Word Cloud for "The English at the North Pole" by Jules Verne.

Word Cloud for "The English at the North Pole"

This book was authored by Jules Verne. (Part I of the Adventures of Captain Hatteras - 1828)

Area, genre or subject: 1905.

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The Bag of Words In "The English at the North Pole" (Main Words):

contents start notice crowd wharfs coloured exterior spectators curious cannot quartermaster depend masts slightest solid furnished steel sharp capable runs trial wide helm loaded garments times ordinary queer whether worthy globe direct assure precious information circumstances except silently watching history attention peculiar mystery careful imagination adventurous minds knowing subject store details built evidently reasons shone particularly cannon installed mounted bringing loss famous honour continent floated possible commanded slight carry perfect nature indiarubber blowing august sixteen join offer tenth eighteen increase need february firm keel feared finding clever afraid named post seek mistaken singular cross expeditions cost sixty devil daresay understood witness french maritime tempted frightened word memory cruise likely human hoped remain report upside touching heat bodies hesitated build reading mind river shook pipes haste situation scientific none worse fixed addressed engraved brass acknowledged exception occupied travelling clothes chance officer centre exactly considering space contained happy preferred sinister instinct perilous decided frightful accident account fantastic observation walked ended facts expected shape conversation probably ordered send glass profit deserted pilot waited sleep rising news executed blood boatswain movement regain amidst broke pointing opened appear directed victoria sailed steamer turning gained corner tired judge herself joined finished works reports succeed passing happens arrival service sledges begin commanding takes saturday european watched longitude swell shot game excellent oily recognise bird kill lies disagreeable late depended struggle duty garry pale brunton descended freezing begun legs extremely progress rain observations keeping pointed telescope fourth islands astonish sooner nearer breeze currents farewell birds nearing lighted presence clouds parts reflection luminous sake fires glided colour drifting running alongside bank examining existed besides western gives contrary admit pacific wounded unless perceive lump wood basin streams eaten trace thence fear setting luck seized governor epoch celebrated masses fathoms snowy parry promised touched disappearance voyages maps countries presented penetrating narrow teeth escape hidden reappeared consequence obscurity rendered constant recourse miserable certainly temperate interest companion success despair capes talk penetrate conduct examine limits contact happened drifted manner july obey highest difficulties worked compelled approached question seals nose continual escaped within hauling attack interior imagine idea especially warren liked real hear lives rest lowered plains stay warmed reflected future changing threatening pound sound drawn mountain explain relatively shaken lasted quick courage northerly profited slip favour kane dreadful increased rely dead prey share consider unable whales horizon extent present sufficiently magazines remainder middle living transport repeat twice noise cases westerly rocks approaching smoke minute prow existence parallel confidence feeling step both climbing view extended blow shut constantly examined bounty push strongly issue fatal impenetrable torn stayed fled neared fortunate appearance formidable shaking interrupted adventure touch whistle suspended stone walking voice acted past profound splendid discoveries mouth attempted suffered pushed similar grinnell recognised soft distinguished inglefield latitudes forward climbed blasting burn height sighted explored swept purpose points condensed lady visited abandon objects document clearly summits foxes kennedy breath habitations raise cairn boothia stood deep precaution tent mile clearing astonishing useless lifted magnificent supposed occasion compass moved surrounding march excited doing heads rubbed helped lying liquid channels spectacle atmosphere cord fastened rolled beat icicles drop represented beecher obtained shelter baring body continue week fuel submarine barked blankets regions useful damp wore guard hunters skin aurora sportsmen hunting thinking grease brilliancy burnt wine pemmican harnessed hardened

docks unknown liverpool port vessels screw engine remarked sailor anchored destination usual doubt noticed cutting goes sure together deal gets looks knows coming required bold young fellow quarter really extraordinary preparations months everything surrounded journey people opposite exact evident remarkable iron strength struck formed neither perfectly pleasure attempt mcclure prepared face farther whaler sails understand consisted provision small length saws quantity unexpected hands series draw receive beginning composed englishmen danish black whalers astonished money hand communication later best devoted whom answer number fact trying england risk fortune southern navigation death accompanied started friends form intense therefore important employed thanks carefully january either seeing short talked generally instant comes saying held natural bound forty carried heart completely determined indicated stove possession house dangers latter poop feel breaking greatest sailing anchor entered waiting blew twelve marched general opening folded east itself doubled abandoned ourselves month route surprised fine noon nine veered faithful bolton energetic break eastern america waves phenomenon signalled mass fifteen counted iceberg seems coasts master obeyed trouble suppose fall call piece driven country dragged obstacles table change armed effect position cause navigators search discovery track disko geographical road broken drew winds danger kind uppernawik names refuge pieces pressure dangerous close dared quietly favourable tendency june suddenly crushed attained working worn circle gain instead worth remains clifton walk strong food green avoid frequent beyond force filled observed fate admiralty words seem blue happily hole prevented front threw exposed wintering bring fearful painful lose entirely walls fellows reaching barrow nearly plenty traces buried blocked sheltered spot case leaning attacked belcher warm layer moon

english north pole part captain hatteras chapter brig richard shandon will from might have been read april departure little most would midst that miles considerable covered sailors seemed left their along wall brought every vessel hundred with twenty easily other though offered nothing eyes certain board were thousand about know what think said much ship more than because others often destined arctic where icebergs stop wind good brave must third straight into thrown across hour when made answered before going polar name something head does make they want able take necessary crew coal enough five there tell anything without only like such getting found looking back this even very mean experienced command after moment come allowed continued place second your told showed amongst under felt johnson sort whose them already round many looked some which kept received always given could prevent three long side room work advanced according enormous extreme asked grew right gave look turned succeeded strange immense provisions another franklin mcclintock returned unfortunate west discovered first american straits still south james sent taking thought opinion same mountains down over large called also sight influence instructions although numerous different letter eight pounds placed allow upon voyage through each ready care himself should bear give greater animal year next further clawbonny commander seas well used free having went four hours hard difficulty known thing dogs frozen shall keep health knew just soon reason towards seven means northern perhaps these high expedition lieutenant once complete difficult came afterwards tried added never heard then till ought least better last spread following whale clear against course rather during common ships winter officers followed began morning turn thick obliged passage scarcely took quite those seen doctor half minutes lost orders reached here done meet cried believe caused stopped being time arrived wished coast cabin remained wish alone away vast taken order feet moving become floating sufficient between impossible night making changed direction ever appeared easy evening spirits whole less while wait companions leave replied below find clock weather deck cleared sail cape melville above passed rapidly disappeared extremity point years great thirty caught hope since greenland gone wanted leaving island channel became ground degrees latitude days full thus simpson quickly things current thermometer calm violent distance degree almost steam light line white spite strait help boreal blocks closed fifty snow ross bellot prince foot water temperature forced bears john lancaster reach higher beechey wintered magnetic steps terrible fields cold sometimes whilst land produced accustomed follow surface field open threatened several again fell poor pretty pass rays marked advantage behind near block rose esquimaux themselves longer entrance sledge single boat bell return state resolved perceived raised rushed fire immediately travellers wellington edward dick notwithstanding tempest animals

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