Word Cloud for "Anting-Anting Stories" by Sargent Kayme.

Word Cloud for "Anting-Anting Stories"

This book was authored by Sargent Kayme.
Area, genre or subject: ?.

The Bag of Words In "Anting-Anting Stories" (Main Words):

anting inhabitants interested fresh waited animals stranger stained soft crushed easily mysterious often owner confidence tollig coron hannah lady spirit mount measure church shed fibre hastily tropic buried picket broken figure passing turning calling working business slipped clothing running surgeons catch caught followed tiny yellow language court either risk ought queer evidently save study english write orderly doubt seems died gold shore guided torn characters account unusually piece kill captured shown putting inside charge appeared decided order disappeared forward location report keeping harbour inland early group pointing lighted cliff beating attack gathering lying uniform bare breast hate effects cared chief worst fate afternoon signal climb smaller grasped slowly crept stout neck themselves twenty flung entered coiled drawn laid understood usual weak weight third sleeping bones military strength party bottom hung answered awful noise become waiting suddenly gray slept opposite chinese worth added imagine mean common manner board sometime monkeys woven promptly charms beast step animal regular hour wrote chosen learn rooms posts drew hong fair proved forests doing peculiar filled action knife various trouble together spoke grow describe tops beautiful basket intelligent became enormous walking verandah minutes sight start wait guard visit beaten particular collecting throat makes willing fifty dare master washed sheet opened blue england skill colonel past holding shut expect farm sake post itself packed photograph naturally bent patient questions tribe wearing anywhere wear making luggage speaking americans hidden evening straight bushes greatest opinion filipino hired bird distance platform explain monarch wives worked expressed informed messenger mixture degree follow narrow passage cage mass handsome quiet bought number condition affairs truth simply terrible state ruler child daughter older fort chickering finding gate explained thinking necessary dispatch seaport fortunate tightly current marked unfortunate paddle listening surface montese round quickly splash shell cone different berries porch claim visited cabinet merely palawan besides author novel hervey

stories company remarkable wonderful knowledge gives bring human palm power history paper point siargao nurse wife club sulu forces driven beyond lines hospital wounded tagalogs broad cloth brown duty towards covered pointed body shot fastened carried search within both paid show wish possibly leader nature seem call charm probably famous wanted carry wise fell believe remember handed shall line foot hope prisoners believed during weeks result finally standing name guide means huge stay death instead hundred year proas carrying deck boats saved passed rocky afterwards black dropped possible land rocks larger arms turn following speak edge below wondered comes rope dozen sitting sharp blood expected mouth swung ladder climbed easy hard free food understand able farther watching least dragged drank stand miles high fine woke tried front door trying sense case talk hunting stayed used monkey apes filipe sort interest collector poor taking value wild green telling fear sides surprised likely alone idea need sleep tree settled placed world herself living answer property government also unless months houses skin heart juan does right darkness steamer touch want heber spite experience lead danger voice guess army watch lives started journey specimens mateo royal hoped palace live noticed love city miss allenthorne grace official along stolen person gunboat utica sergeant deer ready perico package tide poljensio real

other strange life away islands which people less than that came when first always they long powerful them before with half about whose trees ground ever more such written this seen read from these once found words upon thing been known captain cave side conjure question time what told pearls there between american natives stone around native turned into left their beneath behind still under over light full like were might near after happened look through against open something looking could make back each dead fellow some even here will come outside reached place where tagalog down beside moment later well showed gone next morning prisoner brought officer said heard then night sent story made taken only eyes hands took little bound book looked very although years called must whom same sometimes lieutenant smith town young part never would take hardly think should else have your know getting went tell give home killed many whole month last good send nothing feel sure great kept while being word cannot nearly thought since another three rock above white find coming care much picture reason because days anything keep several allowed face grew without just work seemed camp except officers felt mountain times hand those water head hear best perhaps soldiers island across among until moro force moros spanish small soon learned gave feet path going better meant again stood reach built fire fish began lived walked enough dark soldier matter myself knew quite birds mind course servant most philippine almost strong done room bamboo walls house sound knows woman kind rather village every money really things asked certain having large forest held boat help manila father chance toward given letter glad mother general four women himself visayan sultan family girl river leave pedro governor pearl

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