Word Cloud for "Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne.

Word Cloud for "Celebrated Travels and Travellers"

This book was authored by Jules Verne. (Part I. The Exploration of the World - 1828)

Area, genre or subject: 1905.

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The Bag of Words In "Celebrated Travels and Travellers" (Main Words):

eighteenth original cabinet estampes histoire pars newfoundland covilham pyrard pietro robert past interested recent accuracy acquaintance foreign languages derive absolutely hanno caspian pytheas orkney indus eudoxus strabo ninth pausanias arculphe willibald crosses tenth thirteenth scandinavians constantinople uncle gregory mint zanzibar household palma disagreement blamed consent magnetic symptoms fernandina tortuga aground floated aguado cadiz santiago absence inquire cayman truxillo limonare treason leon discovers republic trial assassination rebellion ladrone zebu philippine separation polar season adventure privateering walter distinguishing thorough thirst apostolic brue senegal carthaginian explorer wandering conclude measuring separates sort inhabiting inhospitable omit calm fires lighted sound tropic lower contrived belief poet encourage taste deepest specially ceremonies funeral honours consecrated egyptian jupiter prodigious saying inhabit minute fortified telling spots sets animal passion utmost curiosity anxiety education sick aged industrious collecting shared greece shake separate greek valour studied fables adds bravest wanting fought greeks completed contemporary columns furthest largely summer remarkably notice globe opening escorted beaten ferocious described skirmish states surely height monsoon vegetation feed visible successively furnish terrified prevailed monsters endured altered advancing tide egypt inclined consider laws usual handed depend writers rare monk agree alike hospitable idols decorated resting streams kingdoms tributary sank descending salt lies erected blind frontier tract regarding ceylon rough begins dress earliest seventh jesus closed dedicated virgin faces summit roofed heaven impatient hollowed rock tombs walk undertaken grown fatigue regained arrested cured murder revenue duty existed maldive pearl exists wreck tempests infested remainder detailed attempted minor mode afforded writings arisen trust scandinavian newly surface masters included eternal useful reigning pure suspended brilliant embroidered robes enriched transported treat buildings mosque arrangements shaken peopled privilege flocks continually turkish gardens rise meaning answering hour inside partially market princes acting guarded marks chains turkey false descendants skins devour nearest causeway runs otherwise harm learning twelfth successor mongolian scenes intelligent bought seat getting mongol friend forming evil designs seated stephen travel easter sons eldest encountering election cunius capable holding harness victims blow drowned wear ears grow tied wearing dwellings believing heat dancing proud thunder awaiting beside praying companion join majesty attend slowly destroy earth october louis report oxen moving huts salve examined pressed gilded ascertained gates fathers secure honourable flat clad prudent audience working twice bent observation fourteenth fail benefit motive families branch jewels vanquished partisans hearty happening advantageous convert barons perpetually acre absent accordingly authorized galley preaching sultan discouraged properly accomplishing substituted ones cowardly manufacture armies supplies traced story support flourishing traffic divide abounding occupy warm fasten plains sweet descent fast borders particularly tcheou uninhabited prester marching busy wishes tell closely table talents dispute marched entry undertake magnificence word constituted roof fill flows altogether concluded quarters particulars mouths band garments ornamented tradition elephants train chase pomp richest purchase refuse using girdle bells comparatively replaced price applying daily kindness planted independent plants growing reigned intersected fruits hunters kiang resembled thibet canes noise camels throwing fishing meat play veritable dark quarter innumerable mangi league quote child dominions inquired discipline westward besieged broad dwell sovereigns pounds reckon correct circumstantial edge valued princess sunda annual evidently induce sacrifice evinced recourse dropped diamonds mingled attain mixture guilty losing pirates justly calling insatiable opposing madagascar eggs excite members invited guests moments hidden manned naval dictated incidents basis guide posterity utterly foremost pilgrimage chosen decimated authenticity wholly pushed weighing patience generous advantages courageous marine junks chose junk property misfortune suffering attaching post drove impression historian experiencing calicut resume obstacle revisited commanding catholic chevalier dissensions grows tall ignorance anchoring decide thing fair remembered remonnet deceived finishing pretending officer managed sell destroying spare happily treachery betrayed aided pardon fearing mutinous proposal seville hurt proposing renewed including regain weigh proceed cultivated nights elements feel absolute gradually proceeding delighted hannibal oath represented anger endeavour preserve suite motives crying announced conquering approved recommended affair woods lieutenant conquests requested admitted bravery unlimited exceeded frequent beloved fatal political colonization abounded sierra congo successive earlier fury hoping cruz scarcity firmness refusing task remembrance extension incident preceded venture disposition suspected error picked borne enable remark humboldt married dona abandoning attained proves influenced portrait hurricane charge resign instance examination denied crime perseverance impose enrich ungrateful signed heirs familiar tempest fitting clock accident nineteen cleverly steering possibly firm energetic flying policy hearing commanders parroquets steer enticed mutiny needful legend alongside instrument rejoiced cried repeat naked banner solemnly persuading coloured balls contain showing cipango wide favoured morrow civilized moored bones drawing cuba florida played fernando puerto appearing pinzon satisfaction december rings stream skilfully access sustained fastened herself jumped meantime understanding stores guacanagari founding hearts works suitable accept reasons profited foreigners lasting furious hastily restore promising rendering specimens adventures cupidity eager theatre castilian retain infamous resemblance kindly exclusively extending cover spaniard poisoned shoot pierced heart behold opposite trace sheltered priests yielded threatening opposed jamaica researches office prey resolution tropical pronounced invested practice indignation punish leader wrecked burned voice loudly examine possessing prejudiced submit greatness matters weight fortresses eagerness justify sharp acquisition forgot fault calms executing discharged resist masses beheld current explain perils profitable calumnies indignant torn titles intendant summoned warned patent strike judged weep excused deserved official demand hopes repairs moderate ovando causing founder exception prolonged overwhelmed misery permitted aspect regular settle astonishment reading fierce burn picture thine await promises listened reply contented risk ninety anchors revictualling confined mendez shipwrecked fairly acted porras dragged wearied foreseen desirous eaten issue matter ravaged field willing grief enterprising distinction penetrate marvellously accurate fears witnessed countrymen denis precise estevam memorable signalized struggle romantic deserves certainty flag copper tipped arab killing artillery factory mozambique recover attributed instructed suspicions ascertain moor discourse constitute ridiculous flattering formal disembark aside oppose obstacles perfidy prompt fruitless interpreter negotiations gather offers adventurer horn profound realized privileges likely factories keeping stretch reconnaissance groups silence despatch gaspard astronomical consecutive monopoly prestige superiority devotion permanent establishments armament cousin accordance cruelty limited defeat attacking deprived cruise ensure survivors effected determine solid imposed proportioned conquerors booty cunha triumph settlement wintered arrest protected amounting determination bloody efforts pains injury cruising warfare annihilated severely protestations comparative equalled stretched malay invented shock slightest populations woven appointment behoves entire pride lucar enrolled text judging vague discord francesco dwelt society localities avezac intimate veil printed distributed accusations christoval defrayed subjugated slow embrace suffice supreme concert engagement garcilasso commandant consists placing proving launched volunteers hurled preferred terms endowed decision imposing alvarado ample invaders junta discontent sunk shoulders causeways beheaded mexicans rigging brigantines satisfy infantry ammunition room retreat recognizing assisting development olid peaceable california attaining resemble luque henceforward perish renew capac incas personages pesos occasions quito confirmation andes adversaries sentence valdivia nourishment please confluence leather conspirators swords detail changes appropriate meridian slight practical alvaro dated banquet luis duarte equipment epoch carthagena dieppe feathers estuary philip fantastic tidor concerns acquire cano hours irish danish enterprises esquimaux sighting sinclair zeno rejoined blocks george bristol compelled inaugurated hugh russian whale verrazzano tons sieur canadian roberval forbidden holland private heemskerke rijp plymouth plundered tierra concurrence lakes recruit solomon australian tavernier byleth mississippi beaujeu

translated crown list maps seas engraved paul engraving bernal fight cosmos plan americus ponce eric quiros della champlain explorations scientific labours justice geographers credit explores asiatic hian soleyman iceland tudela customs family nicholas matteo leaves armenia system yellow daughter nicobar coromandel feast mecca norman returns interview ferro fortaventura lands maciot bartholomew birth plans sojourn franciscan caravel homage seventeen eleven porto colonists foundation thomas complaints bovadilla fourth auriferous spice siege capture fate vincent grijalva attempts narvaez ransom strife punishment moluccas chancellor frobisher seventeenth previously missionaries measure terrestrial progress geography rocks ventured southerly doubling tribe waited alliance continuing assailed mentions mountainous region party flight obedience falls female kill former true northwards temple nephew shape home directed attention source rising tells ardour principally ruins paid looked accounts notices special simple induced worship beauty temples gathered limits abundant sure flowed rapid site tower increase prosperity safety relating wars anxious domestic business habits warlike respect lives consisted watered rivers larger leading agreeable temperature indefatigable nation reign acquainted plain tribes barbarous practised relates admiration exactly enemy character convinced rose read retired instead friends traded lasted norway supposed alexander upper transport spending commencement eighty answer attacks defend bears serious heavy corn supply becoming miserable minds advance followers fields hastened meet sacred village accomplished arabian wrote unfortunately reputation event geographer occurred sixteen smaller waters dying centuries study branches explorers taught pointed roads streets mentioned careful author truly book undertook charton narrow chain monks grain prayers weeks snow standing leagues farther intense travelled happy wine centre upright loved stands preparing fourteen waves eighteen merchant enclosed jewish smallest fruit wall united contains outside tour ascended space anything dust neighbourhood grave mark walls children rested baptized woman monastery spring touching peter scene suddenly recovered confessed quitting starting opinion bordering started noticed throw subjects spoken trading sufficiently mere direct owing amount adventurous gone norwegian greenland ocean frozen speaking relate jews whatever travelling partly silk pillage traces throne occasion compared mounted silver recently glass deserted takes apparently hold persons destroyed comes sovereign produce sold expense explained pleasant dispersed largest produces skin descend saved terra supplied mile signal studying science succession tartars territory furs hence conducted camp badly duke frequently tent cruel hard sides july future mother dared approached else worth climate looking chiefs buried deeds articles hunger drink consisting prepare observations imperial ceremony affairs arose presenting equipped sandy gift touch entering stood belonging double gentlemen derived noble danger belonged successful nicolo conqueror pleased strangers spoke accepted accompany disposal begged venice procure question wise simply unhealthy enemies ormuz forests yield quantities hunting populous wooden lions hill dogs faith pretended claim worked pain finest instruments cultivation directly makes species cloth submission belong strange condemned possess proof victory particular door opened reserved sole arranged painted prevent collection green guard causes wife sleep hung pearls money governed quickly waiting abundance southwards parallel clearly deep sufficient defending protection break running spices flesh look heads teeth plates removed goods forces engaged trying cotton drew birds ordinary safe seize aware measures overcome produced higher record fishermen generally resisted owed perfect constant itself group offering request experience cochin tribute peninsula detained pilots blows palm skill memory protect falling raise things highest pillaged regarded currents profit fabulous bird warriors civil expenses failed recognize spread expected worn unexpected recognized broke threatened knowing tired equally traversed rank attracted preserved satisfied succeed judge floating jealous trouble everywhere civilization intrepid fortunate gentleman accused frightened lancerota shelter berneval sooner save loss lately thither treatment your assistance fifth confided meanwhile avenge castille ought concealed signs evening hostile coasting secret establishing seizing sending forget encouraged feeling jealousy increased demanded highly courtois answered ourselves peace receiving january embraced something quitted amounted harbours administration devoted feared loaded organize front genius colonial wealth possibility terror moors below guinea preceding discoverer learn coasted dangers campaign effect example vengeance fifteenth imagine labrador piece nautical discovering thoroughly bartolomeo duties unworthy projects however step maria superior addressed confidence heroic submitted council committed escaped offer listen consented conceived solemn arrangement august morning turning repair assured awaited september seventy retained evident amidst feelings similar saint friendship persuaded converted christianity fallen considering adorned ornaments archipelagos nature arrive formerly beneath sufficed obtaining series ignorant aztec disappeared recalled attach displayed eagerly indicated caught sudden haste establishment gain discharge reports commenced construction forward canoe garrison endeavouring lead delay february liberty remonstrances welcomed enthusiasm granted fame crowd fighting cannon announce massacred wound constantly hojeda build hindered exhausted april approaching fashion thou thee repose health person prisoner rebels calculated objects choice soul broken cavalry colonies avoid exposed difficulties sufferings foundations reality bound necessity adopted enthusiastic observed isthmus ends fatigues myself horrible troop acts applied absurd military understand pretext moorish authentic lopez translation provided negroes repeated stature captured reckoning richly melinda pursued massacre surprise rights prudence burnt rajah repaired allies fidelity alfonzo exercised almeida notably draw resistance malacca abandon narratives cost appears journal organized sword religion reinforcements qualities privations mexican tlascalans lose soldier guatimozin settlements marquis valle panama concerning inca cuzco peruvian atahualpa cortereal perceiving northmen frenchmen malo davis amsterdam jacob gerrit dutchmen noort schouten chardin cavelier tonti

celebrated travels with ancient from fleet great navigators giving whence they world known according marco polo published discovery conquest narrative journey beyond holy discoveries prince henry taken christopher columbus board gulf east coast cape good hope french eastern order coasts after velasquez diaz remarkable sebastian mouth history general description john between dutch part names principal travellers whom related this benjamin jean vasco joao juan jacques barentz lemaire william hudson will only made also which have years greatly give modern called regard most present attached advantage several unknown been able information render share work what manner time herodotus down that before christian visits english land nearchus persian west over interior first northern describes valley mount river dead through china carpini manners rubruquis interest genoese venetian merchants exploration central position court emperor their reception them ambassadors return father residence king pope written province chinese empire towns departure three venetians malabar island death about country asia ideas canary thencourt revolt gadifer gran goes conquer natives african appointed governor islands being verd cabot geographical commercial middle idea distance europe ferdinand treaty brothers armed caravels port taking long archipelago hispaniola cacique cannot arrival rendered second flotilla martin santa thousand town twelve ships laden sent fort built named third sight american during into conduct appearance royal favour four putting spaniards against lisbon early life expedition portuguese indies diego balboa pacific mexico preparations stop landing march upon battle voyage expeditions francisco pizarro pedro almagro among execution gonzalo brother change terrible last search cartier voyages winter nova raleigh more regions gold italian century south acquired close traveller account some parts western language afterwards name period historians probable date left sixty vessels fifty carrying provisions these call were destined people hoped found passed command days passing anchored laid then fresh advanced large where next reached situated five should nearly equal sail forms natural endeavoured explore stones native surrounding driven returned must finding numbers trees entered vast appeared quite might when doubled heard accompanied still arrived formed atlantic almost within inhabited number possession obliged extreme though went degrees north himself short illustrious whose those serve purpose better speak wish follow possible countries born year having there many different even took learned view exploring care especially twenty probably visiting seems turned banks gives held nothing appear like religious honour place seen near both wild faithful than seem building under little above lake remains discovered hand course employed gigantic carefully everything thinking continent extended thence race living speaks possessed side miles very valuable animals eyes placed winds nations doubt ever really visited easily learnt details much struck magnificent find calls thought southern human kept other interesting splendid city scattered either palace means latter tree public collect could visit custom themselves importance love proved young leaving population india divided settled lived killed while easterly extremity best founded surrounded seven became crossing mountains famous well communication considered horses here would fact considerable portion european prisoners without make composed does lying black same given reason women allowed established stay documents complete become pass along eight soon arms received towards never shall come once single points form came disembarked various further point high night neither just besides such brave discover influence exact spot charged resolved take object furnished months followed line month storms direction favourable forty scarcely westerly touched back contrary refuge harbour commander keep again severe often case happened november ship each vessel marked therefore always distant know circumstances seemed rather sailed pilot shores wind less food surprised inhabitants making entirely tried enough encountered immense sailors size wished difficulty formidable changed fertile kinds except following gave since army news seeing ordered offered neighbouring persia finally project whole explored died said fell behind small mention attempt round greater hundred later fitted another whether occupied clever indian rome provinces although added already obtain greatest sixteenth thirty says wishing leave crossed desert alone kingdom times fifteen cold curious extraordinary cross midst companions none right descended frequented intention going landed spent tartar prove real bishop church tomb lord stone covered open because feet threw immediately usually light places promised beautiful foot water ended chief separated joined orders capital wood suffered rich embarked turn attacked determined continue thrown free route wonderful raised hear returning setting rest fish enormous away subject fearful sometimes imagined kind iron indians nine extent understood events productions longer trade beginning penetrated white certain difficult completely mind gained ready spanish thirteen authority arriving kings prepared emmanuel containing golden precious head dressed thus entrance numerous used approach felt defended soldiers house houses stopped dominion filled treated government ground length every passage contained important somewhat carried lost singular escape bear mountain reaching fine want coming brought easy letters relations presents fear envoys exchange accustomed seek spite commanded told agreed officers presented full nevertheless till friendly letter wore enter wait soil content fall strong mass hair believe fire violence value doing pieces remained refused assembled done presence poor help across mission savage caused truth june meeting drawn france bearing bodies khan result mines permission collected necessary spirit commerce reckoned grand receive state send seized opportunity bring burning throughout asked title together certainly road half europeans merchandise dangerous think power excellent enabled continued situation fixed remain required reach conquered weather others treasures force blood remaining until needed services riches whilst carry quantity least thanks service thick indeed bold live around intended anchor attack entrusted boats show cast sign constructed powerful storm weighed amongst knowledge hitherto moment allow ambassador navigator crew worthy steered obtained excited desired marvellous africa sailing bestowed astonished forth admiral hands welcome distinguished confirmed batuta need company shown latitude bore fled fortune knew courage violent shore declared charles succeeded resources decided body forced sailor spain unfortunate boat islanders abandoned sought proposed showed captain clear began replied master words cause fully colony fortress promise success sails facts enterprise portugal results maritime antonio experienced crews reward seeking existence england believed desire degree perhaps deeply face wounded navigation queen isabella viceroy alonzo francis captains perceived glory savages colour canoes america vain doubtless consequence extremely notwithstanding informed served cargo despatched sighted prevented squadron arrows bringing rapidly common establish reduced perished intercourse strait unable strength impossible condition gama adventurers capitam skilful zamorin minister sale speedily cabral albuquerque troops minutes vespucius peru montezuma magellan pigafetta drake cavendish mendana dampier

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