape authority horses wholly provision commercial origin damages convince storms source female flowed kill perpetually wives literally wandering nation compared respects embark count hearing prodigious mines fastened punishment expenses virgin score founded catastrophe render desirable doubling band industry smell talc meant entertained dared wise highly steam intense recall menacing inhospitable calls southward consisting tongue elevated fishing reconnoitre crying blew display narratives earnest guard closed crowded keeping settlement pair ducks cable quadrupeds burning serves happy preserve seem relics reflection ingenious manufactured disaster shade tasman amsterdam rotterdam indicate belong discharged aimed pretext whatever questions bestowing hide warned largely discussed smooth woman admit getting direct firing rations rounded curly streams bananas consent establish inscription sensible admiring assailed stormy maintain missing outlet events boeton disgusting sickness forbade establishment dwell charm leisure spring home sketch duty newfoundland devote correct reward cordially store professor understanding shots penetrating solander rejoiced desolate perpetual frozen soldier observers construction threatening wife instrument phenomenon actual forcing musicians garden bones corpse shut priests circumstantial silent familiar room anniversary emerged pinnace peaceful explained fierce reflections suppose naming break patience paddled losing ourselves hold otherwise imposing split creek discerned saving reefs reflect keen steer thin cutting dressed recognizable voice distinct polynesian colonists separate wider saved edible avoided disagreeable demand judging australia terra richest hollow refuge pumps mistake features voices sweet hill spectacle expressed furnish foul successfully conclude illusion unwilling arrow desirous settle wine reckoning advised reserve availed promising praise mouths daily recourse prudence intervals circular drawing feeling waiting error admired exercise nose sang music gone delightful wrapped bold peaceable offers records fall matavai hard quietly anger admiration mounted aged huaheine examining agreeable assist replaced thirst oedidi temple artificial posts speaking liberal originally quality pounds regions statues races grass hewn cristina foremost handsome yellowish pine regarded warriors formidable prominent appropriate secret liked describe complexion resort opposed investigations honesty vigorous thing cartilage forward tasted around mast norfolk aroused continual merchant spread gather devouring relate persuaded meal clubs empty detached letting represented poulaho motives buildings buried property robbed barbarous nations agricultural associated anderson clerke fairly francis divides dust nootka january pareea koah terreoboo afraid troop perseverance exists provisioned flung movements serve cotton mountainous bottle else clesmeur slept speed plans prosecution splendid herds growth protection publish extract declination subjected trustworthy towns teneriffe medicine remark ascended whenever upset flocks imported sacred rightly openings informed endowed fertility macao sighting peak empire cultivation tartar smoked saghalien casters projecting perilous arduous russian swollen maouna encounter huon hunter paul kangaroo broad loftiest alike republican shoots volcano jules states advice mere habits cloak private publication jackson plains timor explorations runs interested takes authorities huge specimens arabs merchants studying oasis egyptian halted principally sultan faithful senegal gambia mandingo issue horse frontier resemble travel road mode moorish issues branch kaffirs district abyssinia greek path monks throne travelling provinces tributary clay palace bridge borders hearn bonpland guacharo popayan

fleet volume extending captains list original sources whence louis selkirk falling chose tore leaves struggle beneath outside master gigantic vegetation corrected accordance members america delisle adventures staten cruise pernicious preparations cruz solomon meeting buenos hydrographical interview botany marquesas grand bouvet massacre arctic verdun traces endracht witt riches houghton sego blue darfur jesuits embassy ceremonies choiseul chevalier pallas orinoco quito ascent expeditions established refer matter committed induced calculated assistance difference study determine attended resulted father consider earth geography undertook space exact commenced science coasts justly assigned deprived rise assisted draw chart asia errors deal proceeding reality eastward easterly direction gain fair makes simply william modern joseph fixed belongs peter visiting worth regain lived success inferior attributed works justice exhibited charts nautical bordered believed speak settled despatched observation sixth show possibility ready equipped comprised secretary swedish join party difficulties instruments hardly century traversed range seventy religious besides living glass discovering succeed implements summit satisfied witnessed read world remarked rising removed broken recognize variety accurate minute example confirmed amazon occasion succession acquired title trip material contains worthy service slightest observing possess rough sustained assembled agreed horn date bringing desert notice managed skins exhausted hunting related eagerly mile walk clothes worn constructed appointed abandoned remembered dampier sharp detailed mention comers existed dogs fled repaired smoke indicated straight tribe stuff occasionally bits adorned evidently anxiety regard delighted remarks born clever fortunate past aspect consists crowned squadron fearful experience lasted weeks destroyed rendezvous eighty repair worst putting level smaller recovered execution laden merchandise estimated shells summer endeavour receive fruitless cargo reduced bark abounded bread manned woods delicate rises cattle abundance animal sudden tempest rain thirteen contain civilized departure formerly capable reasons careful announced steering eaten sheep replied secure rigging rose burnt footnote sold absence amidst india prosecute holland relinquish plan perhaps written guns james touching knew vainly seeking parallel regained stop accounts adds overcome points anchorage isle flowing painted succeeding lying visible decide fear calm movement westward wales testified shed rushed volley stretched dead knowing probable memory enjoyed bows arranged protected tribes compelled lose character commerce productive peace choice shown love seventeen services procured rate petty commanded supplied rapidly copper hence welcomed describes slightly heat breeze promised violence november steep looking apparent watch sandy suddenly cries throw blow desire seals badly trace detachment faces traced coloured wearing distributed safe breakers damage completely fatigue fearing depth shelter imagine barren articles collection transport thorough coasting pointed remains wishing advantages does lead profit advantage vegetables april accordingly hung wonderful powerful restored simple hostile hand picked kinds tents dense described descriptions forests game fever succumbed fowls northerly offer demanded accepted regular recalled serious aware grave something enable undertaken trouble special branches ended qualities superiority highest military needful august charge destined protect vain things equipment commander ravages leak evening satisfaction measure tall previous holding attained countrymen quantities roots public snow currents weapons suffered custom valleys ruins disposed absolutely furneaux shaped exposed access interrupted cordial climbed jumped bear picturesque rivers amid beauty soundings exchanged traffic invited truth measures hour loaded unexpected shot marks engaged illness nails expression surgeon convey herself speedily everywhere sell stone turned uttered frightful valley watered watering farther hills smallest higher slopes stood numberless attempts painful clothed square lines stated touch desired learn islets winter repairs enabled enterprise harvest failed masts content casks seek confidence sought fallen combined coming waters consumed sooner woolly remainder worked superior islanders warm start fashion share demonstrations hoping courage december reply plentiful plantations however lives surprising devoted member becoming house addressed habit grew staff laid frigate eleven frequent increase cultivated instance preferred circumstances prevent viceroy executed gold bound acquaintance breadth southerly ports particularly opened salt objects clothing child september sure stretch league naked perished thinking readily throwing credit spent assured resemblance scene pleasure sides victim cabins striking strength children tears stuffs impression bore fires cloth pretty appearing help particular rare encouraged resolved required arriving admitted extensive summits wide decorated front ears lips july curiosity ornament soldiers finest style hostilities examine innumerable adventure negro intercourse article body surrounding flows observe acquainted concerning tupia suggested remarkable insisted exactly figures peninsula mount zealanders preserved induce mind dusky width deep reserved dress naturally recently perfect accustomed upper advance excursion examination retired tide fate spoke touched forster physical forming mauritius field sailing family yards produce plain skilful tahitans inquired feathers word suite volcanic orea stolen common connected sixteen friend wear possessions positions admire rocky influence crater subject real clearly letters report unnecessary exploring hesitate separates negroes yellow unlike naturalist zeal manner evident crozet dried novel turn watches frequented africa notes grow earthquake province kamtchatka journal bamboo baudin districts horneman caravan niger moors explorer hottentot hottentots wall browne pekin ambassador

great navigators eighteenth with maps from this forms second three under general celebrated first already exploration history present over third will give account explorers travellers into interior southern voyage south round pacific description voyages discovery commodore french academy north giving they between spanish latter them natives welcome passed days being sandwich islands which cook observed transit also presented inhabitants port boats indian head honour entrecasteaux friendly till given found seated view ocean banks order instructions straits after bougainville east coast principal during marion called prince island journey published route meridian line shape condamine expedition wood return george juan taking results information easter arrival stay entrance falkland danger europe wallis difficult navigation strait queen santa admiralty life survey four incidents productions country manners tierra beginning command entrusted some customs other society large people eastern crossing england search tonga visit fresh accident lands discovered western thence behring discoveries land incident antarctic kerguelen american fort loss indians china navigator langle several news sent details captain upon france mungo park vaillant bruce according macartney reception archipelago portion river named humboldt little before enter shall well immense progress made that rectified crowd hitherto although early important been rendered useless jean send following obtained paris month went take observations situation spot never same year distance entirely shortly entered noticed lost eight proved less place than degree arrived scientific different towards arose astronomical contained decided more result could greater determined entire length selected twenty years finally gave orders position even these latitude longitude certain were still only course whole extent such name earlier within much degrees about half their good part middle five miles until sufficiently extended caused singular when both going returning further cape hope imagined themselves long sixty leagues beyond forced back favourable wind most least hundred fifty obliged twelve reach have recognized especially idea attention right longer height followed without geographers make done carried time visited embarked board vessel died work having says ancient mass instead quarter directed means considered paid himself possessed there those former high clear appearance understand slight importance itself sufficient neither beautiful west whose method english later added precious close served naval officers gained might accomplished existence succeeded must mission composed similar said then near would considerable possible because repeated just many times thus addition king received should finding myself midst rather likely prove learned every continued what dangers encountered houses gulf almost town arms terrible portions better climate thoroughly resources where placed intended form series divided obtain fathoms below thousand somewhat accompanied whom employed afforded fine proceeded consisted governor started reaching took reached pursued along drew passing through foot previously taken amongst spaniards attempted penetrate thirty forty numbers exception eighteen mountain once carrying extraordinary probably appeared allowed very scarcely each distinguished above short fully surrounded formed small containing last perceived white produced effect varied proceed always number next point ascertained numerous impossible curious facts natural making ships attack vessels carefully everything necessary famous chief geographical particulars sail royal interesting throughout case nothing occurred resembled shore single anything steered penetrated cold attempt changed nearly harbour came boat find whilst fire cast anchor water food morning ship whether savage left attracted seen fired escaped death tree told poor provided best months difficulty built huts covered sort killed light pieces quite caught become constant perfectly proof excellent easily brought remaining unable again season crew occupied together understood sailor unfortunate sole another against seized situated northern size quickly attacked stopped hours black hair women wore either sometimes others know joined refused change useful here spite come admiral believe appear anson known offered attached sloop leaving crossed wild heavy sailors seven state away want sight greatest need supply equally care sick open examined ground planted soon since valuable quantity narrative crews miserable usually weighed floating force free hoped expected violent alone remained magnificent thrown soil centre vast animals generally sound drawn true roadstead broke held fell companions provisions chinese greatly inhabited portuguese possession letter permission intention dutch awaited rich asked bought remain filled double value nine lord roggewein company armed relations government carry appears across indeed look belonging apparently belonged possibly current opposite afterwards separated sighted feet largest plants strangers hastened offering opinion avoid storm side sailed group bodies various night approached concluded began ascertain safety leave identical population endeavoured presents strong enough severe gives question europeans heads like showed shores countries thanks byron reason unknown european latitudes suitable returned meet struck down rest fifteen neighbouring conducted cause experienced kept presence object ordered weather think marked moment seemed really mountains looked often dark waves convinced complete declared minutes birds while equal landed able furnished doubled preceding human eyes enormous skin extremely stones cross merely species approach extreme fish continue driven bottom doubt anchored trees seeing easy distant became thought owing fact condition therefore knowledge needed colony excursions arrows exchange pigs pleasant anxious pirogue face tried passage obtaining prevented running scurvy fortunately june fertile nature fruits increased lake opportunity immediately chain prepared sufferers explore dangerous mentioned iron procure bearing explored power trade kind among risk allow full interest constantly rank cannot lieutenant carteret begged none signs clock behind usual inches strange used threw wished larger sails young native accompany follow opening thick flesh bestowed live certainly wish nuts astonished pirogues raised reconnoitring colour treated landing hands officer coasted discharge wounded mouth rock rocks efforts event detained collected wooden reconnoitred fruit friends felt relating completed piece entering bring successful collect surprised neighbourhood continent surprise advanced keep places successively ever profited flat race except supposed extremity march taste minister fourteen frigates saint pass capital winds narrow contrary savages excited respect tahiti health tahitan unfortunately green though channel proposed ordinary chiefs heard language zealand parts communication naturalists lower conduct words sparrman accorded surveyed village african skill surville lofty perouse kingdom marchand vancouver traveller emperor

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