Word Cloud for "The Faust-Legend and Goethe's 'Faust'" by H. B. (Henry Bernard) Cotterill.

Word Cloud for "The Faust-Legend and Goethe's 'Faust'"

This book was authored by H. B. (Henry Bernard) Cotterill.
Area, genre or subject: Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832. Faust.

The Bag of Words In "The Faust-Legend and Goethe's 'Faust'" (Main Words):

surely change translation verse because study page possible deeper works commentators others advice best title bound third came except mentioned description sthetic thoughts discovering incorporated mean anything dissection discover describe spiritual place show reminding inspired intellectual socrates existed friend single house tennyson small palace character holding began number shakespeare final ourselves confess ordinary important besides making science really supposed elements able natural worthless countless ecstatic queen fire ages witches popular hellenic shapes example connexion genuine laid supernatural deity solve mystery pythagoras evidently inner appeal followers league struck lived meet magus looked money century identical city length arts presence broken introduced fatal ideals earlier days generally learning ancient became demons save cyprian kinds meaning year oldest longing fruits infinitely master remind speaks impulses effect falls high remorse gains rising reaches gospel noblest sympathy lessing actually doctor thing expresses wings loving rightly supplied wine wishes follow question lying taken chariot drawn looks carried till described stone sends addresses body hear curious ground original rime bids follows opening monologue scarcely books despair comic shows period sturm aspirations triumph attempting state metaphysical prove read huge peace gothic guide future metaphor conception understood trial realize fight sich held evident threshold spectre demonic songs tiny genius mountain welcome wondrous cipher grasp millions revolving waves empty amid flame apparition pass rise enters doch memories sweet beyond represented woods midst main professor sight dreams mantle disguise night your satisfaction wilt professorial passion suddenly anxiety ruin instead fate standing band past singing close wretched wife meanwhile paris raise classical homunculus menelaus castle blank lynceus country

garden half familiar parts literature fact people things better english present wish unable work understand until idea less thought myself under entirely word namely philosophy always existence plato greater wrote need earth full each none tell divine offer attempt themselves finally accepted accept leading strange black gain force believe open communion angels orthodox poetic imaginative mystic element according death keep faith simon imagination brought having heard wonderful outer sensual forward however legends near possibly during sees flowers symbol took different diabolic head renaissance mysterious least born shape appears learn yearning means toward yearnings noble spite gradually dramatic hold left thee later versions four visit case stand spirits home large date germany eyes appeared help live wagner weird next face conceived drama infinite battle stage sense speak happiness universe soon earthly song contempt begins quest filled vision centre nothing space tones alone highest hope hast kaiser land stands glass cottage peasant

legend from these have been given perhaps them appear should free which even time into more form there enough although some book what often make think that many with great than almost only made where german when first very probably used cannot feel quite certain whether little makes course meant especially those know something about story faust their knowledge does other subject part long poem love were living then come mere this would already well after found back every turn might dead goethe three rather mind between true could will upon regard times such life they shall says just before like words order poet both believed right theory said modern call ever name nature human also heaven being soul perfect whole still lines take real truth last thus regarded merely much young indeed seem remember without christian himself doubtless find while scientific medieval power play world powers seems spirit light among down magic beautiful forms above most greek whom known early church around voice here called kind helen against devil whose another years compact written saved picture once over good beauty must sometimes tells calls terrible ideal through second mephisto hell strength higher heart amidst itself give though therefore various round takes demon gives eternal finds away evil same rest scene phantom mephistopheles again poor moment thou turns material never action seen gretchen within feels comes return forth court

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