Word Cloud for "Four American Indians" by F. M. (Frances Melville) Perry.

Word Cloud for "Four American Indians"

This book was authored by F. M. (Frances Melville) Perry.
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The Bag of Words In "Four American Indians" (Main Words):

chapter page cannot massachusetts east narragansett families heads occasionally matters opinion person sometimes petty ruled subjects justice wampanoag besides childhood eldest names born boyhood playing dressed beautiful whenever boys baby games younger broad pieces covered hung poles fastened opposite stones rough foot vessels thick twelve enter questions slowly paths noticed larger either birch wooden burning finally faced signs beads sailed committed induced nine seven wonder natural looking belonged week shore afterwards thirty voice hated frightened gone evidently meetings expressed satisfied protected consisted bones smeared dress paper drew chance england injured plot plans sick grow colony kindness learn bear taught beat support worthy birds savage fast counted moons prevented drink simply contained instructed increase forward meat captured shooting lives hatchets store fifty boston towns connecticut remained converted religion deal change appeared wamsutta holding compelled probably denied continue treat troubles except occurred immediately everything races complained room violated broken deeply world mark body evidence acres failed urged immediate aside belonging destroying history responsible exposed secretly yell knowing valley injury field surrendered lose talking suggested resistance changed erie driving entered leaves shake flag accept mischief dignity path meantime silently treachery massacre race dependent married tomahawks cruel powerful neighbors rich proud gather tree pine fallen usually clear watch shook hunter feeble hunters choose glory laws commanded punishment regain escaped direction sound wilderness least ottawa wonderful firmly commands formed success ojibwas gradually doubt nations trusted reward provide suffering blankets battles spread traders secret settlements wall gate inmates length crowded danger road rain stirred fears ceased play offer burn canadian hide aroused excited closely lines assembled arranged bright rivers blow presented posts ball running withdrew scalp hastened deserted pole bodies sprang faint terror avoid whatever wrongs hour consent firing exhausted horde punished grounds conference promising farmers learning renewed courage highly arrival reports frenchman silver friend parties bound blue cheer defend exchange yielded attacks moved ashamed added swiftly main mounted pass retreat capture messenger maumee mississippi delawares stop forgot splendid hardships policy winning messages threats idea message persuade rouse invite speak anxious destruction fertile respected excitement accompany stay bringing cheeseekau cornstalk tomahawk call george advancing absence pledged wrote additional teachings independent fine greenville murdered tippecanoe seems intend ought belong favorable encamped grievances induce nature delay citizens affair washington nation department detachment horses advantage bitterly division scene dollars slave camping palmetto gaines crops bought scott withlacoochee aware charleston sixteen jumper definite january wahoo brooke augustine hernandez portraits

american relations meeting neither happened form common family present question often subject advice generally villages none rather wise rude according single joined bands sachem named second above does attend military surrounded stand members showed played attention kind bark mats laid sides wigwam closed smoke placed desire summer woods protection narrow fifteen eagerly stories presence frequently asking regard places visited older traveled pleasant evening telling understand caught brother caused repeated vessel quite light logs times pushed wind means sticks watched various increased wrong vengeance custom suddenly seized prepared shoot arrived spite surprise proved effort acquainted stolen watching matter months opportunity forty signal arrows fired afraid easy bullets further intention things sixty look kill child personal heavy wore agreed written signed tired recognized pleased answered north certain preparations medicine remembered numbers shown continued loved respect education twenty intended able greatest sign unable hatchet knife trees game having whole cold fall taking hard alone necessary evil daily bitter acted ceremony woman consider squaw whether marched rushed supply reaching stayed fish wife view slept squaws care sympathy love water south living faithful established former urging almost charged answer hiding unless liked safe orders feeling surprised surrender arms request accompanied begun prepare words future hand william treaties trying turn reason giving getting owned purpose deep plan impossible provisions cattle burned houses really longer paid attacked frontier believe possible spring defeat meant appointed sold move possession feared rogers lake commander glad feel earth realized enemies bring speech face fear ottawas replied need powder hatred pipe smoked presents faith advised lest save object filled occupied conduct claimed destroy scarcely green deer worked crossed stern swift forests wait waited sure hearts understood dense visiting eager lead scalps sought lakes planned accustomed want willing fires waste blood bloody warlike rose half since approaching crowd regarded gathered strength belt knives alarm unwilling canoes high attended comrades paint hundreds turned real claim action prisoners rode seek siege promise victory supposed cannon money threatened loss center constant wounded died schooner share fled distant wabash fierce escape anxiety allies opened forced declared greater scouts advanced resist seeing usual report illinois saying shawnees refuge bouquet moment johnson northern receive shawnee ohio victories advance murder build preparing demanded beyond vincennes southern creeks fifth proctor creek swamp slaves spanish negro jackson wives micanopy tampa charley dade alligator catlin

four indians king philip tecumseh pontiac osceola young americans company story with english last days council between harrison british people only indian country whom gave other ever received this known given wampanoags were tribe whose homes what lived large grand three united they live close another very small their together much same when camp among different came about such seemed important every right under spoke without talked upon long most village called several chief over more than eight miles away from leader never anything great first held little where each sent messengers also tribes which five number them home massasoit later know kept time trouble that before year settled near spent brothers although those children around think side many have down ready better father being looked chiefs brought there made carried went house these like thus making place passed through raised perhaps ground rest could walls here food mount keep used then built open winter land into early during fire listened told wished enough expected talk news even find always less general greatly next asked come years across boats knew been boat instead along driven strong some white friendship after return allowed heard eyes thought done punish towards palefaces while took felt whites refused prevent taken nothing strange following himself late lost others become found well corn still good offered began would soon should left name something returned hope tell plymouth said wanted friendly terms themselves settlers friends meet might cause back word warriors seen wild feet black treaty remain help make party visit learned became against spirit hold lands grew order hundred wish considered once hunting shot night work life again until coming battle believed best power skins sell river treated point obliged already toward west thousand listen followers succeeded armed force just death take attempt because charge easily leave promised followed tried show hostile band both peace decided shall true government ordered latter dead protect full going hands drive influence guns carry town attack property leaving killed troops fighting behind enemy morning women suffered fight terrible forces head fought though french reached major forts savages forest warrior stood officers your will fort give dark till must promises therefore garrison short within mother reach follow hear brave part heart unite gained territory detroit supplies soldiers canadians fell broke gladwin guard captain join started command struggle send army letter march colonel governor agent doing determined states president prophet tenskwatawa seventeen seminoles florida seminole negroes clinch jesup

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