Word Cloud for "How the Fairy Violet Lost and Won Her Wings" by Marianne L. B. Ker.

Word Cloud for "How the Fairy Violet Lost and Won Her Wings"

This book was authored by Marianne L. B. Ker.
Area, genre or subject: Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction.

The Bag of Words In "How the Fairy Violet Lost and Won Her Wings" (Main Words):

spring shone fell rested wore most fresh night graceful resting dying filled raised bound after beneath side queen well poor whom help glided reached shall might gliding words lamp quite burned knelt wondering rippling shoulders kind told sparkling flew cold being eyes should love wistful brought above whose knew wizard magician sometimes music passed years felt seemed voice looking look whether shining radiant

lost flowers made every deep delicate long work them wild open came time thought golden fragrance turned herself fairies back what lovingly though land bade went must than three fire dark once among only ever give pain light loving

fairy violet beautiful through bright then gentle silver that which they more there were like with when upon their great sister while from flower been will soft head away till wings this over very round could where have sweet would said never before king into some looked down heard little your face black mother

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