Word Cloud for "Anchorite" by Randall Garrett.

Word Cloud for "Anchorite"

This book was authored by Randall Garrett. (1927 - 1987)

Area, genre or subject: Science fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "Anchorite" (Main Words):

mass button nose backed hunk started waited four standard less second become perhaps meter push north hours landing couple minutes plenty pushed actually shot carefully steel fairly standing whether able iron magnetic silicate reason asteroids eighty half form locked problem rest moving means foot position lines planetoid place always double chair pair ever hole necessary treated supposed apparently fingers pressure several heavy shall also begin although congress ring clothing probably both wearing blond fact behind seen showed aware governmental office voice fully trouble official company taking trip having taken except closed thumb proper report provide whatever data welfare claims accident likely special single drop explain dignity desk near case suppose telling already managed pleasure kill fool live wrong lock someone nobody themselves fools destroy wanted others allowed doing thinking individual worked whole bring really read blue handed instructors program books

basic kind most point vacuum until respect punched spot asteroid gave kept show dear gravity hand stop hundred velocity each killed body required above stuff pulled built began felt open controls cable slowly called knew without cities soon life matter look rocket held well last everything light nearly lower certainly outside feet came hard power work another rather thought pallas edway next common anyone upon brought industrial rate part understand neither keep business certain member feel these care quite nine tell feeling believe knows boat everyone fear else hold best real stay unless chance person given never equipment brand training team

there know they because even very great rock with right from before little left meters surface said just ship almost same away more than took time around then that come which through five times mean some while went eyes over when looked exactly your would have been long them into pull captain simon were where cent about take those could himself think three first anchor since such better after control make sure done only back down door safety bolt like this nancy other belt toward though good much still sort against made space between will must face enough small drill setting deal need under might their should trying anything find nothing things being tarnhorst people earth peter years head used georges alhamid what death here insurance going government governor companies human give something thing danley want every told months

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