Word Cloud for "The De Coverley Papers" by Eustace Budgell.

Word Cloud for "The De Coverley Papers"

This book was authored by Eustace Budgell. (From 'The Spectator' - 1686)

Area, genre or subject: 1737.

The Bag of Words In "The De Coverley Papers" (Main Words):

papers london readers space subject essays modern length queen bear however added picture literary least follow attention audience stands deep addison taking round line speech possible sort neither careful word gallery eyes description humour high profound table richard perhaps grew concerned favourite case informed remaining keeping march smoke book until fair understanding natural open single field hundred neighbourhood threw eight degree curiosity seem sunday join likewise known merchant husband unless forced intend history begin silent thinking important sensible further form become please keeps county mentioned year temper merry grow calls understood inquiring turn hour passes notions trade company england plain home merit endeavour military ought below others talking bred else consequently thee month shows grown coachman affairs everybody pleasant pleasing talk loves particularly innocent parish happened continued showed sermon spirits handsome meet opinion visit orders distinction road back benevolence prince skill able observing busy yesterday caught younger brother forty pack idle couple opposite carry neighbouring delight seeing dish sitting played secretly touched employed raised children accordingly relations arrived mistress died pounds finest freeport things horse idea evening imagination course obliged behold sake king frequent surprised double fellows parson state certainly walked occasion hall cause strength turning voice pipes want hung struck miles sticks close variety sportsmen paid opening avoid cold shook entering thrice peace return loved child news christmas edward bequeathed

kings coverley friends reading hunting small english delighted read began appear matter served enough thoughts going play full gives village study needs also lived clear hands thinks right turned imagine thing work short sense mention besides killed keep fellow seldom particulars following engaged fall justice father mother behaviour appearance seemed pass reputation whilst learned acquainted death resolved therefore show carried anything concerning frequently sometimes attentive conversation face means business consider leave gentlemen matters stand formerly ancient famous perverse beautiful lord coming naturally tells times town cast tenants women glad game placed each drawn excellent five room captain estate agreeable highly easy speaks whose received conclude worthy hope walking butler kept appeared family chaplain certain generally common afraid desired twice sooner instead large usual servant giving knew goes extremely late fortune sent looking while pretty distance wimble letter black extraordinary finding side lady promised midst rode maid walk necessary behind money telling creature night everything again lost ordered soul body thou human church believe warrant herself immediately court labour exercise employ hare hounds forbear whispered dear hearing

general house made great first this last character even more himself than roger there many whom that they once part little have look find these present down some here before such other still brought into fine country with just those which them since world called sure honest would thought been does whether person from mind life under almost know often over like came their notice much greater what having give where cannot tell most thus left must used very shall reason same said should reader good ever greatest time when found after ordinary knows towards could without deal against because done will only seen better best lives well were several knight paper whole name long next account persons myself according during story might then being think though upon told away make taken rest nothing always public indeed three together either take soon passed years above half particular place head every comes hear both never live rather observe between parts given heart secret come took gentleman makes love widow call servants young among another care through andrew figure heard discourse pleasure says within something themselves proper your speak manner woman about kind gone july friend observed sight master looks nature asked honour gave looked morning stood followed pleased seems afterwards people hand went till poor piece white moll

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