Word Cloud for "The Little Lame Prince" by Margaret Waters.

Word Cloud for "The Little Lame Prince"

This book was authored by Margaret Waters.
Area, genre or subject: ?.

The Bag of Words In "The Little Lame Prince" (Main Words):

pleasant kiss topmost gazed lifted silence born father queen subjects having person christening four twenty each liked pale trouble last carried nice used useful highness princes carrying before mere white whenever wants stretched three love dropped minute called between death cannot especially tried brought much sitting right please running pretty sometimes learned quietly either struck crown foot hopeless high sight uncle country done sent forgot whom bird centre plain still clever condemned real books heart lonely journey arranged wicked shut reading told because feeling dinner leave till somebody caught arms show bundle folded whether suppose life bear believe turn sprang window started scarcely traveling floating pair tied full ears again record special card stories games

lame young room immediately years happy baby grand give palace dressed given itself kissed turned name everything grown also child kept under nearly knew silver enough thing keep help cried since hear children almost make happened able once half corner rather ought well face soon suddenly left gold something another live head legs sweet perhaps better tiny round black those while deaf mute took across grew things world wish dear wonderful wonder upon open taken city

take care little prince majesty must himself what think dolor made down into ever there came over most beautiful that being people said when looked eyes quite king their were only would have been very kind gave large which though nobody thought nothing about royal then like they where with went even from many should want after except seemed anything such look just nurse will began woman shall know back your first great heard some could this time than more always never poor without other found looking these best come long seen felt them good here tower until through might away tell every godmother cloak book

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