Word Cloud for "Little White Fox and his Arctic Friends" by Roy J. (Roy Judson) Snell.

Word Cloud for "Little White Fox and his Arctic Friends"

This book was authored by Roy J. (Roy Judson) Snell. (1878 - 1959)

Area, genre or subject: Animals -- Juvenile fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "Little White Fox and his Arctic Friends" (Main Words):

friends bent comes finished popped bigger probably afraid blueberries while hiding legs kill running safe thinking young sudden keep wide word among mountain near hunt caught walked started known happy curled next larger able folks give ground jump grass night remembered everywhere making winter well understand want kept nice used against closer hear frightened sharp closed toward bank turned whole scratching climbed crept blue still people whalebone live ugly front standing moved hardly delicious jumped laughed shining muckluck spied hard silver take three answered best waited person coming through reindeer hunting room face lost fish four wind turning stand tracks least better corner wished lemming happen anything boulder lonesome without sometimes sticking bears place minute mouth feel took gone wanted along sleeping sleep goes tusks beach powerful getting taking trap unfortunate flounder hours

such page barred make teeth call dear tdariuk world many told close even other carry must madam wise foot these nothing rocks once moment stop gave look really cold plenty large pink foxes small always summer nearly till might seen seemed things left stood same because those most their felt nose glad eggs pretty should widgeon half under side soon dinner hungry fellow door square terrible perhaps huskie piece

little white never before chapter seal bear black brown home when will have knew right away what going your back them very much something like than would ever quite from every tundra ptarmigan thought thing rock there were that fast could tell mother been know said down eyes with long they found looking around came fine went then heard about another find just looked strange into here over believe this time head miss only where coat snow good almost after sure some think behind until began stranger great more made straight ocean come round guess last feet himself omnok water which house tumbled roof

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