Word Cloud for "Despoilers of the Golden Empire" by Randall Garrett.

Word Cloud for "Despoilers of the Golden Empire"

This book was authored by Randall Garrett. (1927 - 1987)

Area, genre or subject: Adventure stories.

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The Bag of Words In "Despoilers of the Golden Empire" (Main Words):

despoilers slowly conquered sheer fallen various government doing needed greek kind worked above picture narrow showed beneath become know race weapon ordinary nearly watched having real personal seem need sure managed name unless call care landing miles originally along orders rang half armed jungle either powerful cannot onslaught determined firing swords blades stay periphery barbaric head child sense look spread place held death greater bodies also earthmen spite marching army moving officer center fire direct surrounded least stop followed leaped ground walked want hardly surrounding split many days watching front town telling attack monsters farther fighting waiting shot anything effect home clear else told bring heart able unable evidently villages state window contact close mass patterns control island soon brick buildings thrust halt near high perfectly effulgence sign palanquin fell story kill actually faith reader sixteenth meaning pizarro catholic chapter

golden realize same matter certain neither civilization hold itself emperor move roman mind moved frank steel face sort something although life officers behind knowledge years kept found plus point aliens show must should quite turn certainly used atmospheric picked march troops full stood under voice ever find four give century single seen absolute lesser fact again less decided already within gave reached died tell rest read about village until work charged battle bronze warriors began fear deny among company here getting trying once invaders somewhat central building warrior cutting though very city dozen viceroy

empire that since second been nobles come first most known because over every other against tried almost there which without could universal well knew power would ship even back metal gold have than into thus none after only from across great between during long took alien might thousand these were will toward what commander them before enough make with around just went like they heavy those little being time eyes think much brought more where came people thing made take their imperial except good whole nothing each weapons several hundred then simply through carriers seemed some five while going when hard this your never left away anyone greatest noble still invading small armor young such lieutenant himself turned better hand blade sword down looked said others another three natives right carrier native hernan frater taken

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