Word Cloud for "The Conquest of Canada (Vol. 1 of 2)" by George Warburton.

Word Cloud for "The Conquest of Canada (Vol. 1 of 2)"

This book was authored by George Warburton. (1816 - 1857)

Area, genre or subject: Canada -- Description and travel.

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The Conquest of Canada, Vol. 2  

The Bag of Words In "The Conquest of Canada (Vol. 1 of 2)" (Main Words):

started prize vigorously improve encourage sake physical repaid prairie inspired thoughts pressed closed tracts capricious aggrandizement strangers ecclesiastical acknowledged shadow class exclusion minute interference motive handful hatred scanty snowy venerable harvest gathered save gloomy persecuted suffer nominal relief help spite created commenced ambition feelings moral profitable passion incredible activity subsistence thousands real holding acts minister provision union sympathy instruction likely education permitted calm hereditary habit asserted understanding dissenters clergy sacrificed serving flock prayers seeing hear mischievous furious collection crimes unshaken policy liberty ranks furthest kings stubborn temper genial claimed slightest sighted unjust practical representation seventeenth transportation convicts partial element sinks comparison saxon unexampled opposition hopeless golden parents customs learn gigantic generation external untoward ruins patient cities ports splendor disasters corruption sanction despotic sentiments paralyzed indignation irresistible animated spoke fought darkened rivals weak threatening scenes surrender valor deferred interested loyalty break suggested defeat shall dread submit breath occasions borne honorable contest ability guidance evils consequences quarrel wealthy contributed cost expedient remedy eloquence remonstrances wisest determination regret tells mingled read tempered inheritance distinctly triumphs coarse doubtless tempest clouds struggle watched celebrate shared study doubtful painful ruin bloody prosecution keen convey exalted composition successive proof diminish conquerors stranger triumphant virtue shot providence judged spreads advancing dominion furnish battle daring stronghold strife september arrayed noon hundreds proud lowered clearly producing productive warnings notion bring virtues stimulate philosophers outline universally localities longitude tale ready travel bent shadowy china thirds evident remotest pillars setting story faint voice foundations mighty rushes appearances confirmation mention maritime seat disaster fearing truth canary writers tell sailing feel assured northeastern hidden forgotten visits pursue strait greenland brother vinland stature victim enriched favorably twelfth searched merely alleged fourteenth englishman portions thirst gaining fearlessly stronger explored exploration attempts steps matured execution prejudices eagerly geography essential limit seventy torrid zone stretched bartholomew sanguine anxious repeat checked impressed track awful magnetic sailors imagined boundary navigable master omens timid secret pursuing overcome promised signs venture wore evening october board sounds stamped forever accident repulsed portugal invited arrangement retained fish newfoundland superseded august discovering enterprising justly cortereal succession ardent lisbon undertaken benefits inexhaustible merciless elapsed instantly youth landing shallow wholesome calling thomas bringing silver spain throw spirited navigator service remarked dividing stating crew escape thickly tall contented grandeur enjoying northward regain searching thirteen failure details caught temps asie trouve supposition peut exact marin chine ographie extension tour donc colomb satisfactorily assertion bound ultimate concerning profound fear vicinity compared atlantis impassable spoken really fragments authorities addition famous relating fourth slightly affect occurrence occurs genuine obvious elsewhere continents translated evidently forme relation dalli questo indie dette spagna nome cosi quel temperate acquaintance locality entire widest expanse esprit hommes couverte argument sees remembered parmi normands quatre mort alors aucun monde rapport rhode mark boundaries autumn occurred accurately polar robertson travelers ascertained moved latitudes similarity bordering accurate respecting collect flourishing traditions printed descendants table songs probability journal grandes instance sovereign bands corresponding belts purposes supported burning belong alonzo tokens suitable adopt ashes repose intorno cardinal accustomed detailed examined readily instructions route resolution jour toujours jours quale santa phenomenon disposed remember nombre july application handed writer immediate bird calls testimony wrote author spared festival published slave climates stones divide detta gran tutta sono beau pied historian quoted largely quanto makes draw mexique hennepin sopra gospel hunted ottawas pretended conclusion advances representing colors transatlantic approved sixty burden harbors fourteen southward tied traversed baye goods becoming romish consisted enable mercy awaited safe leisure delicious smallest salt donnacona flowed pleasant welcome irregular eminence rolled basin summit hill tumultuous concealed stately tongue represented ferocity accompany frenchman loaded hochelaga protected freely behind guide road midst circular birch resist unlike clothing prevented supernatural prayed stay accepted stored unexpected proper indicated arranged depart encountered safely encouraging rare cool ardor disheartened richness blessed colonize viceroy fitting money meanwhile storms successor inquire displayed quiet unusual preparation precautions rochelle principally gentlemen birth disappointment substance promising contract overcame chance sacrifices proceed adapted malady april weary rouge officer tolerably coligni purposed refuge depths interval occupy including massacre ingeniously senza verso need opening parceque fleuve pris tait orleans begins witness quali founder recollets abenaquis veut petite habitans ainsi earl charges laquelle slain sink bottom precise handsome loose finished nomination avant aucune poque designed related colonie expeditions acadia skillful intended roche miserably barter induce commissioned samuel lately worship ruinous ravages diminished concession complaints feared constrained yield embark poutrincourt judicious prospered argall virginian expenses confined endeavoring temporary subsequently milder extremities deer sheet valleys dwelt astonishing weapons satisfaction sorel wounded provide wisely ably eternal prevailed joseph signal energies marshal division warning guillaume persuaded massacred frightful retreated alarmed ferocious neglect embarrassed disputes differences promoting conversion retired heaven exemplary priests jesuit injurious upright proprietors ruthless demand breaking attempting answer convoy families vengeance assailants score sufferings losses respectable devote jesuits persevering capture fondly gifted humble root faithful million dwell vrai abord toutes reste dwelling picturesque stretching dieu vous disoit autre quoique homme voit capable avait cent actions formal cession ceded rement conveyed suites montmagny acres prendre seroit corps boundless added ranges territories hills circumference indications varies quick movements prevailing rugged intervals shattered runs peninsula wooded peaks comes michigan flow calculated particularly simplicity feature smooth worn covers swampy flat ridge separating affording endless width remarkably channels musk varying commences desolate continuous passes region lesser border moderate abounds marshy isolated sharp specific oldest separated continuance frost greatly quite projected perfectly thunder tartar michillimackinack affords britain missouri illustrious ornaments mixed older yards canal estimated breach converted else construction area colonel extremely weld strata strongest whenever proves closely play sensibility plymouth truly recently sandy twice defenseless health naval tributaries expressly thaw hence acquire considers alluvial visible abound detached limestone structure granite coal primitive marshes torn issued clay mineral produces characterized compact gray offer muddy metal springs mixture prevails grain uncertain dispute provinces endure exposure dogs noise moisture unable wintery accumulated pile fantastic tropical breezes morning drove affected rendering inch mild metals quivering floating gradual cultivation naturally scattered herbs peculiarities grow resembles hard forwarded arise delicate exhausted culture luxury transported prairies hated enables procuring worked construct consisting companions resemble disappeared consequently weight illinois kalm swedish veins method pendant petits lequel presque working look hole putting renders necessarily repair answered plug tint flowers meeting characteristic fastened chinese price commonly ordered forces prepare quand albany ropes fishing artificial stag throwing destructive arts ingenuity accursed rudest beasts food belonged willingly characteristics inquiry distinguish display caprice mental something languages proofs assembly researches conveying remove resulted indifferent exertions endurance infancy harassing disease prove strike borders hunter grands intelligent sooner possessing emotions soul passions continually explain obscure orange exception colonisation serve opinions lafitau special reward conditions incapable deeds revenge figures subjects respects express exertion unworthy procure restrain horrors notions divine instructed blessings tortures laborious signifies guardian ceremony fasting dreams bone cries endeavors resorted painted address ceremonies declaring grateful respected earthly torture wife attained malignant guided dedicated excitement wounds sing loud proclaimed contrived woman rear aged wish treat deceased deny catlin cotton indeed advantageous assert moins parle insisted throws consent inspiration practiced pacific captivity husband satisfied afforded dress wear cabans ease reserve assume oppressed bravest denied inflicted appease embittered captives conspicuous security await injured confusion intolerable wars hostilities negotiations constituted odious abandon inclined negroes horns giving attachment knife manufactured accused prisoner embassadors porcelaine sert grains hath donner progressed actual elected sturdy gilbert deserted shortly task richard lane exasperated confederacy prompt saved tyranny victims treachery captains committed crime wholly services fundamental peuple coeur persecutions sect imprisoned impulse sanguinary pilgrim judicial esteem antinomian doctrines hutchinson harry summoned churches governors atrocious fled titles injudicious restore room alarm dealings purchase build thoroughly penn announce defeated conciliate fortunate accession maryland carolina aware message associated enforcement agniers slew warn negotiate representations tracy regiment invaders promptly enfin restitution barre detachment traffic cantons communications treacherously phipps centre fortifications vaudreuil

fair advantages duties looked strove descended selected obedience points suited countrymen independence property thrown privilege growth society richelieu posts traders organized production endeavor source energy individual direct foreign armies ceased peaceful puritan bitter perish sought desert hardships changed fields admitted desire contained separate arbitrary transferred ample riches living poured century extend earliest heathen civil mutual grew canadians ventured absolute zealous administration tranquillity hardly weakness charter matters existed sacrifice friends persecution invariably judgment laws massachusetts merit earnestly endured vainly local enjoyed temporal receive commercial partly principle earlier cases matter wherever limited serious morals social regard constitution attempted results empire decided increase blood takes effected change manners approached pride remain rule cast tradition resemblance elements adventure possible universal bears ruined later darkness acted national recorded fruits chosen mode parliament apparent highest removed millions glorious sunk hour arose demanded things fortunes genius aided strengthened neighbors burst flag rank intense final symbol victory admirable notwithstanding addressed huge development qualities enabled stand consider militia events eyes trusting dignity americans however child quarters begun issue traced tidings drawn shade collected rival triumph narrative arrive crowned surprise shown suppose consideration annals crowded sacred capital domestic kindred impression certainly kindness plan firmly prospect gallant fallen duty deprived heart comparatively complete apparently surprising afford private space beloved violence brings contempt scheme penetrated rising ignorance terror vague limits stormy memory earthquake resembling attracted thither delightful punishment probable entertained measure barbarous asia centuries report fitted steered poor furs skins departure bishop notice perished record buried claim voyages spanish benefit beginning perfect experience repeated wretched norman adventurer leading belongs attended advance errors works cultivated portuguese upward african intercourse tended confirmed admiration shelter dangers squadron deeply christianity seemed quantities utmost ingenious performed follow search branch tree warm strict watch occasion holy cherished project letters patent visit otherwise sebastian destined timber slaves hopes effort hoped share breton jean drew reports gold neglected francis refused acknowledge verazzano safety harbor examine waves threw sufficiently alive informed coasts perceived words tant saint grande notre aussi expression beaucoup selon celui inhabited perilous enter fearful impossible sway nearest aristotle smaller displays plants covering green humboldt date ferdinand speaks opposed article asserts quelle isole traces parallel speak passing appellation included boston temperature grows missionary names reaches compelled invasion sources historical born crossed commencement accomplished picture paid control derived globe beneath mission actually formation fact expense qual eighteen carry amid latter histoire conferred fruit precious chiefly think articles peuples faut ultimately thought suffering baron hung abundance auroit bestowed depuis expressed autres equally stadacona saguenay taking hunting intrusted malo approach abounding heads changing resolved month keep dispersed gain happily carefully occasionally anchor spot croix ascended headland broad blue gentle commanding stands eager size inhabiting impress sides showed pass eleven containing dwellings warlike wonder site huts secure residence coming miserable gentleman energetic reputation obtaining commission lieutenant discover roberval join exhibited approaching chose solid season renewed sault severely equipped avoid pursuit assistance turbulent protect returning entirely turn claims prevent views isola volume negro molto donna instances purchased marks fiume toute mentions flows luogo lieu toient terms belonging independent bestow front foundation guns encore office jamais exercise scotia enjoy completely armament boldly roman hunters sole plant obtain tadoussac center feeble politic infant tried abundantly joined commanded pours magnitude wandering solitudes slight strongly priest opened exchange parties alliance hurons marched frenchmen stone souls duke fathers cleared news toils effectually interrupted hudson quelque mille plusieurs descent contre tablissement professor wide elevation varied innumerable plain extends square inland southeast rock streams tremendous heights difference current rate falling originally toronto continues besides beds branches consists features plains colored tract interior series travels perpendicular exists total cubic arising continual mentioned attached george running kinds question formerly thick stated shells soft inches yellow brown grown quality growing leaves deal frame possess destroy varieties roots esteemed utterly particular buffalo flesh surprised likewise agreed enough know blow felt major condemned walter swedes favorite figure sale rien process killed escaped chase complexion internal influenced smoke intellectual slow wilderness bones promise observation distinction smith emigration practice sense plans wampum moment warrior enlightened applied manitou house remnant calumet executed establishing emigrants queen raleigh unfortunate stores enmity quakers witchcraft thou treacherous sovereignty secured chevalier forts ville nonville

england france race magnificent difficulties each were much which they those canada wealth only mother their colonial with zeal ever honor return shores best mass population from settlers sent within short time after first peculiar spirit political larger proportion left native country under extreme want will then established interests condition became better than that fertile soil labor range forest these influence well upon person every open children whole military followers through exclusive trade granted work young into state fixed three there divided rich banks lawrence placed lakes rivers land appointed portion produce people popular inhabitants over them officers either favored valuable forced resources justice vain make colony perpetual shape when power broken remained supply french province british years crown founded bore little existing stern small held ignorant depth nothing dire assailed many lived still above frozen earth deep strong love abandoned times soon scene life woods sound other vessels arrived bearing more most like numbers formed themselves neither superiority forms faith different would have died rather religious government because protection against alone right hand subsequent colonies though general prosperity variety less rapidly gave authority could institutions same industrious constantly great settled built directed industry raised trading almost enterprise brilliant success means early numerous family year flood half america nearly last even greater merchant english already european known port world where object extending increasing glory least place true made spiritual labors earnest devoted church support powers found finally orders this such rays become given during altogether free also without although original full head latitude should system excited colonists home among generally daily some high advantage interest cruel freedom word doubt measures necessary very appear description extraordinary various grand point eminent puritans must what driven extremes opinion vigor served might powerful cause employed toward american whatever circumstances evil seldom assumed privileges accompanied adopted introduced distinct colonization before nations modern importance india east enormous whose number part present efforts mere fatal permanent settlement conquest suddenly single eastern splendid close strength been extent natural absence form vast narrow fate fall days light example proved important since reached king worthy give while regarded once name just length wisdom nation wise supplied fire away night long action principal favor arms dangerous rose wonderful appeared spread till storm forth swept niagara quebec skill troops history hundred fifty immense courage remarkable longer passed fully hostility degree united several learned raise distinguished gained called brought active preserved canadian furnished unhappy lord followed again western conduct required dark remains human perhaps disastrous rent past army lost broke whence course between europe loss effect field regular indian assembled round marked idea take case armed landed difficulty itself formidable presence bear records stood hostile never ancient generous alike deadly progress races solemn subject mysterious existence trace haughty forests fell white hastened snow spring striking fortune equal chiefs miles extended sight mountain city together ground having done death face dead here period erected hardy presented following fertility instead constant public good footnote remote acquired knowledge bold vigorous according distant adventurers told third induced none north places distance supposed unknown beyond waters minds reach across back filled islands covered mines violent ocean ages thirty surface somewhat strange connected beautiful island adventurous climate deemed value proposed west coast seek reason civilized information visited five suffered discovery purpose commerce south parts vessel southwest large main finding winter near wild weather returned succeeded summer account attacked named increased natives went christian scarcely situation whether discoveries whom seems rest prince written probably certain middle respect ideas navigation spaniards about carrying louis royal himself john considerable former cape afterward pursued along countries gradually lands continent mind accounts hope attention turned come until sailed leaving usual westward dreary wind further pointed rocks neighboring happy spirits began degrees ship often columbus brief line birds seen kind piece fresh taken around sail ships hands appearance henry captured mean entered engaged cabot discovered europeans opposite quantity both command expedition northwest passage thence proceeded failed southern received next despite northern gulf pushed entrance seem seven savages destruction second heard being indians possessed months obtained attempt bank savage regions allowed eight causes leave thus voyage remaining letter nine beauty leagues send shore came meet presents heavy treated thousand another atlantic consequence extremity concluded terre entre vers plus pour avec dans nouveau deux cette tous ceux nous toit mais force considered able thing difficult frequent others kept appears situated surrounded side caused isle attributed find bodies chief lies winds position similar said celebrated call catholic says described origin totally fait comme della view does except avoir rique therefore states women forward species undertook district settlements black arrival mouth river nova direction laid care down especially lead believe acquainted title sont leurs rapid forty lying immediately believed heat foot continue admiral order charge always advanced favorable dispatched provisions carried departed character easily northeast merchants falls captain tribe bien four nouvelle grant territory jacques terra nature belief objects sufficient fine detto quelques sauvages greatest tout elle father extensive pays charlevoix iroquois valley neighborhood gives used persons highly habits huron lake urged establish experienced cartier tons twenty lower hair friendly cross feet manner seized determined court establishment charles sieur preparations pious fleet largest supplies company explore rocky continued communication tributary dense body forming twelve canoes hold took confidence stream town lofty height mile below endeavored danger tribes brave effects water threatened offered friendship evidence fifteen surrounding provided villages language civilization simple singular boats observed houses intelligence severity march remainder dreadful bark excellent restored warriors result reduced render desired rights hitherto preparing higher level rapids defense rendered terrible obliged produced bright possession owing fierce dont throughout breadth comte champlain noble fort william prepared enemies upper building iron useful religion sous marquis speedily prisoners successful post governor monts jealousy embarked future wood rude abundant occupied party animals allies horrible rarely affairs ministers allied making superior sold attack peace members sudden burned treaty struck relations tems pieces elevated rises expected avoit missionaries leur avoient trois faire rise districts mountains becomes pure channel masses chain erie ontario sort sometimes grounds montreal ottawa clear live york journey mississippi usually trees common destroyed animal show frequently inferior cold color exposed severe skin copper opportunity dutch ginseng lives personal custom enemy necessity sans assez your virginia village council declared soldiers humphrey james deputies frontenac salle

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