Word Cloud for "The Philadelphia Magazines and their Contributors 1741-1850" by Albert Henry Smyth.

Word Cloud for "The Philadelphia Magazines and their Contributors 1741-1850"

This book was authored by Albert Henry Smyth. (1863 - 1907)

Area, genre or subject: American periodicals -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia.

The Bag of Words In "The Philadelphia Magazines and their Contributors 1741-1850" (Main Words):

gratitude affection study undertaken request date subject spite encouragement complete done eyes grow suggestions valuable sartain frank rising learning merit tell splendid culture choicest rare scarce neither satirical roman delight thing booksellers undertake editions notable johnson feel shakespeare translation successfully advance declared bookseller authors fond eager seek opportunities collection revolution lost strong criticism household critics tales travels proceeded politics view becoming prospect flattering academy brackenridge lively colonies grave reader voice love discovered throughout promised assumed elevated elegant amid formed admiration order reached things village confederacy subjects turned connected venture takes cities tried newspaper scarcely russell hawthorne conspicuous commonly scholars novels savage recognition favorite curious object together fallen settled rich demand seems soul edward andrew conceived twelve money civil principal length print asked publishing press explained colonel showed gilbert wore prince mention eloquent anxious east opposite side supplied immediately printing middle transferred rendered look relates origin commencement procure particular carried happily proper vignette picture reading extraordinary information provost charge athens person reference obtained experience productions eminent skill imagination pictures pride poets moses glorious obscure gentleman learn dedicated romantic along waters fall description occupied octavo drew obliged above glory gift visited evident remember whatever poetic governor occasion manuscript muses delaware poetical want doubt modern receive heroic success till unknown helped edmund used going knowledge value hill company does youth friendly contributor wise chief equal paul assistant christ continuation declined hope service miscellaneous timothy largely consequence held lewis chiefly entertainment employed start contents motto numerous assisted common greater reported scenes replied jefferson quoted novel extended started thirteen artist opened added parody editorship concerning sarah something poor merry greatly return prepared suspension ambitious publications proprietor engraver hail jeremy universal faithful chemistry dallas acquainted secretary importance conduct highest proved attracted people furnish avoid foundation fortune bank ocean worthy attended david supported closed methodist mind filled completed publishers reputation stage wife pieces singular naturally cobbett none hands secret democratic career irregular therefore styled family mansion morris fourteen louis adams wistar scientific europe botanic easy talk events white edit half eighth bear seemed speak language latest christian educated succeeded memory fellow hunt mary loss percy bysshe particularly attention moore bright knew loved davis association wilson rural entirely intelligence audubon science friendship bishop chair periodicals cents atlantic quite hold powerful willing religion fail share anything passing jane retired purpose fifth eclectic walsh merged fortnightly protestant morton burton banner frances lutheran alice lowell peterson dollar foster

member article local list attempted important seat daughter latin gentle nature library price princeton large presented taste established liberal just furnished times heard felt themselves enough within hand others less essay paine mere green preface further human blair powers attempt gentlemen distinguished claim considerable raised poetry beneath come sweet cooper theatre centre back juvenile illustrated irving allan light readers down horace classical save accounts bradford forth webbe intended remarkable course matter small admitted desire true personal days verse paid arrived removed named printer cause says useful thought engaged issue right variety fair already influence frequently eight single able poet thus remained dated beginning hopkinson once muse frequent yellow portrait invention twenty since living fame visit crowd introduction instead natural noble museum cannot godfrey royal laid erected think composition account elizabeth master progress either names conversation certain various front manners necessary figure plan ewing passed declaration style next graduated philip fine arch satire former send ladies appearance writer byron subscription connection nearly sketch brother moral afterward quincy private fugitive address thousand dollars critical church whether market greatest memoirs march alone biographical notice arthur intimate elihu property bought returned fifty sixth streets boston schuylkill oliver celebrated kept select devoted containing wish better independent leigh isaac rose thespian free harriet finally medicine thee myself mirror beyond night leslie prize

philadelphia magazines their contributors professor english literature high american philosophical author this history were first read historical later they again before society been found best into with little that have made from generous learned given heart publish these many them left pennsylvania will some here where magazine through more make city which year john interest thomas most south second genius kind great friend story hundred years earliest james books could said place famous college than when native banks those social each england america being copy printed same published time came volumes alexander robert issued charles four much good literary well known every book another third street prose seen still find praise young born writers often among there would without after under british upon like port foreign having united smith william country nothing dennie latter wrote went work become weekly original although both long might page political such brockden reprinted shall manner death washington never poems columbian several works spirit only national honor name letters should over indian soon almost entered himself general articles what called sketches life character contributions monthly daily religious september paper journal edited analectic edgar editorial between century then conducted essays appeared editor other verses pages ancient about reviews ever periodical founded london very samuel benjamin franklin brought october november take continued title three number letter december because late last until january following state numbers york contained followed george francis north whose father west whom against french present persons gave near series papers signed whole making world note poem february joseph contributed received written month studied lines your home seven lived while notes volume must give means lord early know house sent entitled close died nathaniel part dramatic april full president also richard hall office became during sold publisher friends rush july began public though henry five states repository even begun miss publication form edition short brown interesting matthew carey august changed write circulation editors contains june evening popular always medical review commenced fourth brilliant introduced saturday neal chestnut judge university writing took told caldwell theatrical paulding quarterly episcopal graham

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