Word Cloud for "From Fort Henry to Corinth" by M. F. (Manning Ferguson) Force.

Word Cloud for "From Fort Henry to Corinth"

This book was authored by M. F. (Manning Ferguson) Force. (1824 - 1899)

Area, genre or subject: United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Campaigns.

The Bag of Words In "From Fort Henry to Corinth" (Main Words):

civil charles information appear series preparation session printed history conduct contain appears regimental hardly otherwise preston life northern collection preparing hands gathering approach opposed governor organize complete real conflict band scattered adjoining wholly stream refused promptly formation surrounded lyon unorganized resistance southwest abandoning desultory combat pursuing train heavily reinforced arkansas springfield august shattered recoiled wilson special sufficient resolved secure battalions disastrous fought twice supports suddenly cleared severe assume published property injury done damage effect permanent cape repulsed detachments lexington additional remain despatches seems serious something condition hasten arrive push proceeding closed numbers rolling besieged want longer hearing thither respectively respective ashboth urging november washington council plan sixty rations acting accordance designated central various leading flying fugitives rejoined loaded encamped scouts clear parts week concentrating organization skirmishing entered sugar cross strength diminished communication perhaps seasoned begun hurried carr obstructed osterhaus threw picket intersected fallen personal person gradually evident throwing riding repeated supporting wing deployment gaining swept ravines pilot carlin destroyed section meanwhile plummer awaited fight pursued pounder arms dead southeast hickman paducah might fall unless started tilghman suggested asked crowned mostly defensive erected adjutant sides directing commerce carry sending vital importance directions demonstration walke badeau mere name wooded steady pressing upper bottom shells danger louisiana flanks replied gone approached green louisville therefore engineer serve idea route proper break attempted thought plans visit pursuance even object avoid practice thomas obtained proposing holding town straight higher constructed bearing nearest landed ascertain overflowed artillerists armament steamed thirteen seventeen shots rifled spiked inch everything escape readiness storm receipt ridges outer brilliant empty branch flowing makes empties extend slope constituted does channel quite sufficiently guarded fork salient defence interval eighty trees pass filling senior repaired shall solid fiftieth direct feeling thick undergrowth discharge constant temporary nothing resumed partly hollow lauman exposed sharpshooters reach trenches cook appeared ferry tangled extent summit pits blaze leaves musketry save wide request nearer delay substantially house drifted carondelet shelter instructions anything neither thirtieth breakfast slept situation thing drive successive intervals skirmish wheeling severely fill deploying boxes poured deliberate agreed possible informed mcpherson dark dashed whether quartermaster commissary actually terms forrest steamboats breckenridge change practicable commissioned seen belonging enlisted statement effectives whom shortly reelfoot peninsula swamp planted lowest pounders acted completed redan bayou floating exclusive schuyler promoted tenth michigan better hamilton developed fact sweep keep furious bissell ordnance swampy encounter transportation unable like impossible urged length hospital dispatched alabama canal steamers aware turning mackall lined risk wood packed final result character stand reconnoitring eastwardly arrested lasted fortieth dash flows church keeping lateral despatch ruggles gladden bowen friday assemble hardee hildebrand observed oblique hindman cleburne meet remnant disordered resting raith connect closing fatal fragments repulse exhausted compelled monday rosecrans

late seventeenth original following official separate never among different determined used served jefferson permission president western operations southern states action broke armed carrying country regular connected beginning organized established covered garrison surrendered including twenty louis partially attempt quickly mounted proceeded thence pursuit strike encountered july advantage forced retreated fifteen mcculloch continually marching early slowly combined included effective sharp come centre sight points suffered increased opposing times portions shot away assumed death ready taking good fremont comprising east arriving john district railway attacked guarding those until relieved september forming plateau felt effort city heard body despatched cover desperate struggle possession finally already himself headquarters issued evening reconnoissance letter cumberland stationed parties directly pushing roads supplies tents mouth full camps fifty january find abandoned selected camped fourteen forty long aggregate dorn retreating thirty account twelfth hours around able bluffs party faced wheeled scarcely become driven corps places required contest reinforce word returning ammunition going steadily rapid prevented enough struck railroad crossing news reaching wisconsin occupy thompson junction considerable getting occupied bluff expedition send advised transports view intended range protected intervening estimated parallel crossed passing engagement broken lower giving fifteenth thrown drew board horses bring instead bringing besides destruction memphis itself evacuation proposed gunboat less connection very pressed united prevent means rain receiving capture silenced foote forts intrenchments extending quarter here falling minutes retiring success stood angles bend gives narrow allowed forest whose last destroy greater bivouac gathered consisted composed spent woods afternoon bivouacked constituting previous dense supported lying casualties mcarthur either placed commands commanders waiting extended seemed succeeded connecting aided rounds retire indiana prepared cannot virginia sunday immediate best estimate sick armies drawn tiptonville mccown sixteenth edge finding stewart days standing later detailed fresh returns savannah lick hamburg stony nelson crittenden bragg chalmers saturday buckland fighting rallied total stragglers observing stuart mccook

from fort henry corinth force general commanding first have nearly with main reports these both national will military under colonel chief second seventh number which several battle contained twentieth ohio third been report brigade shiloh given kentucky found what generals during some soon after close place could while they give army most staff became when south were open though major well madrid island facing field missouri line columbus bowling join their called passed jackson gave into three state nine appointed price this about forces advancing division every over without other being yards through more mississippi camp near portion troops regiment four captain commanded there hundred marched battery thus made left continued river another leaving reached almost thousand such infantry hold part sigel before than that artillery cavalry kept miles night next morning brought retreat where joined having little enemy upon strong moved column detachment advanced went entire detached turned command according engaged pieces across would five clock rear right also came till attack great guns taken posted face fired each lines pushed eleven eight companies fell opened fire whole retired time withdrew order back regiments lost together killed reported loss stores arrived assigned pope north illinois making within orders learned creek once sent large must reinforcements took position rising ground remained along then toward immediately present carried works assault firing them surrender began same batteries divisions many advance twelve behind held ordered halleck commander department west half bank point received movement march between captured moving drove wagons opposite shore pickets company just beyond officers rapidly curtis take added halted february followed running ridge confederate says only light guard form past valley return coming against timber deep small reserve road much fourth iowa your again front forward deployed formed ravine wounded remaining bridge eighth eleventh below returned further tennessee grant cairo telegraphed should polk support smith make high heavy still farther above charge directed indian course direction move down landing seven side fleet pillow mcclernand filled distance skirmishers boats rode duty hostile separated nashville lieutenant afterward wrote land water buckner said charged flank short work officer commodore donelson gunboats johnston mile pound boat head prisoners leave feet extreme except floyd wallace comprised ninth thirteenth fifth sixth fourteenth battalion attached lewis eighteenth hour rest brigades buell sherman april pittsburg beauregard snake brier hurlbut purdy prentiss

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