Word Cloud for "The 4-D Doodler" by Graph Waldeyer.

Word Cloud for "The 4-D Doodler"

This book was authored by Graph Waldeyer.
Area, genre or subject: Science fiction.

The Bag of Words In "The 4-D Doodler" (Main Words):

young designs know enter stared such held onto third dimension first form followed made rose again vanished seeing make their stood standing bending space might right though suddenly noticed section when before came long large went expression even pressed flatly against them upper still waist body imitated moment under moved upon other inside action attracted between invisible creature want piece knew himself projection felt

eyes mathematical more three laboratory attention they were could portion another only said strange entity down above through

professor that this four dimensional have been will fourth gault from over figure seemed just pillbot into there surface would some what with bent paper then like being harper something looked toward which about desk cutout your feet back orange where must head

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