Word Cloud for "Third class in Indian railways" by Mahatma Gandhi.

Word Cloud for "Third class in Indian railways"

This book was authored by Mahatma Gandhi. (1869 - 1948)

Area, genre or subject: Pamphlets.

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The Bag of Words In "Third class in Indian railways" (Main Words):

over travelling among different come think when public carriage three greater dirt compartment result rather used satisfied things better already work giving still power order become always fair passenger stand warrant never case simple claim between education sense evil change vernaculars love instruction means language given subject necessary common raised satisfy foreign special done supply speak hold neighbours force today considers true point possible perhaps little help latter often whether nation system fashion living body poverty land england doctrine need proper families honourable wear manufactured hundreds family money hands same merely becoming good experience extent follower doing opinion ewbank banks success scottish church credit societies mahajan champaran irwin

indian south time having almost want water once place whom fear educated present english country character very spirit such religion consider humble believe movement

third class have been india years after from that other under which this passengers made during then into with about should against though much without great these could only there were before more than found their because find being like many some whole every your through give them they take would able even upon know what where does life cannot must first here will national best masses make last swadeshi religious serve those most effort government cause practice ahimsa moral operation operative dress

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